Psychic reader Sue

 Michele says

Sue  is a hereditary psychic who has been reading professionally for 15 years. She uses Tarot alongside clairsentience and medium skills to get straight to the heart of whatever issues you are dealing with. Specific and smart, she can zoom in on the details you need and her passion is to support you in creating the future you want. Sue has worked for us in the past and has always been popular with our clients. Sue is a Gardnerian Wicca High Priestess 3rd Degree who is used to working with Magic to heal and manifest powerful change and transformation. Sue is also available for email readings.

What people say

  • “I have talked with many psychics at Michele Knight over the last two years, but I really have to compliment Sue for being a brilliant psychic. About 8 months ago I spoke with her about a wish I had. I wanted to work and live in Spain by the end … read more

    - Written by Carla

  • “Sue is a wonderful reader. I believe she is a real gem. She has read for me twice now and she has lifted my spirits greatly. I hope the things she has said will come to pass. I’m grateful for her time regardless. She is a kind, warm and empathetic … read more

    - Written by Maria

  • “With a snap of the finger Sue quickly can answer a question that may have been unsettling you for months. Sue has recently returned after a brief time away, during her absence I really missed her swift accuracy! One day to my surprise recently when I went to book another … read more

    - Written by Serena

  • “I don’t usually leave reviews and I’ve had loads of Michele Knight readings over the years but this lady was outstanding! She didn’t need to ask questions, she was on point with everything and gave good advice and a forecast of what the future holds with regard to the situation … read more

    - Written by Ilaria

  • “Sue has a lovely kind and very encouraging energy. She gets straight to the point and will tell it how it is and she is very good at picking up energy around a situation. She has helped me lots and was spot on! Thanks Sue.”

    - Written by Gemma