Testimonial for Carmela by Sue - January 18, 2021

“The first time I spoke with Carmela a few months back,I knew she was or was going to become one of Michele’s finest assets. Unsurprisingly, Carmela is very popular and and sometimes hard to pin down but is always more than worth the wait. She concretes the ethos of the Michele Knight team/brand which is that of integrity, altruism & true dedication to all clients. Since then, Carmela has been my greatest support through a tough & challenging period which I wouldn’t have come through without her never ending insight, truth, patience and love. Her gift is extraordinary yet her deliverance of it is both down to earth & humble which is heart warming and comforting. With Carmela, there are no questions that are too repetitive and the answers that she gives are honest yet given with dignity, respect & genuine human compassion. She is an Earth angel and anyone who has or will have the privilege of connecting with her I’m sure will advocate all of the above. Definitely here to share her incredible gift with those of us who are lucky enough to have the experience and to also enlighten us on our path of this journey we call life. Carmela, from the bottom of my heart ‘thank you’. Thank you for your guidance, encouragement, support, patience and inspiration always. You have been my beacon through dark times & I won’t forget the hard laughs we had, it warmed my heart. As they say, laughter truly is the best medicine.”