Your Three Card Tarot Reading – Choose A Card

3 tarot cards

Your Three Card Tarot Reading – Choose A Card

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Here’s a little ‘pick a tarot card‘ for you. As usual, don’t overthink it. Open your heart, third eye, and wild psychic soul and FEEL which card has a message for you. Then scroll down for your answer.

So much love to you

Michele x

3 tarot cards

empressTarot Card One – The Empress

Sensual, Abundant, Creative, Nurturer

The Empress urges us to examine, embrace, ground, and live in our creative center. They rule sensuality, magnetism, nurturing. 

They know that we can attract by merely tapping into our creative potential. ‘Relaxed in their power, giving birth to ideas, energy, babies, and wild things, she’s open, warm-hearted, and confident. 

What feelings does the Empress bring up in you? Do you feel that you embody these qualities or can step into this vibe? Are you flowing in your being? The Empress is reminding you that you are a creator.

9 of cupsTarot Card Two – 9 of Cups

Yay, You’ve got the wish card! Do you feel lucky? A splurge of fabulous is raining down on you this week. A desire, a longing or a cosmic order or wish you threw into the cosmos is about to come true. When you feel lovable the universe feels a sigh of relief because it is how things should be. Fingers crossed this week you are balanced and you have a moment of harmony within yourself.

So back to the wish, It might be a tiny wish or a ginormous one, but whatever it is, it’s a pat on the back for all the work you’ve put into changing your energy and life path. Laughter, loving and open-heartedness surround you. You’re encouraged to be playful and indulge in experiences that uplift you and make you smile.

queen of cupsTarot Card Three – Queen of Cups

Hey Queen of Cups,

You are a deeply loving and sensitive soul. Do you allow yourself to flow with your emotions? 

Your heart whispers that you must be as tender with yourself as you are with others. Only mix with folk that honour you and treat you with the gentle care you give them. Limit your time with toxic negative emotions. 

Make sure that you monitor how you communicate with yourself so that your inner voice speaks kindly.

Queen! You are worthy of love. When you accept your vulnerability, you unleash your psychic ability. Your energy can now receive and experience life as you know it should be. There’s an emotional breakthrough now.



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