Develop Your Psychic Ability Through Human Cells

This article proposes a unique technique to develop psychic ability by communicating with the cells in our bodies.

Our human cells can be the most important and revolutionary tools in the development of our psychic awareness.

Furthermore, when we move about our spiritual and psychic practices with this foundational wisdom: “all things are connected” we begin to recognize the value of utilizing cells for psychic expansion.

Consider these intriguing facts about human cells:

  • Science has proven every cell in the human body has its own intelligence.
  • There are (variably) up to 100 million cells in the human body.
  • Human cells are the basic building blocks of life.

These facts can work to your advantage to develop psychic ability.

How? Simple:

  1. If every cell has its own intelligence that means our conscious mind can set an intention within the heart of each cell. Essentially, we can command our cells to unite for the purpose of psychic expansion.
  2. If there are up to 100 million cells in the body, our chances for success in achieving greater psychic awareness via cell-intent increases exponentially. Sheer volume dictates our success. Cells are the majority. An intent unleashed amongst millions of cells will blossom due to the mass of messages held within the nucleus of each cell.
  3. If cells are the building blocks of life, then the laws of life and the universe are inherent to their structure. They instinctively know how to live. They know how to grow. Cells know how to evolve, expand and express life. This means our intent to develop psychic ability placed within each cell is guaranteed to express itself in growth, and life.

So, how do we utilize the life-affirming intelligence of human cells for our psychic development and advancement?

Set a clear message to the cells within your body. You can do this through visualization, meditation or any number of conscious-focused practices.

For example, use your psychic eyes to see the interior of your body. View all those millions of cells in your body – active, pulsing, and beautifully powered with the vitality of life.

Now see each of these cells illuminated – glowing – light-infused. Feel the light of healing and love radiate within each of your millions of human cells.

When you’ve got a good glow on, consciously send a loving message to your cells. Something like this:

“You are my own blessed colony of life.
Your intelligence is timeless and cosmic.
Within you is the seed to infinite wisdom
Let psychic awareness blossom with your nucleus
and spread out to my searching mind
so that I may be aware
and bless others with this gift of psychic knowing.
I honour your presence, and thank you
for your generosity, function and perfection.”

Over the course of a few weeks, continue to practice this (or your own consciously-focused exercise) with the cells in your body with the intent to develop psychic ability daily.

I guarantee you’re going to see some amazing results.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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