Your Full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope April 23rd 2024


Your Full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope April 23rd 2024

Be the still waters which run deep. The dark horse. The mystery others want to unlock with the full Pink Moon in resonant, empowered Scorpio.

This is the first full Moon after the Spring (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere), Equinox. Due to the eclipse at the time of the new Moon in Aries earlier this month, this full Moon symbolizes fresh growth and renewal. Fitting as Scorpio is the sign of rebirth. The term ‘Pink’ Moon comes from the wild phlox which blooms on the plains of North America at this time. Other names for this Moon include the Hare, Sap and Egg Moon. All are associated with spring.

Scorpio is a sign that is often misunderstood. Mainly because there’s so much going on below the surface. Or waiting for them to hatch in that egg! Emotions run deep with Scorpio. But they may not give this away as a private, secretive sign. They keep things under wraps until they know the other party can be trusted. Being granted access to a Scorpio’s vault is a privilege that has to be earned. But it is often this very private quality that boosts their magnetism and allure.

Full disclosure: there is a tricky T-Square. It might feel deeply uncomfortable. We are having what is comfortable split to release ourselves from the cocoon. At the time, it feels terrible, but after, we can fly, Avoid conflict at all costs, watch, delve deep, but keep quiet until we have all the facts. It could feel very hairy. Be safe, look after yourself, and bide your time.

Scorpio not only feels things very deeply, but seeks similar depth in others. The superficial won’t do. So, expect your own emotions to be more profound under this full Moon. No matter what your sign. And if you want to cultivate that mysterious allure by not giving them all away up front, that’s not only fine but adds to your personal power. Let others earn the right for All Areas Access to your inner world.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

This full Moon in your 8th triggers a wave of regeneration within you. Especially if you have been working with emotional residue since the eclipse in your sign earlier this month. You escape from any remaining shadows and out into the light again. This may be sudden or you realise this has been a process which has taken two weeks to complete. Either way, there’s a sense of rebirth. And of looking at your circumstances through a radically different lens.

This comes from a shift within you. And yes, it may feel so arcane and complex you may not be ready to share it. Or even put it into words, Aries. All you know is that you have undergone a primal soul evolution. And you’ll see things and do things very differently from this point onwards.

As with any rebirth, you’ll look to what this new element of you needs. And what they don’t. Again, this may not be something you’ll spend too much time discussing. And you may allow your actions to speak for you as you shed and discard with this full Moon. And yes, you own that magnetism and mysterious compelling quality that draws others to you like moths to a flame. While you may now be in the mood to shed, you may be quite content to keep those deeper feelings on the down-low for now. When you discover the other party is on the same page – then and only then do they get access to that vault, Aries.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Barbie pink. Schiaparelli pink. Baby pink. Whatever your shade, love is in the pink with a full Moon in your 7th of partnerships. That does not mean you’re necessarily wearing rose-tinted specs when it comes to the start of a current union however. Yes, you are feeling at your most open and loving. The give and receive flow is two-ways and uninterrupted. Provided that is, it IS a two-way street.

Do check your own chart for Taurus factors (or even Scorpio ones) at 4o. If you have them – or they are between 3-5 degrees, one particular duo, duet, double act or even duel, gets that neon pink highlighter applied. Give it your entire emotional truth, love and focus if so. It deserve nothing less. And the same applies to you.

Alone? You’re likely to feel a deep yearning for a more meaningful connection under this full Moon. That’s doesn’t mean you should fall for anyone or anything however. Keep in mind what I said about your opposite sign of Scorpio always seeking that depth. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go seeking that mate under the influence of this full Moon. In fact, it favours meaningful conversations when it comes to getting to know someone. But it does also tell you that you need to ensure this is true soul baring and not just saying something to score points. And to keep in mind that real intimacy takes time. Take yours.

When it comes to sending that connection deeper, the only way to ever achieve that is to open the vault doors and risk being vulnerable, Taurus. Share what’s in there. Usually all that occurs is the other party reciprocates and unlocks their heart too. Or if you discover there’s nothing within after all – take it you’re better off knowing. Now you can find the one who invites you to explore the depths you crave.


Others may mistake you for being wrapped up in your work or even your own thoughts under this full Moon. It is one of the best for germinating those ideas. And if that’s what you’re focused on, then of course this requires you mulch for a while.

Some of you could hit on something that touches others on a profoundly deep level. Or you are delving into your own past and looking at the impact of certain events. Dredging these up doesn’t mean you are reliving them however. Or are stuck. If you are engaged in this process, you are coming from a place of healing and release. You have no desire to carry these wounds any further. And again, this takes a certain amount of withdrawal and reflection.

This is an inner and reflective full Moon. Where you redefine the concept of ‘work’. You may place the emphasis on details. But also on whether the work you do holds meaning as well as material rewards. There’s a desire to contribute in some way. To making something better. Even if that’s just your own, everyday environment.

There’s also the ‘work’ we engage in on a soul level. And you’ll be more aware of the need to do this under this full Moon. Either by engaging in healing practices. But also by looking at aspects of your life and seeing where you may have slapped a mental Band-Aid on them. Telling yourself you need to ‘keep going’. Or that it’s no biggie. The Moon shows you it IS a biggie. And if so, you’ll stop and pull off the plaster. In order to fix it properly now. Do it once and for all, under this full Moon. And do it right, Gemini.

july horoscopesCANCER

One of the loveliest full Moons of your year, this Moon nurtures your creativity and self-expression. And also whispers to you that it is safe to be YOU. You drop your inner critic. And also stop caring about what others may think. Pleasing yourself becomes paramount. You fall into passion and pleasure headlong. Wrapping yourself in hedonism and sparkle as you do so.

Allow the most playful aspect of you out. I’ve spoken about what runs deep at the start of this forecast. And for you, dear Cancer, it’s that reservoir of gorgeousness you may have been holding back. Unleash it in the way that seems right for you.

This is a full Moon of romance and attraction. It’s a moon for date night, to open up to love or just what you draw towards you when you fully embrace free-spirited pleasure. Yes, if you are seeking a lover, you have what it takes to bring candidates for your heart into your orbit. While you’re willing to go with the flow and not look beyond the present moment, that doesn’t let the other party off the hook. Not when it comes to knowing they can deliver over the long term that is. There’s no fun in time wasting.

Along with the full Moon in your 11th, this one shines on goals and setting those intentions. Just by raising your vibe back to its natural level of joy, fuels attraction. Let go and watch what manifests almost immediately as a result.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

The full Moon is in its ruling house in your chart (4th). Thoughts turn to home. You may be in a creative mood when it comes to decorating. Or even simply rearranging that furniture, Leo. After all, every ruler needs a throne. And a castle for that matter.

Property matters could be finalised under this full Moon. You’re also extremely sensitised to the thoughts and feelings of others right now. Especially those you live with. This may cause you to hold back on saying anything you believe may cause distress or simply be misinterpreted. As a result, you’ll prefer quiet, one-on-one conversations. And in person. You won’t risk a text in case your meaning gets lost in translation.

Your need to protect and defend what you love can see you opt into helicopter mode under this Moon. Do watch for that. It can stir up rebellion or resentment if you take this too far. You’ll also prefer to socialise at home under it. It’s a wonderful time to have friends over for a meal. And what you serve will be a delight for the senses.

Encouraging or nurturing a child’s talents brings you immense satisfaction. But go deeper into this. As it could be that you are re-parenting yourself as you do. That protective urge means you’ll keep the following under wraps under this full Moon: family matters, income, property deals and long term plans for your future. What you’re nurturing or bringing home is an enhanced sense of stability and permanency now.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

You are always a quick study, Virgo. And this superpower is amplified under the full Moon in your 3rd. Especially on an intuitive/emotional level. That first impression you get is like a snapshot. It captures all the nuance and detail of the person, situation or even the prevailing mood in an instant. And turns out to be deeply detailed and accurate.

So, don’t ignore what’s not being said, body language, sub-text or that ‘vibe’ in the room. Whether its upbeat or you instantly feel something is on the down-low. The information you’re picking up comes in the form of emotional ‘pictures’ rather than dialogue.

Not only that, this full Moon plugs you into the collective subconscious. Infusing those projects and ideas with an ahead-of-the-curve inspiration. You might want to carry something with you to jot down those ideas on the move. As when the muse strikes, there’s a need to capture the details right away. Don’t waste it. Socialising in your neighbourhood, with siblings, short pleasure trips and old school friends could feature under this Moon. And while you are picking up on all those hidden signals, you’re certainly not lost for words. Use this gift in any situation where you have to ‘sell’ yourself – interviews, pitches, that application and yes, that date, Virgo! Your ability to think in pictures translates into being able to convey this to others. Weave a magic spell that enchants.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Is rich what’s in your bank account or is it a feeling, Libra? You’ve only to scratch the surface of stories of the rich in the media to find more than your fair share of those of ‘poor little rich person’. As in, massive bank balance yet poverty mindset. The full Moon that takes place in your 2nd is always your best time to review your emotional relationship to the material world. And work that rather than focusing on money or possessions.

When we do this, we transcend any issues around that overdraft, those bills or income. That is not to say we may not have work to do around these. But we remove any emotional judgement we place on ourselves and our value when we approach it from this perspective. You can be rich in talent, friendships, love, family and community for instance. You can posses a strong value system. None of these things can be bought. Even if you are a billionaire. Imagine being a billionaire and having none of these. Feels pretty poor, doesn’t it?

This Moon is all about a richer emotional life without the need for money or objects to give you that. And once you link to it, your personal stock or ‘currency’ increases. That’s not to say that this Moon won’t deliver actual financial improvements for you. Because it can. But you now understand this is only one part of leading a richer life, Libra.


Woe betide anyone who tries to take away something you believe is yours under this full Moon. And that includes your belief in yourself, Scorpio. You’ll snap from phoenix back to scorpion in an instant. And this also includes anyone trying to take advantage of a loved one as well.

However, nothing short of that will disturb your feelings of blissful and loved-up pink light of being, that the full Moon in your sign can deliver. Remember – full Moons illuminate the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this case – Taurus and your 7th. Latent sensuality reawakens and if you are partnered-up, you’ll explore new ways to express this with your significant other.

Others immerse themselves in indulgent pleasure. Art, music, wine and food. No one to spoil you? Then spoil yourself with what brings delight. If this full Moon highlights a vacancy needing to be filled in your life – yes, you will be more aware of this than usual. But when it comes to that search for that partner-in-crime, you’ll first reflect on the ones that have gone before. And just why this didn’t work for you.

Having gone through this list, you’re up for going forward with your faith in love and your own ability to recognise it, renewed. And this is likely to involve a slower, more considered approach. This includes the realisation that with so much love to give, you can afford to be selective as to who gets those treats, Scorpio.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Just call this Moon mystery kickin’ good. The ultimate astro-search engine where nothing that you need to know can escape from. Getting to the heart of the matter or answering that burning question.

If you are seeking the truth at this time, do use the full set of tools you possess. Anything and everything from your Tarot cards and ability to interpret signs and synchronicities. To simply asking the right questions or doing your due diligence. You may employ one, some or even all these techniques. When you have done all you can, and if you are still in the dark, then do release the issue. And trust your answer will appear. This is a key part of the process. Part trust and part fact-finding.

This is also an excellent full Moon under which to look at your past and what also needs release. Especially as the next full Moon will be in your sign. And you are just weeks away from ruler Jupiter shifting into Gemini and your 7th house. Especially when it comes to love and your partnership story to date.

Sometimes this full Moon pierces through to the heart of a mystery. Showing you all too clearly the issue and the solution in one perfect act of illumination. Which leaves you in no doubt of your next move. It’s also time to down-shift, nurture your secret self, your dreams and visions. A new clarity and point of emergence for you is imminent.


Nothing can or should be allowed to keep your brilliance under wraps with a full Moon in your gregarious and social 11th. Time to circulate, connect and expand your circle or sense of community under it. Surround yourself with those who ‘get’ you. The crazies, the outliers, the fellow visionaries in whose presence you feel fired up and authentic.

If the company you’ve been keeping involves filters, then it may be time to seek out friendships where this isn’t necessary. Although this Moon promises good times with like-minded friends, it can also show you where you and others are no longer on the same page. Your desire to get on means you will most probably exit the connection gracefully. You’re in the mood for good times – not drama.

The fact is, friendships like love affairs follow the same pattern and rules. Sometimes we just outgrow one another. Or discover what drew us together in the first place no longer exists. If so, thank them for the good times. And look to how you can create new times with a new cast of souls.

If you are spending this night in, then there’s no better time than to create that vision board or set yourself something new to manifest. Be as bold and as create as you like with this process. The start of spring means there are seeds to be planted now. My guess if you do is that by the next equinox, you’ll get to see exactly what dreams took root and blossomed.


So, let’s not launch into the obvious influence of this full Moon on your career and public image to begin with, Aquarius. Instead, let’s indulge ourselves with what you may instead be wanting to explore? Is it that enticing new love interest perhaps? If so, you’ll take your time. Yes, you want to unwrap what you believe is behind that facade. But the fact is, the anticipation is something you’re relishing. And you’ll draw that stage out as long as you possibly can.

Also – because of this, you won’t appreciate anyone who tries to rush you now. Whether it’s towards the bedroom, deciding to be exclusive or even with that important project you’re investing in. Your mantra is: Take time to get it right. And good luck to anyone who puts pressure on you to do otherwise. They have better know how to move mountains.

Some of you may find yourself in the spotlight in some way under this full Moon. You could be in the public eye. Or the professional searchlight turns in your direction. Yes, it is time to bring your best game if so. And if you know you will be asked to present and/or appear, do rehearse what you are going to say. Ensure no matter what, you are seen in the very best light. Reputation is everything. It is usually hard-earned. But then you know that. This is the Moon which shows you just how highly you are regarded by others. Tap into that boss power. Especially now you have Pluto on side.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Answer the call! You’re out to seek something more inspiring under this full Moon in your 9th. The energy is aligned to your ancient ruler Jupiter. It also has you looking at the road less travelled. Not just the path itself but what stopped you from taking it. Did you allow others to influence you with their limitations? Or were they self-imposed? You’ll see past these now. And realise there’s nothing stopping you after all.

Taking a chance and making a bold, break-out move will show you luck is on your side now. And do you want to know something else, Pisces? If worrying that you’ll end up with egg on your face from failing miserably has held you back, you’re blissfully unconcerned about that. And what you will find as you go on your journey is even if you do fall head-first into something, others love you for it. And encourage you to pick yourself up and try again. Which you’ll do anyway.

You won’t do clingy types, negativity or those stuck in a rut now. There’s a larger canvas of life waiting for you to fill it in. This is a full Moon for explorers and travellers. You don’t have to be actually going somewhere. It can be a subject or idea that is calling. But do answer, Pisces. Egging not withstanding, you’re coming up roses from the experience. And all the sweeter.

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