Your Full Moon in Leo 25th January 2024 Moonscope

full moon in leo

Your Full Moon in Leo Moonscope 25th January 2024

Key word: Transformation under the first full Moon of the year. As this Moon waxes proud in the sign of royalty, it opposes Pluto in Aquarius. Surrender to change. Don’t try to block it. This full Moon will trigger intense emotions within all of us. Perhaps surprising us with how strongly we really feel about something. Especially if we have been avoiding our emotional truth.

If we have taken on board messages that a part of us isn’t loveable, or if growing up we were made to feel we had to act a certain way contrary to who we are to gain love and approval, these are the kinds of wounds that will be illuminated. It asks we go back to the truth of who we are. Embrace that in order to heal it. Especially if what is wounded is the hurt child within us.

Wholeness is our goal here. Even though the process can take us into the hidden depths of our psyche. We may want to keep this emotional journey to ourselves unless we trust someone 100%. What’s the result? We emerge from this shining bright the way we were always destined to. Full Moons always represent a stop or pause. Use this time to get to the heart-centered truth around who you are and what you truly want. And how you express this. Be forged in the fires of transformation and emerge like a newly born star. And from here on in do what stars do best. Shine.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Dare you be vulnerable, Aries? Expose that soft, child-like trust you used to be so fearless showcasing when you were younger? That soft centre wants to ooze out and escape any hardened exterior you have had to create out of a sense of self-protection.

Do you have the courage to really listen to your heart? And give yourself full permission to act on what it is telling you to do? Even if you have spent years ignoring this? Expect exposes under this full Moon. With Pluto in your 11th – where the Moon reflects its light, this adds that dramatic touch when it comes to those you know – friends, groups, networks – and how they see you. Are you allowing yourself to be a beacon and stand out? Most importantly, do you feel you have to dim that light for anyone in order to fit in? This can be with that lover just as it could be within that social setting. Dare you shed the mask you have had to wear and expose the real you instead?

There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ aspects. And this full Moon is no exception to this rule. Everything occurs for a reason. Whatever emotions or apparent dramas appear, they are for your evolution. Some of you may find yourselves in the spotlight. Or the centre of attention in the best possible way. It could be you are the focus for one special someone or an entire audience, following or group. If so, you’re acting with purity and from the heart. Or the universe wants you to be comfortable being in the spotlight with what you can attract. Equally – be comfortable and feel empowered saying no to anything that dims that light or makes you ignore the choice your heart wants to you make.


Have you just been on cruise control and content to go along with what others want as opposed to really focussing on your own needs, Taurus? Yes, you have a rep for being one of the most easy-going signs of the zodiac. You crave contentment, harmony and security. And you will usually do whatever it takes to maintain that, Taurus. Even if it comes at the expense of putting others’ needs before your own.

The full Moon in its ruling 4th is likely to expose few home truths around this. Not only around home, lifestyle, living arrangements, locality, family and what sustains you. But also around your career, public and professional image and reputation. What hands us our sense of security is often intertwined with what we do and our relationship status. All of which may be impacted by Pluto now in your 10th.

Come home to truth telling. You may see what truly sustains you – and what drains you or has you living in a way contrary to where or what your heart wants for you. A sense of belonging is what you are seeking to create. You crave permanence, yes. But may be confronted with the truth that moves or changes need to happen for you to get this. See your own needs as every bit as important and worthy of attention as those of who you care for or live with. Ensure they factor equally into any plans you make for your future.

When it comes to your career, are you being recognised and rewarded in the way you need and deserve? This full Moon will show you if where you are supports you – emotionally, professionally, materially. And also the building blocks you need to create something better. Home is where the heart tells you it can be found.


Are you writing your own manifesto? Or living and breathing someone else’s party line, Gemini? This full Moon is about speaking, writing, sharing and above all, living your truth. And nothing but that.

Don’t allow anyone to dilute your message. Or make you feel that your ideas are not as valid as those of others. No, I am not advocating unedited blurting. But being made to feel you can’t speak up or out, or that what you have to add to the conversation isn’t relevant or worthy, makes us feel dismissed and diminished.

A key conversation leads to you having a better understanding of another, a situation or even yourself, Gemini. Table that discussion. Above all, be honest but don’t blame if you’ve sat on those feelings for awhile. Do you see your own ideas as vital, vibrant and worthy? Get behind them. Powered by Pluto, this full Moon wants you walking that talk. Do however avoid petty snipes and pointless exchanges to prove you are in the right with either siblings, neighbours or on-line. With the latter your best option is simply to keep scrolling.

If there is an idea that won’t let you go, the pull to do something with it becomes irresistible under this full Moon. Don’t ignore it. Words are powerful spells. Do use them wisely. A little rehearsal – even in your own mind, and looking at just how your message may be received, sees you crafting it in a way most likely to be a favourable one. Your truth is what sets you free.

july horoscopesCANCER

Don’t give into guilt or insecurity under this extremely potent full Moon in your 2nd of possessions and self-worth. In fact, self-possession is your greatest asset now, Cancer. Refusing to be rattled or guilt-tripped by others who may be projecting their own insecurities onto you.

This full Moon can stir up a complex cocktail of emotions. You may end up shaken and stirred by a dirty Martini of too much brine and not enough sweet talk. Do watch for anyone who disses or dismisses your feelings. Or instantly tries to turn the tables by making it all about them. ‘I’m going through a worse time than you. Consider ME!!’ – that’s a red flag right there. Self-possession hands you the ability to ask them just what lies behind feeling this way. And to listen without taking on any unnecessary blame.

This full Moon is in your money house. While Pluto is in its ruling 8th and your ‘other’ money house (which it rules). Joint bills, bank accounts, assets, who does what around the home, who contributes what and how much, may come up for discussion. Sometimes its hard to keep emotion out of these areas. Value what you bring to the table in any negotiation. Be this around a pay rise, contribution or even who does the chores. This Moon asks that you stop selling yourself short if that’s what’s occurred. Self-possession has you stating your terms in a way that’s suddenly smooth and superbly comfortable. With unshakeable confidence. And leaves no-one in doubt about where the buck stops.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Authenticity is so attractive. Just think of it as cosmic catnip, Leo. When we are unafraid to get real we attract the real thing back in kind. Also, we become more attuned to anyone and anything inauthentic in our lives. It jibes with our vibe. Often this happens suddenly. We wonder why we didn’t pick up on it before?

Authentic you needs an audience, a stage, a platform, a runway, a showcase under the full Moon in your sign. Don’t be shy, Leo. Not that’s your usual style in any case. But now is the time to serve extra authentic you. No filters. No apologies.

If you allow yourself your full creative freedom of unedited self-expression, who or what gravitates to you, may frankly astound. Roaring irresistibility draws people, attention and even opportunities towards you. Do this playfully. Romp in the spotlight. Once you have set the scene – welcome in whoever wants to join you. That does not include haters or critics from here on in. But then, they are no longer important enough to even register on your radar, Leo. You’re too busy spreading your own authentic and potent joy. It’s infectious.

Whatever or whoever this attracts, do be prepared to say yes to. Just as you now may say no to what you now identify as fake or insincere. Authenticity makes everything effortless. But then – you knew that, Leo.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

What is that need or want within you that you have been repressing? Or simply denying exists? Deep in the core of you, something glimmers. And demands under the full Moon in your 12th, that you not only acknowledge it, but do something about it, Virgo.

The heart wants what the heart wants. It speaks to you in the down-times. Away from the hustle. The quiet space where you feel unhurried and get real – with yourself. Do go there and this time, really listen and acknowledge that need under the full Moon in your 12th. This can revolve around letting something go as much as it can be about having something you really want. What’s important now is you take this seriously. Enough to drag it out of that subconscious room of lost and found dreams. And look to what you need to do to answer its call.

What about your calling itself, Virgo? This full Moon enlightens you as to your path or purpose. What you and you alone are here to do. Or the way that only you can do it. Have you been dismissing the importance of this? A sudden searing clarity may turn something you do that you have dismissed as unimportant or mundane, into a powerful purpose or vocation. It reconnects you to your core self. And what you want to be doing. Take this insight and apply it, Virgo. Dreams can be reclaimed and revived. And they, just like you, are more important than you may have thought. Only you could have dreamed them.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

What’s the price you’re going to pay by not pursuing that goal, Libra? Or taking that chance to put yourself ‘out there’? For next door sign of Virgo, this week’s full Moon in Leo may be about the hidden, subconscious dream. For you, it’s about the one you know about, but may be hesitating over taking steps to attain it.

Sometimes a goal is such a part of who we are, that even if we know we may fail at it, we have to at least try for it. Taking that chance recognises this. And also tells us that no matter what, we can the experience and knowledge we tried. Gather your courage, Libra. No try, no gain. Just that nagging ‘What if . . ?’

This full Moon shines on who you know. Or meet under it. Do accept all invitations and be ‘out there’. But also choose your company wisely. Ever wonder on those reality TV shows why so many gatherings seem to coincide with the full Moon? Do those producers know something? Such as emotions will be heightened and they just may get the drama they’re after? Rather than a cosy group just sitting down for a chat. The Moon’s Plutonic element means it can draw to you connections which transform and even powerful friends. Or the contact which turns into something game changing.

The dark side of the Moon/Pluto combo is an ending when someone steps over the line. And it’s not like you can’t see it coming as this person may have crossed it before. Yes, its binge-worthy if you’re watching a group of over-botoxed housewives get into it over one too many skinny margaritas. Maybe not so much fun if you’re part of the drama. Unsure? Go after that goal instead.


The last vestiges of internal shyness or feeling you’re not the right stuff vanish as the full Moon in your 10th becomes fuelled up by the energy of ruler Pluto in your 4th. Know you are more than capable if asked to step up or take responsibility.

Be ready, phoenix. Career-wise, this could be your moment. You make that decision, choice, presentation, show your smarts, bring your best game. And execute them with finesse with a touch of authority. Nobody should doubt your intentions. You mean business.

There should be no room in your emotional lexicon for impostor syndrome. If someone asks you to take on a role or so something, know you are ready. No more ‘Who am I to take this role/do this?’.

Not only that, you are not only prepared to take on any extra responsibility, you are ready to accept the rewards that go along with it. Do be seen as someone who keeps their cool under pressure. The only real control any of us have is over ourselves. Pluto hands you this ability. Others may look to you as an example. And hey – adulting can occasionally be fun and empowering. Don’t shun the opportunity if it appears. Authority figures may feature. Craft your image accordingly.

Own your actions. As Pluto is in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart, don’t be surprised if some of you are making long term decisions over home, living arrangements or life path. Others may find themselves called on to ‘parent’ in some way. Even finding yourself in a situation where you are no longer the child but the adult in your relationship to your own parent. This Moon puts you in boss mode. Either at home or in the outer world. Own it to make it work for you.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Of course you love the epic feel to this full Moon in your all-expansive 9th house, Sag. It’s like the opening crawl of a Star Wars film with that John Williams soundtrack crash in. This isn’t a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away however. It’s happening right where you are.

With its opposition to Pluto in your 3rd this full Moon triggers a call to action. It’s your star drive ready to take you somewhere. Travel or news which requires you take action features. Or you consciously bring about something which sets you off on a greater quest. One that answers a call from your heart to find something that’s presently missing in your life.

That Pluto energy in your 3rd is here to stay now. It asks you act on what you say. Or take on board what you are told. Especially if you are seeking something bigger in your life. This full Moon is an important one for you. Perhaps you began to plan something just before the turn of the new year? If so, the planning stage is over. The call to adventure begins. Look to who may be inviting you to join their own quest. Or who emboldens you to take the next step in your own. Read everything you can about the Hero’s Journey as this full Moon marks a powerful stage in your personal one.

Where your heart is telling you to go is the star you are aiming for. In love, life, career. Think of your own life as a mythic tale. You’re the eponymous hero of it. Whether you need to start a new quest or take the next step on an existing one – what’s missing from your life calls you forward.


Time to let go of purely focussing on the material under this full Moon, Capricorn. Your resources are in focus, yes. But this is a more to life than just sex and money full Moon. Or should I say more to success than simply those?

Yes, your 8th rules sex and money. And magnetism and personal power. As well as feelings of insecurity and powerlessness. Death and rebirth. Transformation and turning something base like straw into gold (that’s inner alchemy when we transform our weaknesses into our strengths). Pluto rules this house. And this Moon is powered by Pluto now in your 2nd. Your main money house but where your values also reside. This is the key to understanding the emotional truth this full Moon brings you.

How comfortable are you becoming with Pluto now in your 2nd? Aside from one tiny revisit later this year, this new Plutonic change is now permanent. It is set to transform your value system. What you are working for and towards. And what simply isn’t for sale at any price. Don’t be surprised then if under this full Moon you opt for a fresh set of non-negotiables. Or have to stand by existing ones and let others know what’s a deal breaker or maker.

Selling your soul for a seat at that boardroom table may no longer appeal. Instead you may want freedom, more time, peace of mind, wellbeing, healthy relationships. Or you may become aware that you have been short-changing yourself by giving way too much for too little in return. Understand you have the power to renegotiate that deal. Or simply walk away in search of a better one if need be. No more selling out, Cappy. And what’s more – you don’t have to give up sex and money either. Bonus.


Don’t even try to hang on to the status quo if your heart is telling you things must change. We can remain stuck in the hope if we continue to make more of an effort, we will get the improvement we seek. Or we look back at all the time, energy, money, love we have invested in something – and become reluctant to cash that all in. Neither will work over the long term. And that long term no longer exists for you now Pluto is in your sign and opposed by the full Moon in your 7th.

Your heart-centered choices or one in particular are highlighted by this full Moon in your house of duets, dynamic and dramatic duos and double acts of all descriptions. You’ll know if you are in the right relationship be it a marriage or long haul love, a working dynamic or business partnership. That ride or die. That bestie or bae. That mentor, collaborator or even in some cases, that rival or opponent. Who you love or attract, the deep why of it, is laid bare for you.

If something isn’t working or you are single and seeking, the good news about this full Moon powered by Pluto, is that your past patterns will also be exposed. Even those around that person you cannot stand. You see how they are a reflection of someone from your past or even an unhealed part of you. Dealing with this releases you from attracting more of the same. This Moon brings to a close one long term phase of relating. And once you leave it, even as part of a couple, there’s only shining potential ahead for both of you. Or a completely new dawn for those of you beginning again.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Your sensitivity at work and with any health related matter increases with the full Moon in your 6th. Pluto in your 12th acts as a high speed connection to your intuition and insight. Do you feel there’s more going on than meets the eye? That there’s a connection between two areas of your life or things that you do that may appear unrelated, but nonetheless are deeply intertwined? Don’t ignore any gut feelings as this is a Moon of exposure and soul changes.

If you feel something needs attention – stop and attend to it. Don’t dismiss it as unimportant. Because otherwise you will later discover it was anything but. You are highly attuned to undercurrents at work. Or if you yourself are the employer or manager, to what may be happening with your staff. Again, you should not dismiss these feelings.

If you are suffering from job insecurity, these feelings may intensify. Along with those telling you that what you are doing simply isn’t working. Changes are on their way. Do use the energy of this moon to begin to initiate them of your own violation if you are not happy with your current role. Does it honour you enough? Do you feel you are giving something back or making a contribution which matters? Are you recognised for this? Does your day job energise you or have the opposite effect?

Not all of us are destined to be dot com billionaires or brain surgeons. But that does not mean we dismiss what we are here to do as unimportant. This Moon highlights what you and only you bring to the table. It asks you take pride in this. There is no such thing as an ordinary person living an ordinary life. Sometimes our real path is found outside of that day job which merely finances what we find satisfaction, meaning and expression in doing. Find your extraordinary.

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