Psychic reader Rosy


 Michele says

Rosy combines Tarot with clairvoyance, clairsentience and mediumship.  Testers talked about Rosy tuning straight in to what was going on in their lives and also commented on her warmth and supportiveness. Rosy also showed herself to be very emotionally in tune.  She was passed to me with strong recommendations – and as always do let me know what you think!

What people say

  • “I have just had a reading with your wonderful reader Rosie. WOW! She is an incredible psychic and tuned straight into me and the others involved in the issue I phoned about. A lovely lady, a marvellous psychic who gave detail upon detail. She has turned my stress and anxiety … read more

    - Written by Fiona

  • “I just had a reading with Rosy 2182. I didn’t give her much information but she picked up on some very significant issues, she gave me very positive information and described my partner and our relationship. She gave me some information of decisions I would have to face regarding my … read more

    - Written by Jo

  • “I wanted to leave feedback for Rosy. Fantastic understanding of human nature and a wise woman, really genuine and able to see clearly into situations. Thanks so much for a grounded and truthful reading. She made me feel much better.”

    - Written by Jay

  • “Rosy is the most incredible reader. The information she delivers is spoken with confidence, clarity and kindness. Rosy picked up immediately on the issue I was phoning about, connected with the mum who is in spirit of the person I was ringing about and gave me messages from her that … read more

    - Written by A G

  • “Rosy is a beautiful, authentic reader- there was no commercial feel about her. Rosy felt how I was straight away and stepped into both mine and my daughter’s shoes. She gave wonderful advice and explained who would enter my life, their description, and when. Rosy also explained how things would … read more

    - Written by Catherine

  • “Just had a lovely reading with Rosy. She gave me some great advice, got straight down to the problem in hand. Felt very much at ease.”

    - Written by Tracey