Your Tarot Reading: Which Tarot Card Do You Choose?

3 tarot cards

Your Tarot Reading: Which Tarot Card Do You Choose?

Fancy a quick, intuitive dive into your future? Take a look at the back of the three Tarot cards and see if any of them call to you!

Love Michele

3 tarot cards

Tarot Card One – The World

the world

Glorious Soul, You are zooming towards a peak experience. Your spirit is growing as you enter the next intoxicating chapter. 

You are rising. There’s a moment of quartz crystal clarity as you see how you can triumph over any problems.

You’re arriving at a successful decision. Yes, your journey may have been challenging, but you’ve done the work and earned it. Yes, there may have been dastardly lessons along the way; they might have knocked you down, but you’ve made it!

A massive energetic shift is coming your way as a fresh chapter begins. 

Tarot Card Two – 9 of Cups

9 of cups


The 9 of Cups card suggests that one of your wishes is about to come true. It may be a small, tiny weeny, wish. Or it could be an enormous one! Either way, the Cosmos is sending you what you desire.

The 9 of Cups also affirms that anything is attainable and that life can deliver a present when we least expect it. 

How confident are you that your dreams can come true? What is it that you wish for and why? What active steps are you taking to create your reality? Proactively use this card to give you a boost to go for it.

Tarot Card Three – Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

Pay attention to finances and all things earthy. You can now ground yourself and increase abundance in your life. You are putting together facts, figures, and logic and combining it with your natural intuition to succeed. 

It’s time to build solid foundations. Trust yourself to take control. There may be a woman/they in your life who is reliable and supportive, she/x has got your back. You have renewed trust in who is real and right for you. The Queen of Pentacles tells you to slay your fears and get on with it! 

knight waite tarot

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