Your Eclipse in Aries Moonscope April 8th 2024 – Life changing reveals


Your Eclipse in Aries Moonscope – April 8th, 2024

April 8 2024 brings the new Moon in self-determined, confident Aries. And a total eclipse of the Sun. This eclipse which occurs at 19o 24’ of Aries will be visible from the United States, Canada and Mexico. It will last for 4 minutes and 27 seconds which is unusually long – double that of the last eclipse to be visible from America on August 21, 2017.

If you are one of the lucky ones able to view this eclipse, ensure that you wear the proper eye protection. This is extremely important. You can suffer permanent damage to your vision without realising it. Do keep this in mind.

Total eclipses are total cover-ups. A complete blind spot. We are in the dark. And the dark can be where we can recharge and reclaim our power. Which is why we need to be mindful of an eclipse. But not necessarily fear them.

In the collective, we may see what was ‘covered up’ by the last American eclipse re-emerge. As the Sun and Moon align, take time to align our light and our shadows within. In their duality lies all our unlived power and potential, waiting to emerge.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

The astrological start to your new cycle is wrapped in mystery and tied with a big bow of enigma. What’s in the box?! It’s all a bit Schroedinger’s Cat. And the important thing to remember under this eclipse is the state of the cat is not the issue. There may be no cat in the first place. That’s your enigma, Aries. The cosmic puzzle you are seeking to solve. Things are not how you may perceive them to be. Hold off from starting anything new as a result.

Do check your chart for Aries factors within 1 degree either side of this eclipse (19 degrees). If you have them you will be directly impacted by it. Many of you will feel the energy building up to 10 days out. And it will take a while for it to disperse.

What’s not to love about you, Aries? Let me count the ways. That fierce, go-getting, can do mindset? Your ability to tell it like it is? The way you seize each day with the desire to get the most out of it? The way you throw yourself into anything you believe in with such honest passion? Or wait – have you stopped being you? Has someone thrown so much shade in your direction in the past that true self-belief is now concealed under a mask of false bravado? Do I have good news for you! This is the part where you reclaim all those lost parts of your passion and soul confidence. Yes, it may take up to two weeks for the truth around cats and Aries to emerge. But when it does – you’ll see yourself so differently. And go forward without filters, Aries.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

This eclipse occurs in your house of secrets and hidden truths. For you, dear constant Taurus, this means the cover up has been going on for quite some time. There’s a mystery to be solved or cleared up once and for all. Here’s your clue – although it runs deep it is also hidden in plain sight.

This is also your house of intuition, psychic abilities and where you meet both angels and your muse. The latter are likely to arrive in disguise. And also when they do, point the way towards where that truth lies like a sacred lodestone on your path. Look deep within you under this eclipse, Taurus. Because often with this house, we are the ones keeping ourselves in the dark because there is something we don’t want to see or face. If so, watch as the eclipse energy dissipates and the blinders finally come off. And you discover that not only can you deal with this, it is not as scary as you thought. This is an eclipse where you can stop feeding any fear monster. And cut it down to size.

Immerse yourself in creative pursuits, taking time out, meditation and be open to answers no matter whether they are what you want to hear – or not. If you are questioning what you should do, the path you need to take or simply that unsweetened truth, all you need do now is stop and know that one way or another – the answer will find you. Watch for signs and synchronicities. And wait for the light to be turned on, Taurus.


Connections, community and your future vision – for yourself and what you want your world to look like, fall under the shadow of this eclipse. Own your wild, authentic heart, Gemini. This eclipse is going to how you whether or not you are living that. Or are hiding it away simply to ‘fit in’.

Refuse to be pigeon-holed, influenced by the inauthentic, or serve anything but your own brand of realness. And if you have been worried about rejection if you do, then do stop and ask yourself why these opinions matter? Or why you want to be around these people in the first place?

Authentic ties will be strengthened. And if you have been searching for that sense of belonging, the friends who not only have your back but will give you the shirt off theirs, and your community, this eclipse will show you a different path towards them. Do accept any unusual or unexpected invitations now.

Often the path away from the fake or which leads to our goals, is the one we would not dream of taking. Or we were unaware even existed. There’s a secret message within this eclipse. And that is you already not only have your feet poised to go down it, but within you, you already have everything you need to get anything you want. Goal setting and releasing old ones which no longer reflect who you are, take on powerful potential. In the darkness, plant the seeds for your future.

july horoscopesCANCER

The Cardinal signs are especially impacted by this eclipse. And you along with next door sign of Leo, are always more affected by eclipse energy as eclipses always involve your ruler. If you have Cancer factors within 0-1 degrees of the eclipse, then it will be squaring them. But whether you have them or not, take it that you may feel the energy shift happening 10 days either side of this eclipse. Keeping a diary and also picking a Tarot card each day during this cycle is recommended. Especially if you are uncertain just what it is you cannot ‘square away’ or reconcile under it.

But this eclipse will show you that you are more emotionally courageous than you ever dreamed possible. Take it that you will emerge from it with an unshakeable commitment and determination when it comes to a path or decision you are set to take.

Secret ambitions may not be so secret any more. You are in the mood to embrace something greater. Use this eclipse energy to plan and work on your resolve. Don’t hurry this process. Get your ducks in a row before launching yourself skywards. And do cultivate an unshakeable mindset. This is the time to rid yourself of the limitations of self-doubt. For good.

Emerge as a force to be reckoned with. And once you are decided on your course, leave others in no doubt you’re not for turning. If something long term needs to be released, then so be it. Yes, there are hidden elements to this eclipse. But when the lights get turned back on all you are left with will be the total clarity of right intention, Cancer. And the surety of knowing you can go for it!

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Yeah, baby! If you have Leo factors at 19 degrees – give or take one degree either side, then the eclipse will trine these. Take it that feeling someone stole your mojo is entirely temporary. Yes, you may feel an essential element of what makes you passionately you is missing in the days leading up to this eclipse. And certainly on the day itself. But reassure yourself it is still there and undergoing what will be an upgrade to Mojo 2.0. All rebooted and ready to take you down an exciting new path.

Of course, solar eclipses represent the most potent reset points for you, Leo. Especially when it comes to seeing barriers for what they really are with this one. If you have been battling restrictions – either imposed by circumstances or others or even self-created, this eclipse will eventually show you the way through, over, or past them. You will emerge with your sense of optimism and adventure reawakened. Do take things slowly if traveling under this eclipse, however. And yes, that includes traveling to see it! Allow extra time and also research where you are going before setting out.

Watch for Geminis and Sagittarians under this eclipse as they give clues at to what fires you up next. Avoid legal matters if you can around this time. You are at a crossroads. Go for the path not taken. That mojo is now set to take you on into a fresh and bigger experience. What you have held back from trying, you now permit yourself to experience fearlessly. Unencumbered by something that you now leave behind where it belongs – in the shadows. While you emerge shiny, new and glowing with an undiluted lust for what frees your soul, baby!

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Love the dark places of your soul under this eclipse. Prepare to dig deep. Think about what we find when we do: gold, diamonds, buried treasure. Shine a light into lost recesses where the truth and your true power can be found. You are on the brink of a major revelation that illuminates a key area for you, whether you know it or not.

It is always darkest before the dawn. But then life-giving light bursts over the horizon. We would not see things in a ‘new light’ if we did not first explore the darkness however. This eclipse is just like that. Look at where you send your energy, your time, your love and your other resources. Because these either build on or drain your power.

Change is what is hidden in this eclipse. And that change could be around what you choose to invest those precious resources in from now on. Are you feeding the fires of soul freedom or fear, Virgo? What this eclipse will eventually show you is whether you need to continue to fuel something that empowers you. Or stop and cut off the reaction completely. And you will see that the power to do this is within you. And seeing yourself this way could be the ‘new light’ you’ve been waiting for. If change is what you fear – you’ll feel that fear and then change anyway. You are the treasure you’ve been seeking all along.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

This eclipse takes place in your house of partnerships, duos, duets, and double acts of all varieties and descriptions—that bestie or bae, your ride or die or horse and carriage—that be all and end all.

DO: Avoid actively seeking a new partner and steer clear of significant decisions around relationships under this eclipse. This includes marrying, moving in, separation or divorce.

Don’t Jump to conclusions about what the other party thinks or wants, or expect them to know what you need.

If you have Libra factors within one degree on either side of this eclipse (19 degrees) in your chart, then this eclipse will oppose them. Look closely at what it is you need in any partner to balance out your own qualities. You always seek equilibrium, Libra. And having Libran aspects in your chart can see you on a cradle-to-grave search for the soul that hands you this and ‘balances’ you out. Settleds are willing to go deeper into discovering their partner’s needs under this eclipse. But singles need to be content with exploring their own and clarifying what the other party needs to have to meet these.

It may be you have not recognised that in the past. You also now realise that your counterpart needs to be someone who brings out your best. And who inspires you to be that. As you do the same for them. That’s what you will be able to recognise from this point onwards, Libra. And no matter your status or what kind of partnership you seek, that realisation is what creates the perfect love reality for you from here on in.


Glorious phoenix! Is it time for you to bloom? As the sign of rebirth and regeneration, your lifecycle is about constant renewal and reigniting your inner fire.

There’s something you may be literally ‘keeping under wraps’ for now under this eclipse. You may not be ready to reveal those inner workings or those plans for instance. That’s fine if you feel the need to sit with your feelings. This eclipse triggers the need to come up with your answers. Especially when it comes to work or wellbeing.

Yes, this will all be grounded in fact. And you won’t be willing to take things on face value or just accept a one-size-fits-all answer or approach. Do seek out a second or even third opinion—from a professional, that is—not someone’s Uncle Steve from Milton Keynes on Facebook. Pay attention to any feelings that something just doesn’t ‘sit right’. Remember—eclipses conceal. What cuts through that darkness and confusion is a practical, laser-focused approach.

Do watch out for curve balls that disrupt your work or routine. But then step back and look at whether or not this is in fact sent to show you that something needs to change or is no longer working.

A new approach to heath or your habits can emerge from this eclipse. Fertile soil allows you to plant a daily work/life balance that allows for blooming wellness if your growth is stunted. If you have arrived at a dead end, expect a change of direction to make itself known in the next month. Room to grow also means release from something that binds you.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Check your chart for Sag factors within the eclipse orb. So between 18 – 20 degrees of your sign. If they are there, this eclipse trines them from your 5th house of lovers, children, creativity, and hedonistic pleasure.

It’s not the time to swipe right for that romantic interest. Because what you see may not be what you get. If settled, remind yourself of what qualities drew you to your partner in the first place. Have they been lost in the inevitable ‘lights off’ of daily routine and simply living? If so, look at what makes that person special and remind them of how they make you feel. And watch romance revive as a result.

This eclipse occurs in the Sun’s ruling house in your chart. Making it even more discombobulating than usual. If you are a parent, a child may need extra encouragement or support. If a child comes to you with an issue, do not judge or criticise. Be the parent you always wanted when you were their age. This is an opportunity to set a new dynamic. Any concerns around fertility, adoption and pregnancy now need to be faced and dealt with.

What you love and especially lost loves may be on your mind. If this involves a past lover, it may be time to extinguish that torch you’ve been carrying. Instead of ‘What if?’ ask ‘What next?’. If you have let go of something you used to love to do, or have been reticent to showcase your creative skills, this eclipse points the way to relaunches and revivals. Where have you allowed yourself to be diverted from pleasure? Or when did life get so serious? This is your house of the holidays. That #1 Sag passion of travel. Treat it like a Mercury retrograde on steroids if going anywhere. That doesn’t mean fun and pleasure aren’t your destination now. You may find an even more intriguing detour on offer as you head towards them, Sag.


Grab those ruby slippers and click those heels together, Cappy. The eclipse takes place in your 4th house of home and family. Which is of course, the Moon’s ruling house. As a Cardinal sign, you do need to check your chart for Capricorn factors within one degree either way of 19 degrees. If they are there, this eclipse squares them.

If you are between a rock and a hard place now, you are the party that needs to move. This may mean letting something go or even letting go of the need to be right. Even if you are in fact, right. Family matters and family matters may arise in the form of acknowledging that you and a family member will never see things the same way. Saying ‘You may well be right’ isn’t saying they are. But it does buy you out of an unwinnable or circular argument.

I should not need to encourage you to avoid decisions around moving, property, or anything that impacts your material, financial, or emotional stability under this eclipse. If you can, implement this at least a week before and after the eclipse. That sale may fall through as the buyer reneges. The property itself may be revealed to have problems. Or the neighbourhood may not be what you think it is. This also applies to renting.

A family member may be keeping something on the down-low. Possibly to avoid you worrying too much. If you sense something is wrong, their good intentions have the opposite effect on you. Don’t be afraid to reassure them that the truth holds no fear for you. Hey – you’ve lived through Pluto in your sign. What more proof do you need?

You’ll emerge from this eclipse knowing where and what you need to meet your future needs. This eclipse marks the start of a powerful homecoming. There’s no place like it, Capricorn.


If Aries or Librans appear under this eclipse, they are messengers or bear information. Your mission, should you accept it, is to discern whether this is what you want or need to hear—or is even the truth. Now, when it comes to the above two signs who may take on the role of cosmic couriers for you, it is likely to be. Do check, however.

Neighbourhood Watch is a good term for this eclipse. What’s in your locality or right on your doorstep. Look no further. For what you’re seeking or for an opportunity to explore. Often we ignore what’s right under our noses. Or the obvious. Neighbours, siblings or extended family may feature. Pay attention to not just what people are saying but their sub-text too. As eclipses conceal, the truth is in actions and may not be in the words themselves.

This is a great eclipse to make those retrograde words your default. Revise, research, review, and rewrite. Facts and details. Pass what you think of saying through your mental Grammarly app before you say it or send it. How might this be interpreted? The way you mean it or could it be misunderstood? If in doubt, don’t press ‘send’. And if you are unsure what is said to you, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, either. It will save a lot of misunderstanding in the long run.

As this is your house of the internet, please avoid that suss site or dodgy link. That friend request from someone totally unconnected to you. Or believing everything you read on social media. Usually, this new moon would be the time to launch projects and applications and get your ideas or messages out there. Continue to sit on it for a little longer unless that deadline is too close to ignore. Take it that you’re about to be handed something extra and important to add to it that is going to make all the difference. Watch for the birth of fresh ideas. Inspiration is knocking.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Last month’s new Moon in your sign should have seen you in the mood to make things happen, Pisces. You would have been wanting to initiate new beginnings and fresh starts. And been ready to move away from the status quo and fearlessly set yourself a fabulous new challenge which inspired you.

Now, under this all-powerful eclipse in your 2nd house, allow nothing to dissolve that self-belief and vision. And when the momentum slows, don’t think this is because you are doing something wrong. Or you’re anything less than the Right Stuff, Pisces.

Think of this as a pause where you can tap deeper into your talents and your resolve. Above all, don’t allow others to erode this. This eclipse may trigger hidden issues around your expectations and feelings of self-worth. What you feel your deserve. And also your willingness to receive. It’s all very well to work on attracting what we want. This is your house of money and love. And also where you find your fuel and the confidence to go get those. But having done that – when you see the results, can you embrace and accept them as your due? Or do you sabotage or tell yourself there must be something wrong? Now is your opportunity to correct any misconceptions around these areas. And even if you know there is more work to do, state that you are now ready to receive despite this.

As eclipses cover-up, please avoid spending at this time, especially on anything expensive.  You don’t need labels to be valued, however. And what you end up buying may not be what you need. Don’t borrow or lend money either. The most powerful eclipse-diffusing spell you can work is simple gratitude for what you already have. A never-enough mindset means there never is enough. You’re worth more than that.

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