Testimonial for Carol by Anna - March 3, 2023

“Immediately Carol picked up that I work as a medium and then she told me the pet name my mum used for me. She did not know this but had heard the name before she spoke to me and mentioned it thinking it was strange – so i explained that it was my mum’s nickname for me. Carol had picked up my mum in spirit strongly already, also describing her profession-incase any doubts remained about who it was! Together with the main gist of the message in the first few minutes. It all happened very fast and was a very clear, very accurate and evidential reading both of the situation and of linking in with spirit. Everything she then went on to tell me exhibited quite extraordinary and in depth channelling about my my life that she would have not known or had any way of guessing. It was clear to me that Carol was channeling my mothers knowledge and care very well. So, as someone who works in this field I would probably be the worst person to leave a review normally as I tend to have fairly high standards – all I can say is this was a superb and very heartfelt, very helpful reading and I am extremely grateful to carol for giving it to me. It meant a lot and it has been very effective in settling my heart and helping me forward.”