How to read auras

A person’s aura is said to be a field of energy that they give off.  Some people believe that everything has an aura or is surrounded by a field of its own energy that can be captured using Kirlian photography.

The ability to see auras is considered a psychic skill.  Those with the psychic ability to see them say that they look like a band of light that wraps around each person.  That band can be filled with many different colours.

Both Hinduism and Buddhism link the colours seen in a person’s aura to kundalini energy, or life force, and the chakras, or the energetic centres of the body.

Psychic readers say that being able to psychically tune in and read someone’s aura can give you a lot of useful information, particularly about their emotional or energetic state.

The best way to start reading auras is to ask a friend to stand against a well lit, light coloured wall.  As you look at them, focus on one spot – such as the top of their head – but then allow your eyes to relax.  You might have to be very patient, but soon you may be able to see a band of different colours around them or blobs of different hues near different areas of their body.

As you begin to be able to tune in with your psychic ability and see their aura, make a mental note about what colours you are seeing and how strong they are.  For example, if someone has a lot of green and purple around them, it’s likely that they also have strong psychic abilities and a good dose of healing ability and unconditional love to boot.  It’s also very telling if certain colours aren’t there.

Here is a guide to the colours and the chakras and feelings they are associated with.

Violet is linked with the crown chakra – the area right at the top of the head. It’s associated with peace, idealism and spiritual wisdom.

Purple is linked with the third eye chakra.  It’s associated with divinity, mysticism and intuition.

Blue is linked with the throat chakra.  It’s associated with expression, particularly verbal expression.

Green is linked with the heart chakra.  It is associated with unconditional love.

Yellow is linked with the solar plexus.  It’s associated with confidence and dynamism.

Orange is linked with the sacral chakra.  It’s associated with creativity.

Red is linked with the root chakra.  It’s associated with sensuality, passion and also groundedness or security.

You might not find it easy at first, but relax, keep going and you’ll be able to get the hang of it.

Loads of love,

Michele x

5 thoughts on “How to read auras

  1. Look I don’t believe in this the closest thing I’ve seen like an aura around somebody is a white transparent-ish line around them but when I move around I see a frozen image of what I was looking at for a long period of time I think it’s similar to when you look at a light for a long period of time and it sticks to your eye in a way so when you look at someone or something for a long time and it leaves a mark well maybe that’s just me and you people or someone can actually see them, gotta respect your opinion.

  2. Thanks for helping me understand the different colors and chakras. I had no idea that it has something to do with colors. My favorites are violet and purple, aren’t these colors the same?

  3. thank you. this helped a lot because I have been starting to see random auras recently starting with my girlfriend so it has really helped

  4. Okay, so what if you can read auras, but only if your eyes are closed? I can read, well no. I can see the colors.. A good friend of mine could see auras, and was teaching me to. I would take his hand and close my eyes, and I would relax, concentrate.. and then I would see short, quick bursts of color. Is that strange? I know that others can see them with their eyes open. Would I be able to do so, with practice?

    1. you cant teach a person you have to be gifted to see one aura, if you are gifted you should try and train yourself to concentrate and relax blur everything else out with time you should get better

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