Psychic Development: 3 Simple Steps To Your Unique Psychic Style

Psychic Development:

Three Simple Steps to Your Unique Psychic Style

Tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, psychometry. While all of these methods can and do deliver amazing insights, all of them are usually just ‘gateways’; that allow the psychic to connect to the universal consciousness, quantum field or whatever you wish to call it. This allows a clairvoyant flow to begin.

And it’s this ‘gateway’ that holds the key to discovering our own individual psychic style. All too often when we are starting to develop our psychic skills we can fall into a trap. For example, thinking that there are only a few ‘right’ ways to be receiving our information. In other words, if we’re not channeling it via Tarot cards, a crystal ball, holding a piece or jewellery, it’s not valid information; or this ‘isn’t the way it’s done’.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There is one thing in particular that I’ve found to hold true about developing our psychic gifts. That is the process is one of the most creative you can embark on. So why limit it with our preconceptions? The fact is many truly gifted and accurate psychics receive their information in highly unusual ways.

Your signature style

One gifted reader I ran across worked as a make-up artist. She would receive flashes about what was happening in a client’s life as she did their make-up. After a while she found the courage to start telling her clients what she was picking up and was amazed to discover she was 100% right. She then expanded her services to include combined make-up and psychic reading!

Our signature psychic style comes from how we begin to receive our information. So, if you’re struggling with the Tarot cards and can’t even tune that crystal ball to BBC 3, let alone peer at what’s happening in anyone’s life, how do you begin to discover what your signature psychic style is?

1: Look at how you receive your insights when you’re not trying to

Our intuition works all the time – whether we’re shuffling our Tarot decks or seated in front of a crystal ball – or not. Think back to when you have had flashes of intuition that turned out to be accurate when you weren’t deliberately trying to tune in. What were you doing? Where were you? Most importantly – how were you feeling? Write down as many of these instances as you can. Is there a pattern here? Chances are similarities are going to emerge. You may have been in similar situations each time it happened or doing the same thing. Chances are you were probably relaxed and in what is known as ‘The Zone’. Keep a record of these occurrences and you’ll begin to see a pattern emerge over time. If you were doing something immersive or enjoyable then this is your gateway!

2: Find Your Gateway

If you notice you are doing something immersive and/or enjoyable when you receive your insights – like the make-up artist I mentioned earlier, then this is your ‘gateway’ – the portal that allows the information that flows to you. However, your gateway can be anything – a candle, a painting, a book, a beautiful view. By writing down the details of what you are doing when you’re not trying to channel, you can begin to identify what the gateway is.

3: Let go, let flow

Once you have found what your special ‘gateway’ is (or just suspect what it may be), then it’s time to try it consciously. To do this, focus on your gateway while letting your mind wander back to a time when you weren’t concentrating on it. Above all, don’t now ‘push’ it or will for something to come through. Maintain what I would call a state of ‘relaxed curiosity’ as if you are just conducting an experiment and you’re just not bothered about the results you get.

Don’t automatically dismiss your gateway if the first few times of practicing Step 3 you get no or mixed results. If however you are continuing to struggle, then drop trying to find your signature style for a while but keep an eye out for those instances where it happens unbidden and then repeat the three steps. One thing I can guarantee you – no matter how long it takes your signature psychic style will eventually reveal itself to you!

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