Urban Shaman: Your Sacred Space

We all need a sacred ‘space’ – a space where we feel safe, blessed and able to connect to our inner wisdom. In the words of Jamiroquai: ‘This corner of the earth, it smiles at me’. Many of us associate the term ‘sacred space’ with places such as stone circles, woodlands, temples, cathedrals, ancient sites such as Machu Picchu or the pyramids – but the fact is a sacred space can be you soaking in a bubble bath! What matters is the feeling of connection to yourself and your connection to the universe, plus of course, the feeling of quietness and solitude that allows you to disconnect from our frantic world and tune in to inner wisdom which our busy lives often prevents us from doing.

If we live in the country, then obviously it is easier to find that sacred space outdoors where we won’t be disturbed. But going back to my earlier point that a sacred space can be created in your bathroom, for city dwellers, that sacred space can be in your own home or even in a public place with others but which is quiet and pervaded with a certain kind of spiritual energy or reverence. This can obviously be a church or a temple, but it can also be an art gallery in front of a painting you find particularly beautiful; it can be in a library amongst books, a public park overlooking a lake – really the choices are endless when you begin to look for them! Being a city dweller should not stop us from finding and connecting to our sacred space that boosts our intuition and allows us to re-charge.

One of the main reasons we can seek out a sacred space aside from needing a little quiet time, is that in our sacred space we become open to the inner wisdom and answers we seek. When we are in our sacred space our connection to the universe is like an open link and information can come flooding through without us really trying! What all of us modern-day Shamans can discover is that if we take our psychic tools into our space with us, they can literally be turned into soul power tools! If you think about it, nobody would take any notice of you sitting in a park or a library and writing in your journal. Just relaxing in your space allows the ideas to flow. I have known people take their dowsing pendant into the cathedral that was their sacred space and while obviously in some sacred public spaces one cannot sit there with a Tarot spread laid out in front of you, you can before you go there shuffle your deck and ask your cards which one has a message for you today, and then take the one you draw with you to meditate on.

Walking the path of the Urban Shaman can stretch our creativity and imagination as we often have to think outside the square more than our country counterparts. But we can get just as many rewards from our quest as those who are lucky enough to say live on a beach do! And we can also say our work may be even more necessary for us as city dwellers as connecting on this kind of level is a soul-saving process!

Finding your sacred space wherever you live does not require you to travel far, or spend lots of money decorating your home with crystals etc. Your sacred space is where mind, body and spirit align and is calling to you no matter where you live.




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