Your Tarot Reading – Weekend Vibes

Your Tarot Reading – Weekend Vibes

What does the weekend hold for you? Where should you be focusing your bodacious energy? What should your soul seek and your brazen spirit hunt down?

Check out the three Tarot cards and feel which one is one is meant for you.

Tarot Card One – The Father of Wands

King of Wands

The King of Wands is adventurous and compelling. This dude sure is a charmer, but a wise one. Strong, mystical, and loving they are firmly rooted in who they are.

There’s a protective, warm vibe around you this weekend. If you fancy being active or creative you should feel in the flow. You also can handle conflict without losing your temper.

Strong, potent and in your power nothing can stop you now.

Tarot Card Two – The Hierophant


Oceanic Soul, you are being called upon to dive into study and learning. Have faith in your ability to soak up knowledge this weekend. Expand your awareness and seek out a course, wise one, teacher, or sage who can facilitate your growth. Focus on the structure of your life and how you can strengthen it.

Also, are you sharing your own wisdom with those around you? Have faith in the depth of your experience and the value of what you have learned.


Tarot Card Three – The Moon

The Moon


Traditionally the Moon gets a bad rap in the Tarot which I feel is a Patriarchal shadow and fear of the wise one, the witches, and the untamed feminine.

There is darkness and fear, self-doubt, as well as the mysteries and creativity of this magnificent card.

Are you feeling anxious or is your free-spirited sorceress howling at the Moon? Are you currently insightful, vivid, magical and audacious? Or lost in a cave of doubt?

Wherever you are emotionally the psychic rays of the Moon are calling to your intuition. Pay close attention to the signs and symbols the cosmos is sending you and don’t give in to fear, fear is an illusion. You are a priestess of knowing so tune in! The answers have been with you all along..


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