Tap into the Power of Your True Nature!

When we understand our true nature we are operating from within our power. We are completely authentic and the world and people around us respond to that. By understanding our true nature we are in the best position to attain our goals and become co-creators with the universe of our lives. Think about the sign above the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi. It read: Know thyself.  Knowing who we are means we know what it is we need in all aspects of our lives – and this doesn’t just include the type of partner we may be searching for but also what it is we are here to experience, do and accomplish. In other words our soul path and purpose. When we know what this is we experience happiness and the ability to be happy begins with truly understanding who we are.

But we can so easily become disconnected from this – as any of our readers will tell you from the number of calls we receive from clients asking for assistance to re-connect to their dreams and soul purpose. Sometimes we arrive at a point where we have become someone else just to please others and then wonder why our lives seem passionless despite the fact others may see us as successful.

So, if you feel you have become disconnected from who you really are and your soul purpose, what can you do to start the process of rediscovery? Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Let’s for one moment think about the word nature.  This can not only be used to describe our personalities but the living world around us. Nature is after all everywhere. Even if we live in a big city there are usually parks we can go to in order to ‘get back in touch’ with nature. Nature itself is a mirror and the types of environments we are drawn to and which resonate within us are usually those which reflects aspects of our own nature.

If you are feeling inauthentic and lost, the key to getting back in touch with your true self therefore lies in nature and this one simple exercise I’m going to share with you now.

Lucky for us we can visit nature anywhere on the planet without leaving our homes. So, do a Google search for images of nature than really resonate with you and draw you in. Perhaps your ideal place in nature is an Alpine meadow surrounded by snowy peaks. It could be the rich and rugged red rocks found in the American Southwest, a white sandy beach, a rain forest – what is important is the way you feel when you look at the images. You might feel peaceful, energised, free. Tap into your intuition now and your feelings. Listen to them. Imagine yourself as part of the landscape.  What would you be feeling, hearing, seeing? Now, taking your journal write down adjectives to describe your ideal place in nature. Is there an element that comes to mind in your environment? It might be obvious if you are at the beach or at the side of a lake. If you are at the top of a mountain it could be air. Those red rocks of the southwest could have you thinking of fire. Write this down. If you are in a meadow you might write that your environment is ‘peaceful, rich, tranquil, sensual, warm, abundant, growing’. A mountain scene may evoke words such as ‘far-reaching, dynamic, soaring, well-grounded’. Write as many words as come into your mind. When you’ve done, re-read them. All these words will describe your true nature! This is who you are and all your qualities. Did you ever think of yourself in this way before? Chances are you didn’t but you are now attuned to the immensity of who you really are! Now start to live your life and base your decisions on expressing these words via who you are.

If you think about it, how many times do you use the word ‘nature’ to describe other people? ‘Well, that’s just her (or his) nature’. ‘S/he’s naturally talented’. When we talk about people in this way we are usually referring to something that comes effortlessly or naturally to them. This exercise puts you back in touch with the same kind of authenticity that lies within you – but which you may have lost or even been unaware of.

Even if you are a city dweller and don’t see yourself as the ‘outdoor’ type, this exercise will give you a new appreciate of nature and an appreciation that we are all part of the whole – but shine when we express our individuality. If you can spend time or visit your ‘natural’ environment then please do so as this is where you will feel most like your true self.

Deep down inside we all know the truth of who we are and our true nature. But often we stop living that truth. This exercise will reconnect you to the simple power of your true nature and set you back on your journey towards your authentic power and self.

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