Full Moon Eclipse and the Winter Solstice

This powerful full moon eclipse which coincides with Winter Solstice on December 21st has not occurred since 1638! Mind you, to witness it you have to get up at 6.30am. I have a hunch it is a time of energetic break through and is a prequel to the 2012 main event when we are all said to be challenged and transformed. It is the start of our awakening.

The energy of this Full moon eclipse should send a seed of transformation your way, so look out for any ideas, revelations or emotional ‘truths’ that come your way. Are you ready to evolve? If you could blossom in any way, which way would you grow? What is holding you back and what do you need to release at this point in your personal evolution?

Your creative, spiritual and intuitive power should grow, ground and stabilise. It is the start of an honest relationship with ourselves, where we will see ourselves in a whole new way. We are able to embrace our shadow and find strength in any challenges. We will also see other people with new eyes and the wisdom of our soul rather than our head.

What is also interesting is that the Universal energy is urging us to seek balance in relationships and within ourselves. Our yin and yang, masculine and feminine are becoming more whole. If we are out of balance by being too outgoing or dominant, we may find ourselves becoming more yielding and receptive, if we are too passive, we may find our passion and external power.

All the newspapers at the moment are talking about a double dip recession, raised interest rates to come and an economic meltdown. The world is preparing us to examine our motivation and to stretch and grow in different ways. Pay attention to any information or gut feelings you have at the time of the eclipse to give you clues to which direction you should go over the coming year. In a sense, a forced awakening of the whole is taking place where security in some ways seems to be breaking down but hopefully to reform different and more solid foundations later on.

Pay attention to your emotions and dreams to see what they are trying to reveal to you and most of all know whatever happens next year you are loved, safe and on a journey to your authentic self.

Loads of love,

Michele x

Find out what the astrology of the eclipse brings.

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