Planting with the Moon

As part of our sacred gardening project we’re going to be trying out the idea of planting in synch with the moon’s phases. As it waxes and wanes, the energy of the moon affects the tides here down on earth – but its influence doesn’t end there. As the accompanying video explains, age old folk lore says that the moon’s cycles also affect the moisture levels in the soils, meaning that if you plant different crops at different times in synch with the waxing and waning of the moon, they will grow more abundantly.

Thankfully, it’s actually quite simple. When the moon is waxing, growing from that tiny sliver that graces our night skies to its full bodied magnificence, tradition says the earth is fertile and wet. This is the best time to plant above ground crops such as peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, peas and greens.

In contrast, when the moon is waning, or when it’s gradually reducing from being fat and full to a delicate sliver again, its light is decreasing and the soil is dry. This is the best time to plant below ground crops, such as radishes, parsnips, potatoes, carrots and onions.

You don’t actually have to plant by moonlight itself, only work within its phases. And if you’re not sure how to find out which phase the moon is in, there’s an easy reference place on the home page of my free social networking site, which will tell you the exactly where it is.

This is something that we are just discovering and learning how to work with, but if you’re already doing it or reaping the benefits of planting with the moon, please let us know and share your experience and wisdom!
Loads of love,
Michele x

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