Testimonial for Sadie by M - July 5, 2010

“Sadie is beyond your wildest expectations and quite unbelieveable on what she picks up.
I called her because we had three little dogs who were all sisters and only two years old but one of them was tragically taken from us on Friday. She immediately tuned in and asked what had happened in the last two days which was exactly when Meg was taken from us. She totally tuned in.  She also described her personality exactly and where she was buried and how her two sisters were acting now and sang the song Born Free which is exactly what she was –  a free spirit. Also that there was another dog to greet her who had died in the beginning of June – again exactly right as the sister of my partner lost her dog five weeks ago.
She picked up on my partner’s total devastation.  I could go on for hours about Sadies ability she truly is the most amazing reader you will ever speak to and over the years I have spoke to hundreds –  nobody even comes close she could not have been more right if she had of been there herself.  Thank you Sadie, you are amazing.”