Lisa’s Karma Clinic: Part Two

Got a question about your general focus or direction in life, or any potential past life issues? Michele Knight reader, Lisa (ID 2211), is here to help!

In addition to being psychic, Lisa is also a karmic integration specialist.  By looking at your time, place and date of birth, she is able to explain how one of more past lives might be playing out in your present and how we can make use of such information to allow a positive transformation to take place.

Each month, Lisa will be answering as many of YOUR questions as she can.  If you would like a question answered by Lisa, email it, along with your date, place and time of birth, to [email protected].


I’ve always felt the odd one out in my family..I’m actually one of the sensible ones, I’m very spiritual and in general I know I’m a good person…but I’m looked upon with contempt! I’ve gone through my life with one rejection after another from my mother, and I also feel she influences some of the other members of my family too..I’m actually at the stage where I’m cutting myself off completely…is this karma?

Lisa’s Answer

Looking at your chart, I can see why you might have the kind of relationship issues that you are talking about.  First of all you have Pluto in the 7th house. This position strongly indicates that your lessons in this life are to learn how to be an equal in relationships. It’s likely that you had relationships that were extreme and unbalanced in previous lives – (7th house/Libra means to learn balance). In this incarnation, you will probably notice a fundamental urge to be involved in relationships, coming from a subconscious impulse to unify with others. However, Pluto in this position can also flag up that someone has a tendency to become involved with others to a degree where they can lose sight of themselves and this can lead to dependency.  They can relate to themselves through others and might also have a subconscious need to dominate or be dominated.  It would be good to spend some time reflecting on how true you feel these issues are for you.

Sometimes with this aspect there is a forced separation of a key relationship (Pluto forces shocks) in order to push growth for karmic reasons. Shocks force contemplation and hopefully resolution. I suspect that your relationship with your mother is a  specific karmic relationship which offers you both the opportunity to evolve.  Sadly, Pluto doesn’t always make it pleasant for us.

You have many asteroids making aspects that are all to do with relationships. These are agents of transformation and they emphasise in your chart that it is the main area of your life where karmic patterns will occur:

With Ceres in Leo, you would have had a need to share and express for your self esteem to grow and develop, and your parents would have been very important in this process.  Our relationships with our parents form a kind of template for our relationships with others, and the fact that you state that the relationship between you and your mother could be better may mean that you subconsciously project patterns experienced there onto your other relationships. The resolution here is to try to balance out parent/child archetypes within the personality – make sure this is evenly balanced, and nurture your own image as a woman within your inner self so that you can then project this outward.  It’s essential that you find security through your own self as well as with your relationships.

A hard aspect between Neptune and Juno can mean that you may struggle to work out what is real and what isn’t.  This can lead to heartbreak for you. I would advise you to use your spirituality as a means for trying to transcend rather than seeking out higher qualities from another person.

With Vesta in the 4th house, your responsibility to the family can crop up at all stages of life.  This may feel like a liability that causes restriction out of a sense of duty. You can be a very giving person but you probably need to learn when is the right time to do this and when to separate yourself. When you have learnt to create balance in your relationships you then have the gift to help other people to be themselves.

I think you should try to distance yourself a little bit (not necessarily cut yourself off as you say) in order to do some self analysis for a while. In order to work out what giving and receiving means to you and to create a balance that you are more comfortable with. This life is not a vehicle for you to please and placate others. With Chiron in the 1st house your wounds are deep and it may be that some talking Therapy or Hypnotherapy may be helpful to you.

Remember that we all come with karmic lessons to learn and that we all have the potential to evolve.  I hope that I have helped you gain a lot more understanding about the situation that you find yourself in as this is a good starting point to begin to address things and resolve them once and for all.

Good luck with your journey,

Lots of hugs,

Lisa xx


I was wondering if you could help me please! I suffer from anxiety and I have a form of social anxiety. I wonder if you could see any way forward for me. I am trying to get over this. I have two children and eventually I do hope to return to work.
My friends have encouraged me to go on a night out with them, next month I am pretty nervous about it, but think it’s about time I went out and enjoyed myself. I really am nervous about buses (which incidentally we will be travelling on), I mean extremely nervous! Can you see any light at the end of the tunnel? Anything that will help me to gain strength and have a lot more trust and faith in myself. My self esteem is pretty low. I am a reasonably strong person and do try and do my best to overcome all this, but I do shy away from situations rather than face them. I’m always concerned that I will show myself up and do worry what others will think of me. Does all this relate to a past life maybe?
I would really appreciate any insight you can give me. I feel like my life is drifting by and I’m not living life to the full. I really want to get involved and enjoy my life and family.

Lisa’s Answer

There was a lunar eclipse in Aries while you were developing as a foetus, which means that you are here to learn to have confidence in yourself. In past lives you may have looked to others to improve your self-esteem and believed that you were inferior to others. Fear has played a big part in your karmic residue. Fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of not being liked by others and fear of being confrontational. Everybody needs to be able to share their opinions regardless of whether this creates disagreements with others.

You need to be strong within yourself to help you change any patterns of being dominated by others carried forward from previous lives. Being independent and being able to contribute fully to society is a key lesson for you in this life. I wonder if you find that you always seem to attract wilful people to you who decide for you how things will be – remember that we attract what the universe thinks we need to learn!

We all have karmic lessons in each lifetime.  Any that we don’t resolve get carried forward into the next incarnation.  That gives us a strong motivation to work with our souls to help them grow and evolve, rather than just stagnating.  You also mention that you aren’t living life to the full and you certainly deserve to do that, which is another reason to tackle this issue as soon as you can.

New starts are key factors with Aries and its essential for you that this is embraced in this life as part of your karma. Trust that you can challenge yourself to take part in things that have unknown outcomes. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

What is it that truly makes you tick? What do you truly want out of life? Learn about the key factors that energise you and you will find yourself drawn to people and circumstances that can help you. Self-knowledge which will lead to trusting in yourself is vital. Take part in anything that can help you learn more about yourself.

Your Venus is in Libra in the 2nd house.  People with this in their chart can withhold themselves  socially, resulting in anxiety and inadequacy. To me it looks highly likely that your anxiety stems from a subconscious karmic fear of not being accepted as your authentic self. With Venus in Libra, you may be often be tempted to placate others by telling them what you think will keep a harmonious atmosphere.  In the long run, however, this will only lead to more self esteem issues.  Take the risk to share yourself more with others. Have the courage to openly share your thoughts and you will slowly see that you will become more satisfied within yourself because you are speaking your truth.

Where your Venus is placed shows that you should have excellent organising abilities. Use this talent to create comfort around you, within the home and your family life. Start by inviting friends over to your place where you may feel comfortable and secure – (express yourself in this area; it should be where you shine as you have Sun in Sagittarius in the 4th house) and when they return the favour and invite you to their houses go with knowledge that your true friends will love, value and respect you for who you are.

Its time to stop the cycle, get involved in life by connecting with the real you and start living. There are many herbal and homeopathic remedies that can help with anxiety, and check out to connect with others and share positive tips on moving forward.

Good luck with your journey,

It’s your time to shine,

Lots of hugs,

Lisa xx

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