Testimonial for Arya by G - April 13, 2023

I had a mediumship reading with Arya. I needed some closer because I never got to say goodbye to my Dad who passed away last year unexpectantly. He did come through along with my grandpa who actually was my father figure for most of my life. Arya is a fantastic medium. The details that came through were so detailed. My grandpa’s name was the first thing, the way they both passed, my dad described how he was there at my nursing pinning, and it was just so healing for me to know he was there. He told me how to deal with my brother’s greediness and with some other issues in life that I’m coming across. He can hear me speak to his pictures and let me know that he is never going to leave my side as long as I need him. I truly needed this and I can say without a doubt that if you need healing I would recommend you ask for Arya to help you connect with the other side.