Judgement and The World

What’s your life’s purpose?  Maybe you’re a healer, a teacher, or a parent, but these are just roles that we play.  At the soul’s level we are all one and our true purpose is to evolve the whole. When Judgement appears, it’s time for us to answer our true calling. We’re on our way up.  And that leads us to The World – the last card in the Major Arcana and the final step on our soul’s journey – or is it?


What would you do if you were just finishing your breakfast when an Angel appeared in your kitchen and told you to follow him?  Would you say no, or ask if you could just do the dishes first?

Judgement is a celestial summons that shouldn’t be ignored.  The card shows Archangel Gabriel sounding his trumpet to three figures below.  Their lack of clothes says that, when Judgement calls, you take nothing with you.

Death clears the old to make way for the new but Judgement pulls us  away from the old to move us up to the next level.  You’re being offered the gift of being reborn, shiny and new and the past, with all of its guilt, sorrows and mistakes, is just a story.

Let it go,  follow divine guidance and remember that when you ascend you raise the vibration of the universe!

Connect with the card

Carrying guilt and grudges through the years does nothing but stunt our growth.  If you’re struggling to leave the past behind, draw a circle in front of you on the floor.  In that circle, imagine seeing the person you would like to be in five years time.  See that you – vibrant, radiant, confident, loving and truly alive.

Then step forward into that image of you and notice how that makes you feel.  In that space, run through how that you would deal with all of the problems that you are facing in your current life.  Notice how you deal with things more effectively.  When you’re ready, keep walking forward as that new you.

The crystal Kyanite is said to help us ascend by drawing down the light body and releasing us from beliefs about karma that are holding us back.


I accept my true calling in life!

The World

The last card in the Major Arcana is The World.  She comes in to tell us that a cycle has been completed.  Endings can be messy, but completion means that’s it.  For whatever situation she falls on – a job, a relationship, a way of being, a place to live – she represents the culmination of experience.

Whatever it is, it’s done. That’s neither bad nor good.  It just is.  Does this mean you’ve gone as far as you can go? Absolutely not.

The Major Arcana cards run from one to twenty two, which suggests that our growth happens in a straight line.  It doesn’t.  We go round and round, flipping back and forth between the grand themes of our soul’s journey.  We think we’ve dealt with The Devil and he shows up again.

We think we’ve mastered all the skills The Magician can teach us and he bowls in to teach us more.  She might be number 22, but The World isn’t our final destination.

Remember The Fool, the alpha and the omega of our experience? He’s the joker who jumps in at any point and starts us on a new journey on a different level.  There’s an old saying that if you woke up this morning, it’s a clear sign you still have more to learn.

But The World reminds us that it’s all just a dance and we should step lightly.  We dance with the entire cycle of existence, to different rhythms at different times, flowing with all of the energies that swirl around us. The World tells us that you might be at the end of one chapter, but a whole new book is about to start.

Connect with the card

As this is the final card in the Major Arcana I’m going to end with a few words from Little Gidding by TS Elliot that I think sum up both The World and the entire soul’s journey; “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

As we dance around the small events of our life and the great cycle of our soul’s journey, growth doesn’t mean that we always meet the new.  It often means that we continually meet events, people or things that somehow look or feel similar – the grouchy boss that reminds us of our dad, the traffic warden who pushes our buttons in exactly the same way as a schoolteacher we haven’t seen for thirty years did – and our job is to keep exploring, testing, pushing upwards and outwards, so that we can look through the eyes of The Fool, seeing everything as fresh, new and exciting and as an opportunity for learning and growth.

The World reminds us that we can make the most of any experience if we can only remember to dance with it!


I am a shard of God and I dance with all eternity!

Many people just use The Tarot to reveal the future and, while it absolutely can do this, I think this is a bit like asking Jamie Oliver to make us beans on toast.  Having taken this journey through the major arcane, I hope that I have convinced you that Tarot is an amazing, multifaceted tool that can also help us in our spiritual development – one that we can use to empower ourselves to make the most of our lives!

Article written by Michele Knight – first published in Spirit and Destiny magazine

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