Your Weekend Tarot Reading – Which Card Will You Choose?

free tarot reading pick a card

Your Weekend Tarot Reading – Which Card Will You Choose?

Hello Glorious Soul!

It’s the weekend! Hooray! Fancy a little cosmic insight? Look at the back of the four tarot cards. Trust your intuition and choose the card that stands out the most. 

Remember that tarot is a tool for self-exploration and self-empowerment. You are the incredible psychic in your life, so tune in. How does the card you choose provide insight and guidance on your soul path?  

Trust in yourself. Your answer awaits!

Have a stunning weekend

Love Michele x

free tarot reading pick a card

Tarot Card One – The Lovers 

The Lovers

Ancient wisdom has always told us that the world around us is just a reflection of our inner world. If we are willing to look at life with eyes of compassion and love, we may reveal the mysteries and miracles that we might otherwise skip over.

Love – this is the greatest gift of all and it begins with you. Love you as you are now. Realise that you are the source of all love. Through you, love flows out into the Universe. Love has to be given away to be experienced, and it is the one thing you can give that is never wasted and never unwanted. There is no such thing as too much love.

You are loved – know that you are part of the divine whole, that you are a unique soul with a part to play in the evolution of the whole. Trust you are needed and wanted and nobody can ever take your place. You are already a part of all that is and you don’t have to do anything to earn your place or prove you deserve it.

Tarot Card Two – 2 of Pentacles 

2 of pentacles

Tired of juggling things? Perhaps there have been too many demands on you, and you have become a mistress at keeping everybody happy? 

The two of Pentacles reveals that trouble and struggle have shifted you into a bit of a Wizard. You are adept at dealing with most situations and are about to be rewarded with a gift from the Cosmos.

Please trust in yourself right now. You are about to go on a journey. It may be a spiritual voyage, it might be a sensual journey, or it may even be a literal journey, but whatever it is it is going to expand your horizons and deliver you to your next step. Well done!

Tarot Card Three – The Hermit


Listen to your heart today. What is your intuition trying to tell you? When we ignore our psychic senses, we can feel isolated and lonely. When we embrace our insight, our bright lamp of wisdom wakes up and reveals that the answers have always been here. 

The Cosmos promises you that you already know what you need to know! Cut away the crap and take some time out to feel your body. Let your mind and spirit reveal all the information you need. 

The journey becomes an adventure when we mine the treasure of our psychic senses. Often we can avoid things ‘we don’t want to know’ yet the sooner we wake up to what’s going on within and around us the quicker we can transform it. In doing this, we support ourselves. 

Tarot Card Four – 3 of Swords

3 of swords tarot card

The 3 of Swords is all about a wound that is so familiar we can forget it is there. We ignore it’s faulty influence, past pain has an impact and that we can be oblivious to. Look at the juggled swords. They are almost beautiful. However, how free would that heart be without carrying the weight of having to spin those dangerous daggers around? 

What has wounded your tender heart? Who would you be without your wounds? Are there past experiences blocking your path to freely expressing love? Do you find it hard to receive due to past damage? 

My gorgeous warrior soul, the 3 of swords, has come to free you. When they appear, we can see things differently. We can honour our quest to the present. We can console and support our wounded spirit. It’s time to rewrite our story and have compassion, forgiveness, and understanding for the lead character, you! 

knight waite tarot

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