How Your Psychic Skills Can Boost Creativity

We’re all psychic and guess what? Whether we believe it or not we are all creative in some way. Very often we think of a ‘creative’ person as an artist, writer, musician o filmmaker and so fall into the trap of saying ‘I’m not one of those so I’m not creative’. By doing this we not only limit our own potential but neglect to see the many ‘creative’ acts we do all the time which can be anything from cooking something new to creating a new filing system. We can therefore say that being ‘creative’ is bringing something into being that didn’t exist before and all of us do this in some way on some level every day even if it is just thinking a new thought!

Now you know you are a creative being, wouldn’t you like to increase that skill while boosting your psychic abilities as well? Let’s get one thing straight – being ‘psychic’ is just about being able to translate energy and this energy is creative energy. Inspiration comes from the same source as psychic information and is purely energy. All you have to do is ‘tune in’ to the frequency.

Here are some simple exercises you can do to boost both intuition and inspiration.

1: Get some pieces of coloured paper. These should be the same weight. Cut the pieces up into squares of the exact same size. Now, sit on the floor, close your eyes and mix up the pieces in front of you. When you are ready, reach out and pick up a piece. Keeping your eyes closed try to ‘feel’ what colour you have picked. If you get a colour coming through go deeper into it and see what other information emerges from it. This one takes practice – don’t be discouraged if you don’t pick the right colour at first. What matters are the thoughts, feelings and ideas that come through – make a note of these as they can lead to creative ideas.

2: Cut out some pictures from magazines, shapes of coloured paper or photographs. Have a friend put each onto into a separate envelope and seal them. Get your friend to hand you an envelope. Try to ‘see’ what is inside. When you are done, have your friend open the envelope and reveal how accurate you have been.

3: Creative project inspiration. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to create here. Perhaps you have a painting in mind, a book or even something practical like an engineering problem you need to solve. Close your eyes and imagine someone appearing who would have the knowledge and experience to inspire you. Perhaps this is your favourite artist, author or musician. It can be your old teacher or someone you admire but whom you never met. They can be alive or dead – it doesn’t matter. You are going to connect to their energy and from this draw on their experience. Imagine them walking towards you and then the two of you having a conversation. You can ask them questions about their own work and also if you are stuck with your own, for advice on how they would approach the problem. Be open minded and listen to what they have to say. When you are done thank them. While this is all still fresh in your mind write down everything that occurred between you in your journal and don’t be surprised if over the next few days more ideas start flooding in apparently out of nowhere! Know that you are now connected energetically to the same inspiration which was available to this person and that this is a resource you can now tap into at any time.

These three exercises will not only deliver answers to specific problems but also enable you to access all kinds of insights into issues you weren’t even asking about! It’s all about tuning in and expanding your skills – intuition and inspiration – they really are one and the same thing!

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