Your Weekly Tarotscope Video with Michele Knight – 8th June 2020

Tarotscope Video with Michele Knight - 8th June

Scroll down to listen to Michele Knight guide you through your weekly Tarotscope video.

Aries Video – The Ace of Wands

Taurus Video – The Three of Cups

Gemini Video – The Tower

Cancer Video – Ace of Pentacles

Leo Video – The Magician

Virgo Video – Six of Cups

Libra Tarotscope Video – Four of Cups

Scorpio Tarotscope Video – Strength

Sagittarius Tarotscope – Seven of Cups

Capricorn – The Hermit

Aquarius Tarotscope – Six of Wands

Pisces Tarotscope – Eight of Cups

knight waite tarot

Hooray! You can now order my Tarot deck and in-depth Tarot book. I put my heart into every page. Big love, Michele.

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