Love manifestation – the feeling-list

Following on from my article on the research that shows that if we are single, we are better off having an open mind about what kind of partner would really suit us, I wanted to say more about how to bring this understanding to manifesting or quantum creating a loving relationship.

Rather than writing a list of attributes that we want our partner to have, such as height and eye colour and even what kind of interests we would like them to pursue, it’s much more powerful to focus on how we would like to feel when that person is in our lives.

Here’s how to go about it.  Set aside some time when you can really delve into your inner world and imagine that person is with you now.  Keep your manifesting journal close to hand and make notes of what emerges.  There will no doubt be a few feelings that immediately leap out as being the ones you want to have – happy, excited and all loved up.  But stick with the process and you should start to get a few points that will enable you to do a bit of fine tuning.  These feelings might include secure, supported, or free to be your true self.  You may discover that sharing an excitement about exploring the world or being committed to spiritual growth is really important to you.

When we are going through what we perceive as a love-drought, with few romantic contenders on the horizon, it can be tempting to leap at the first person who presents themselves as a possibility without really checking in with whether it’s someone with whom we can create the kind of relationship we want to have.  That’s where the feeling list becomes invaluable.

The feeling-list that you arrive at will be uniquely yours and is your true romantic destination.  But here’s the other really important step that we can try and leap over.

When you have completed your list, take a good look and ask yourself the crucial question; do I feel like this right now, or am I hoping that this other person will come along and plug the gaps?

When it comes to manifestation or quantum creating, you are in a much more powerful position if your vibration matches what you want to attract.  Now, you might say that’s not fair – I can’t feel it until it comes along.  Remember, there’s no judgement here – just vibration.  So developing the ability to manage yours is also a really important step.  Whatever is on your feeling list is within your reach, no matter whether you are single or with someone else.  You can feel happy, excited, and you can give and receive love in so many ways that lie beyond that one to one relationship you might be longing for.

There is no such thing as too much love and it’s always all around us.  So if you discover that you are waiting for someone to come along and make you complete, that’s when you get busy about making the life that you already have rich.  You can’t lose.  And it also means that when someone does come along, you have much more to share!

Alongside that, when you have your feeling list, you can really tap into your intuition.  When you meet someone, it’s easy to get diverted by that loved up feeling and the happiness of embarking on a new relationship, and that’s exactly when we should be checking in with what our intuition is telling us.  Is it giving you a psychic thumbs up, or is it saying, hang on, I’m not sure about this, or is it desperately waving red flags that you are overlooking?

So, in a nutshell, we can manifest the relationship that we want to have far more powerfully when we are clear about how we want to feel when that person is in our lives and then really trust our intuition to tell us how close we are to where we want to go.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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