Healing a broken heart

The ending of relationships can be painful, no matter whether you have chosen to end it or whether someone has left you.

What can you do to help heal a broken heart?  Start slowly. Give yourself a little time to heal.  Rose quartz is a very good heart chakra healer so take the time to run a bath and put some rose quartz in. Just visualise that pink soothing energy healing your heart and when you pull the plug, feel all of that pain go down the plug hole. Make a commitment to yourself to heal your heart and to love you and be very gentle with yourself.

Treat yourself lovingly

Buy yourself your favourite food, take yourself out for a walk, go to an art gallery, do something that feeds your soul.

Create a little altar for yourself, light a candle, sit down and meditate.  Say ‘Take away this pain, give me a sign of the next stage in my journey.’

Ask for help

A lot of the problem is we’re so focused on the addiction of the love that’s not working that we forget to ask for help. To actually just sit quietly and say to the universe, the divine, what ever you believe in, “Please help me take away this pain, I am ready to move on, I am ready to release this, and I have faith in my journey, help me!”.  That’s a very powerful tool.

You need to remind yourself of how to be, and how to let go of fear. Much of the fear following the end of a relationship comes from the belief that we will never find love again and that we will be left out in the cold.

Remind yourself of how powerful you are by reading inspiring texts, so that whenever a space comes in to the fear and the addiction you can fill it with something more positive by reading something amazing that lifts your spirits.

Committing to your power

This is bigger than positive thinking.  It’s about saying “I’m going to give it a go. I’m actually going to believe that I’m a creator. I’m going to believe that I can change my reality, and I’m going to believe that I can heal. And I’m just going to take a week of not thinking about that person. I’m going to trust that I’m going to let go”.

What’s the worst that can happen? You can go back to your fear, and desperation and panic. Of course you can! But you can afford to take time out, because that’s not going anywhere. And when you take that time out, look after yourself.

Often we know these things, but we don’t do them.  So make a real commitment to putting yourself first and making your healing your priority.

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