Psychic Masterclass – What is a good psychic reading?

The psychic industry often gets much needed flack for sometimes keeping people dependent on psychic readings or actually disempowering people. I find it horrendous that some companies encourage dependency and make their readers sign a contract which encourages clients to stay on the phone! One way unscrupulous psychics do this is to keep focusing on the problem rather than encouraging personal empowerment.

I believe an good psychic reading is one in which the reader uses their intuitive gifts to empower the person having the reading.  To be specific about the past to show a link but not to keep the client stuck in negative patterns.

People have psychic readings for all sorts of reasons, but often they choose to have a reading when they are tussling with an issue in their life and are so immersed in it that they can’t see the way forward.

I believe that we are all powerful creators and magicians within our own lives. Just like the Magician in the major arcanna, we have all the tools at our disposal to manifest our intentions into material reality.  Our spiritual journey involves waking up to that power that we all have.

As a psychic reader, our job is never to tell a person what to do.  That actually diminishes their power and can create dependency.

We start by understanding that they are already doing the best they can with what they know.  Most people are pretty familiar with how things are working – or not – in their lives.  Intuitively picking up what the problem is and reflecting it during the reading reassures the person having the reading that you are making a true psychic connection.  For example, you might pick up that they are single and left longing for an ex to return.  But that’s just the beginning.

In an exceptional psychic reading, our role is to use our intuition to delve into the psychic patterns and beliefs that are holding the person having the reading back from connecting with their own power.

For example, if someone is having a psychic reading because they want to know if an ex is coming back, you may intuitively pick up that their heartbreak in the present taps into a much deeper pattern of low self worth or fear of abandonment that actually has its roots way back in their past.

As a psychic reader, we can develop and use our psychic skills to give them crucial pointers into the next step of their soul’s journey, how they can transform whatever is lingering from their past or creating patterns in their present.  In a nutshell, that might mean that someone begins a psychic reading by asking whether their ex will come back, but it ends with the person having the reading going away with a lot more insight into their deeper feelings and what drives them and are much more confident that they can attract the love that is right for them. That might be their ex, or it could be someone even better.  They may even decide that they don’t actually want their ex back at all!

That does demand a whole different understanding of how people work, how we can step into our power and how to help someone else step into theirs, but for me that is exactly what marks out an exceptional psychic reader.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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