Testimonial for Arya by Leslie - September 2, 2021

“These past months I was crossing some of the most dramatic times in my life. Surviving through an experience that almost killed me. I was desperately searching for answers, as I was not able to have a clear recollection of an almost tragic car accident. It was all foggy and unclear, no one, even first responders and the medical staff which assisted me were able to explain what really did happen. I finally decided to reach out to Michele Knight in UK, a well established psychic service. Arya was the one person in their team who took my call.
We had several conversations and she managed to get time, even with the different zones and being mostly booked.  Answered so many questions. Objective, to the point, kind and considerate, within the very strict rules. Arya opened my ability to understand and accept the sequence of events, her dates were amazing and the timeline she gave me proved to be more than right, wisdom and even sense of humor with compassion made our exchange an amazing experience.
Arya is gifted, not just professional. She found the essence of what I needed to understand and what was to come. She offered a very personalized approach. I’ll look for her counsel again. With Arya’s assistance I am moving forward and am content.”