Developing Psychic Skills

A psychic skill is really just anything that helps us link in with the whole (quantum reality, the Universe whatever you want to call it) as that is where everything related to the past, present and future (in all of their potential variations) is found.  We can access to connect to the whole in any number of ways, for example we might work on our abilities of clairvoyance or clairsentience, or learn to use a whole range of tools from Tarot cards to ribbons. However as we are rapidly evolving we can also embrace the fact that these things are just tools and really we have it within us to connect using nothing at all!

I quite often hear from people who are working on their psychic development and want to know how to push themselves further or feel that they’ve reached a particular point in their psychic skills and then seemed to have ground to a halt.  If you feel the same, the most important thing you can do is be patient and let things take their own pace.

Putting pressure on yourself creates the wrong kind of vibration and can actually block your connection to the whole, which is exactly where you are trying to get to.  Its a case of, the harder you try, the more you can end up pushing yourself further away from the connection you want to make, like a topsy turvey scene from Alice in Wonderland, or an upside down scene from the film Inception!

You also have to give yourself time to work at integrating your developing psychic skills into your understanding of the world and who you are.  Opening up too quickly or too soon can make us feel very ungrounded. We can be overcome by fears or get drained by doing too much.

Learning how to navigate around the quantum soup is a psychic skill in itself.  Imagine setting out to find a thimble in a warehouse, and as you open the door you see that everything that has ever been, is now or ever will exist is stored in that warehouse.  Not only that, but nothing seem to be staying still.  As everything is related to everything else, things keep shifting around as a change in one thing ripples out and causes a change in everything else.  How quickly do you think you might find that thimble? This is the magical reality we live in!

The quickest way that you can enhance your psychic abilities is to adopt a regular practice of meditation.  This helps you still the chatter of your mind so that you can focus all of your intention and attention on your connection with quantum reality.  Make it an enjoyable process that you treasure, and trust that everything is unfolding exactly at the pace it should.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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