7 Tantra Secrets To Heat Things Up This Winter!

Our psychic and astrologer Helen gives you the low down on Tantra.

No, Tantra is not what that two year old having a melt-down in the mall is doing! Neither is it a yoga position. Tantra is a belief system which embraces sexual energy. It began in India some 5,000 years ago and gained popularity in the West through the Kama Sutra. Now, with the nights drawing in and the temperature outside dropping, here are some simple Tantra secrets to heat things up with that special someone this winter!

1. Taste: Feed each other sensual and different textured foods – and don’t limit yourself to just chocolate! Good fine also adds to the mood. Think indulgence. It’s all about awkening the senses and we forget taste is one of the main ones.

2: Set the Scene: The space we make love in should be every bit as important as what we do while in it. Is your bedroom an ocean of clutter? Create a connection environment by tidying up, buying some lovely bedding, lighting candles or even putting on some soft music.

3: Touch: Buy some sensual massage oil and begin your love-making session with a massage which allows you both to drop the stresses of the day.

4: Kissing: And only kissing. Kissing awakens kundalini energy. Remember how erotic is used to be when you were younger or you had just met someone and you were waiting for that first kiss or would just ‘make out’ for hours? Recapture that magic!

5: Tone those Muscles!: Ladies – I shouldn’t have to say this but training those PC muscles during the day makes for a better experience – all round. What’s more it’s the one workout you can do anywhere.

6: Snake Charming: Okay, all your Scorpio’s reading this. I know what you are thinking but no, it’s not that. I am talking about the Coiled Serpent – the Kundalini energy that resides at the base of your spine. Tantra  is all about learning to push this upwards up your spine and through your body – especially at your orgasmic peak. Practice tapping into this and pushing it up through your chakras when you are meditating or doing yoga. That way you will be able to access it when you need it.

7: The Eyes Have It: I’ve saved the best one for last. Don’t break eye contact. You and your partner can do whatever you like to each other but you cannot break eye contact (which also means you cannot kiss). This one can not only connect you deeply to your partner opening up the way to a transcendental experience, but it can really turn the heat up erotically. Also, see who can last the longest without giving in to the desire to kiss!

Human sexuality is one of the most powerful, creative forces we all share. Tantra harnesses this and puts us on a path towards spiritual enlightenment and the soul connection we all crave.

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