That’s NOT What I Wanted to Hear In My Psychic Reading!

That’s NOT What I Wanted to Hear In My Psychic Reading!

For most of us, a psychic reading leaves us empowered and optimistic about the future; or at least it should do! However, there are those rare occasions where the reverse happens. So, if you’ve just had a reading and you’re disappointed with what you’ve been told and are dreading the future instead of looking forward to it – what can you do?

Firstly – consider the source. Is the psychic you’ve consulted reputable? Is he or she someone recommended by friends or from a reputable company? Not all psychic businesses operate from a place of integrity – nor do all psychics. We test all our readers at least four times and have a code of ethics. But some other companies don’t employ such rigourous standards.


However, if the psychic who gave you the reading has an excellent reputation you may now have to look at your own expectations. Did they not tell you what you wanted to hear? Perhaps your relationship is challenging. You may be all too aware of the problems; but despite the evidence hope things will work out the way you want them to. Instead the psychic told you not what you wanted to hear but what you needed to know.

For example, the relationship doesn’t have a future; or that the person you’re hoping to reconcile with isn’t coming back into your life again. Be honest here. You may not like what you’ve been told; but giving someone false hope where none exists has nothing to do with operating with integrity or empowerment – quite the reverse!


Any good psychic or astrologer will tell you timing is the most difficult thing to do. We can say events happen when the client is ready. Is it the timing you’ve been given that doesn’t sit well with you? As opposed to what you’ve been told will happen? Say you’ve been on your own for a while. You’ve consulted a reader to find out when your next relationship will happen. Naturally you’d be hoping for sooner rather than later. However, the reader tells you that your special someone is still quite a way off – which certainly isn’t what you’d want to hear if you’d been on your own for a few years! While it would be natural in this case to feel disappointed, it’s all too easy to blame the messenger.

There may be very good reasons for your relationship not manifesting at this time. You may have more soul work to do or the person you’re destined to be with may not be free right at this moment in time – which would make any meeting between you pointless! Plus, you may focus on this so much you ignore all the wonderful things the psychic told you were coming your way while you wait – the career and travel opportunities or the new friends.

Was the reading really all bad news? And even if you launch yourself out onto the dating scene determined to meet someone anyway – chances are you may get involved with someone for a time, but won’t get the outcome you wanted. So, focus on the good things you have in your life right now and you’d be surprised – it may actually make the thing or the person you desire appear sooner rather than later!

Power to create your reality

You are a powerful magician and have the power to create your reality. The way we think, our expectations and our belief systems all conjure our future. A good psychic will point out repeating patterns and this gives you the power to change them. If you don’t like what you are creating it is in your power to transform yourself and when you transform, you can create a more desirable future.


Lastly, no matter how good a reader is and no matter how many excellent testimonials they have, no reader is 100% accurate and even the most experienced reader can occasionally have what we call a ‘missed reading’. If you’ve been honest with yourself over your expectations of the reading, just like consulting any other professional, you can go get a second opinion from another reader. We offer the option to try another reader if you feel there’s no connection with the one you’ve chosen within the first five minutes.

However, if they also tell you the same thing then you need to be aware that when we let go of our expectations as to what our future looks like, we open ourselves up to the limitless potential of the universe and allow a future to unfold for ourselves that is even more amazing that anything we could have possibly imagined. When we focus on one particular outcome, we block all the other potential that exists! The fact is, the universe always wants something better for us than what we want for ourselves.

A good psychic draws a rough sketch of this but only we have the power to fill it with incredible detail. By letting go of our expectations for our future we can step into it as a creator of it – not someone that the future just ‘happens’ to.

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