Testimonial for Rosy by A G - June 23, 2012

“Rosy is the most incredible reader. The information she delivers is spoken with confidence, clarity and kindness. Rosy picked up immediately on the issue I was phoning about, connected with the mum who is in spirit of the person I was ringing about and gave me messages from her that only I or he would understand, even using the exact words and phrases that we would use ourselves. Rosy did not want to keep me on the phone for longer that was necessary and worked fast and clearly. Validations followed in full force one after another, where she was giving me proof of her spirit link in each moment. I was blown away by the reading. Everything she told me in that short space of time followed within the next 24hours. The rest only time will tell, but I have every faith that it will. Rosy is really kind, has a great sense of humour and left me feeling hopeful, uplifted and reconnected with my spiritual side once more. Unbelievably talented reader.”