Your Interactive Tarot Reading – What do I do now?

Your Interactive Tarot Reading – What do I do now?

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Life can swamp us with choices. If we go within and listen to our natural Soul GPS we can navigate life much easier.

Is there a psychic message behind one of the four Tarot cards? Tune into the picture and choose a card. Before you read my answer try and sense, feel, and Intuit, what the image of the card is telling you. Use your own psychic senses to ferret out the answer from your inner wise one.

When you look at the Tarot card do you get a feeling or perhaps a word that jumps out at you? Pay attention to your witchery skills, you have the answer!

Love Michele x

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Tarot Card One – The Two of Wands

There is an opportunity lurking about that may have more potential than you initially realise. Is it time to consider how and why you make the decisions and choices you make? What motivates you? Security? Fear? Fearlessness? Adventure or your heart?

The Two of Wands has come into your life to expand your horizons. It’s time to move forward. The seeds of possibility have been sown. You have called upon the Universe to bring you your dreams, you have become more aware of your personal energy and now is the time to act, to follow the spark of your soul. Take responsibility and step toward your calling.

Tarot Card Two – The 8 of Wands

The arrows of love! Your life is about to get a boost, an energy flow is casting you into a fast forward motion. However, it’s likely to be a pleasure ride, as the Cosmos is the wind beneath your wings!

Strap yourself in, put your arms out like the superhero you are and let the energy fling your forwards. It’s time to go,go go!

Tarot Card Three – Judgment

Holy Unicorns, you have come to a crossroads and no matter what smoke and mirrors others cast before you, you now KNOW the path you have to journey down.

When we see the truth, there is no going back. It’s time to rise, rise, to your magnificence, rise to your wisdom, and rise towards your chosen destiny.
You might be astounded by the revelations that appear but the Cosmos is giving you a fearless ability to move forward.

Tarot Card Four – The Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords brings you a message of great importance. You are holding the essence of Air in your hands. Your mind is rapier sharp, you are prepared to cut away the crap and gallop towards victory. You can no longer tolerate being manipulated or swayed.

You may have to cast a cloak over your natural empathy and make a tough choice, but this decision is likely to bring you success, including financial opportunities. Wield your sword kindly and with the impeccable truth of your heart.

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