Testimonial for Saffy by Tracey - August 8, 2012

“I had a reading with Saffy last night, I had been looking for her to show as avaialble for ages. WOW she was worth waiting for! After connecting with her guides she immediately went into work/career for me, spot on I am in the midst of changing jobs and spirit has said it is a fantastic move for me and will give me the change to branch out. Then Saffy moved on to spirit showing her a garage (I dont have one so dismissed it) then moving on to relationship the garage came up again and it occured to me it may refer to someone I am attracted to but have tried hard to give up on, yes he works in a garage, Saffy went on to describe his personality, his past, his looks and his emotions. Very modest when thanked Saffy keeps saying it is spirit giving the information which I truly believe, she is gifted to have the connection and delivers the information in such a lovely way, it wasnt just what I wanted to hear, no false hope was given but was what I needed to hear but I have great guidance on how to move forward taking it slow and easy with this man when we meet again. Saffy you are a gem, thank you lovely lady.”