Testimonial for Arya by SB - August 2, 2023

I’ve had several readings with Arya over the last couple of months regarding my POI who had just split up with me. I was so hurt and distraught as the break came out of the blue. Not only did Arya predict he would come back and reconnect, she predicted times and circumstances and what he was thinking and how he was going to connect….ALL came true these last few days. I am speechless. Everything that Arya told me was going on in his life and the reasoning behind why he did what he did was confirmed by him to me. It was like I was hearing it for the second time!!! Arya has an amazing gift. Truly amazing. Her sense and clarity and flow is simply incredible and she doesn’t waste time and tells it as she sees it and it all makes perfect sense.

She told me by September he would reconnect properly and although he has reconnected and we are taking things slowly, he has asked me to go away with him for a few days…….in September !!! I can’t recommend Arya enough. She not only gave me hope (even though I didn’t believe her at the time), she gave me hard facts and times …..all of which came to fruition. Arya is a total godsend and I can’t believe my luck and good fortune to have met this wonderful person.