Earth, Sea & Sky. Chakra Balancing With Nature

Even if we live in the city the warmer weather is beckoning all of us to spend more time outdoors. A walk in a park or a stroll along a river can do wonders when it comes to aligning our energy and cleansing and purifying the energy centres of our body – the charkas. By tuning into elements of nature that have the same resonance as a particular chakra we can energise not only that chakra but also remove blockages, boost our intuition and re-charge both mentally and physically. What’s more, you don’t have to sit on the ground in a lotus position with your eyes closed as an object of ridicule or curiosity for passers by unless you are somewhere you feel comfortable doing this. You can achieve as much benefit from this simply by stopping for a few moments, slowing your breath and concentrating on your surroundings and the chakra to which it relates.

Base/Root Chakra. Colour: Red. Nature resonance: Red flowers, earth, trees. Kick off your shoes if you can and put your feet on the earth. Enjoy the feeling of your toes digging into the ground. This is the chakra that literally ‘grounds’ us. Visualise red energy surrounding you and breathe it in, imagining the energy flowing into your base chakra, then down your legs and into the ground. Another variation on this is to do the same while watching the sun set or while standing looking at a red flower or trees (shoes off is optional!)

Sacral Chakra. Colour: Orange. Nature resonance: Orange flowers, sunset, beaches. Autumn. Visualise your sacral chakra as a bright orange ball. Now – concentrate on breathing in orange from your surroundings but this time – breathe out yellow to move the energy up your chakra system.

Solar Plexus Chakra. Colour: Yellow. Nature resonance: Yellow flowers, ripe fields of wheat, barley etc, harvest time, midday sun. Summer. Breathe in yellow – breathe out yellow.

Heart Chakra. Colour: Green. Nature resonance: Green grass. Still waters such as ponds and lakes. Hills and valleys. Spring. Breathe in green to your heart chakra – breathe out green and align yourself with not only nature but ‘green’ issues as you do this. Radiate out love for the planet and all living things.


Throat Chakra. Colour: Blue. Nature resonance: Sea and rivers. Moving water as opposed to ‘still’. Sounds of nature including birdsong, rain, songs of whales and animals calling to one another. This chakra is closely linked to manifestation. As you draw in the blue energy imagine it flowing from your throat chakra, down your arms and hands to flow out from your finger tips. As it does visualise whatever it is you want to manifest being created from the ‘blue’ energy in front of you.


Brow Chakra. ‘Third Eye’. Colour: Indigo. Nature resonance: Air. Mountains. Sunset. Eggs. Winter. Rainbows. Endings and new beginnings. As you breath the colour indigo in and out imagine your brow chakra as an indigo egg. It contains a new beginning. Realise each breath re-energises you and each moment in a new beginning.

Crown Chakra. Colour: Violet. Nature resonance: Night time. The night sky, the Moon, stars, the universe. Look up at the night sky. Breathe it in and as you do imagine a stream of violet light connecting you to the cosmos. You are a part of the universe, created from the same matter stars are made of. You have a unique place in the universe as does every living thing within it. As you breathe imagine your breath flowing to every part of the universe and every living thing breathing along with you.

Depending on where you are and the time and season, you can spend anything from a few seconds to as long as you want on your chakra meditation. By bringing nature into our lives and spiritual growth we can boost our awareness, charge up our visualisation techniques and align ourselves better with the world and everything in it.

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