Psychic reader Tabitha

 Michele says

Tabitha is an extraordinary talent. She’s warm, funny, incredibly insightful and a joy to listen to. I ended up on the phone for over an hour which is unheard of in a test reading. All testers loved her. Natural intuitive psychic. I’m over the Moon to have her on board.


What people say

  • “Tabitha was superb, probably the best reading I have done. Accurate synopsis of what is going on around me and she nailed down to specifics that no one other than I could possibly know. Also, she said there was a phrase she kept hearing, when she told me my mouth … read more

    - Written by Michelle

  • “Tabitha has a warmth and openness that is comforting and a self assurance in her own abilities that is reassuring. Not only was her accuracy impressive particularly on the career issues but she reads in a way that is also empowering. I was beyond impressed. She picked up with great … read more

    - Written by Brenda

  • “She was very good. When I became more specific with my questions I thought the information Tabitha gave me was in the right space and accurate. She was spot on with issues relating to my family relationships and history concerning that. Her manner was lovely and she’s confident with the … read more

    - Written by Amanda

  • “I have just had a very special reading with Tabitha. It was the first time we talked. She picked up on my energy straight away and was able to give me a lot of information. She is warm, intelligent and funny. I didn’t feel she was just telling me what … read more

    - Written by Carla

  • “I’ve just had a reading with Tabitha, the first time I’ve spoken to her. Wow, was I super impressed with Tabitha! She’s warm, friendly & funny. It was just like speaking to my best mate – like I’d known Tabitha all my life. That said, my reading was spot on. … read more

    - Written by Jayne

  • “In all truth, I’m hesitant to write a positive review on Tabitha, only for fear of everyone else trying to book her and me not being able to get through to her again. However, she is so good she deserves nothing but 100% of the truth as that’s what I … read more

    - Written by Diana