Psychic Skills Explained

Psychic readers have many different skills.  They might be mediums, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognisant, an empath or be able to offer remote viewing.  Alongside that, they might have natural healing abilities or be attuned in different kinds of Reiki.  They can also work with spirit guides and use different tools in psychic readings, such as Tarot, runes, angel cards – or even ribbons!

Read on for a quick guide to the different skills and tools you might see talked about in the context of psychic readings!

Hereditary skills and psychic development

Some psychic readers were born with psychic skills, such as mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognisance,  remote viewing and natural healing abilities.  You will hear about some people developing these kinds of abilities after a dramatic event, such as a near death experience.  It is said that we all have innate psychic abilities that we can unlock through study and development.  Indeed, many psychic readers will have gone on to develop those skills through training and will have studied to use the different tools used in psychic readings.  Anyone using Reiki will have been attuned by a Reiki Master.


A medium is someone who is able to bridge the gap between those of us here and those who have crossed over.  Many mediums, including those who are now famous across the world, started out developing their psychic skills at their local spiritualist church where they are trained by older, more experienced mediums.  It’s said that the medium acts as a channel between the living and those who have crossed over, but a medium can only open themselves to such communications and can’t force any spirit to make contact.


Clairvoyance literally means ‘clear sight’. A clairvoyant psychic reader will ‘see’ images or events from the past, present or future.  These might be quite literal, or symbolic.  For example, a psychic reader might pick up that an event is going to happen and then ‘see’ a bunch of daffodils.  As these flowers are associated with spring, that will tell them the event is likely to happen around that period.


A psychic reader who is clairaudient can ‘hear’ information.  It might be delivered through words, or even snatches of music!  We all quite naturally ‘talk’ to ourselves in our minds, and a good psychic reader will have developed their skills so that they can tell the difference between information that is coming from them and information that they are receiving.


The ability of clairsentience allows a psychic reader to ‘feel’ information.  They might get a particular kind of sensation that relates to other information that they are getting in an area of their body, such as changes in temperature.


A reader who uses this skill simply ‘knows’ something – in the same indescribable yet certain way you know your own name but can’t quite say how!

Remote viewing

A psychic reader who uses remote viewing gets very clear pictures of something at a distance.  They can describe landmarks or events that are going on that they ‘see’ in their minds’ eye.

An Empath

An empath is a someone who can ‘pick up’ on how someone else is feeling in very specific terms.

Spirit Guides

Many psychic readers work with spirit guides.  They can be people known to the psychic reader who have crossed over, or souls who are dedicated to that purpose.  Some readers work with Ascended Masters – recognised enlightened beings who have crossed over, or even Angels.

Tarot and rune stones

There are hundreds of different kinds of Tarot decks – each comprising cards rich with symbolic imagery.  Runes are little stones inscribed with symbolic marks.  Tarot and runes are turned over or thrown to ‘tell a story’ through images and also help a psychic reader focus their abilities during a reading.  Actually, anything can be used in this way, as long as it has been given the job of acting as a symbolic totem, which is why across all cultures you will discover Shamen using everything from feathers to shells to conduct readings with – and explains how one of our readers uses coloured ribbons with astounding results!


Reiki is a universal, intelligent healing energy that is directed by someone who has been attuned to its frequency.  Once directed, it is said to know exactly where to go and what to do for the person receiving it, who can be at a distance and still feel its benefits.

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