Power to the People! Your Horoscope for Pluto in Aquarius

pluto in aquarius

This is a beautiful day, it is a new day
We are together
We are unified, and all for the cause
Because together, we got power

Come Together, Primal Scream

On January 21, 2024 Pluto re-enters Aquarius. Although the planet of transformation and rebirth has one last fleeting return to Capricorn towards the end of the year, it is now very much in Aquarius until it dips its toes into the sign of Pisces in 2043. Welcome to the new Aquarian Age of Power to the People.

During its transit of Capricorn which began in 2008, Pluto asked us for a transformative approach to our careers – and what we considered success stories. Authoritative people and structures we had created were held up to scrutiny. And we may have decided we defined what success looked like via our own criteria from here on in. Not what society told us it looked like. Those we placed our trust in and who occupied positions of power and then abused this to manipulate others, were held accountable. While those who operated from a place of integrity and seeking to truly be of service, would have received rewards.

Aquarius is the sign of the collective and paradoxically, our individuality. It’s the sign of inclusivity not traditional ‘old boys’ clubs. So, the work Pluto began in Capricorn is continued as it enters Aquarius. Instead of governance by the few, we will see a shift in power to that of the many. Aquarius is the sign of revolution and brave new worlds. So, we will see the old, stuffy, inclusive patterns in societies, give way a more cooperative and sharing approach. Traditions which work will be retained. But what doesn’t will be shaken up and replaced.

Large numbers of people will come together. But this will be about power sharing rather than one person at the top having it all. Expect shake-ups, unions and movements which focus on our collective future.

So, how will this affect your sign? Don’t be fooled by those who would tell you that Pluto is merely a generational marker. When Pluto shifts signs or impacts on a personal planet in our charts, we can expect a massive transformation in a key area and a phoenix-like rebirth. Ready for yours? As Aquarius is the sign of the future – time to look ahead!

weekly horoscope aries seasonAries and Aries Rising

It’s not what but who with Pluto in your 11th, Aries. The people you know and meet during this cycle are the co-creators of your future. Just as you act as a similar catalyst for them! Even if you are a hermit before this cycle begins, Pluto will send people stumbling into your cave demanding your wisdom. If your idea of being social has been to lurk indoors binging Star Trek (sci-fi is ruled by Aquarius), expect to meet those keen to join your watch party. There’s no more hiding. You have a bigger role to play.

Pluto hands you the power to overcome any shyness and social anxiety if that’s what’s been holding you back. Pluto awakens your inner entrepreneur, innovator or inventor if that’s the part of you that you’ve been hiding away. It tells you that YOU are the idea whose time has come. It ignites your revolutionary soul and sends you off to join a cause. Or magnetises your ability to draw others to yours.

Powerful and influential friends may cross your path. Joining that group, club, party, association, band, union or movement not only hands you a feeling of being part of something, but twists your fate too. You leave the past behind you – or stop looking back at it. You finally face forward with awe and optimism. This may also mean you let go of those connections which bind you to a past which you now refuse to allow to define you,

To make the most of this cycle – be an original, not a knock-off. The more freshness you serve, the the more creative you become about doing you – just the way you are, the more your circle increases and along with it, goal-getting opportunities to change your destiny. Many of you may be prompted to make changes to your life after being impacted by Pluto’s shake and bake influence on the world at large. But the good news is – you’re in good company as others are coming with you!

taurusTaurus and Taurus Rising

There’s no room for being bullish with Pluto in your 10th of career, professional progress, rewards and reputation, Taurus. If you try that charging, head-down approach – it won’t work. Neither will planting your feet and refusing to budge. Instead you may have to bow to forces greater than you if you want to progress or for others to assist you.

Older family members, people in positions of authority – your boss for instance, gatekeepers and those who uphold the rules or the law – you will need to know when to navigate your path by playing by their rules. Honesty and transparency in all things hands you the power to move on up with Pluto in this house. If you encounter those who aren’t operating from the same rule book, don’t be tempted to break yours. There will be a heavy price to pay if you do. If you discover you are working for an individual or organisation which is less-than-ethical, the good news for you is that Pluto will assist you in moving elsewhere.

What represented success, meaning and security for you in the past is about to radically change. You may give up on old ambitions and replace them with new ones. Don’t worry – that wasn’t time wasted. See it instead as what evolved you to get to this place. Pluto in this house performs two functions. First, it asks how comfortable you are with success. Second it asks how comfortable you are with letting go of something longer term?

If Pluto removes anything from you during this transit, know it was in the way of your growth and freedom. Sometimes what hands us a feeling of security and success actually prevents us from evolving. Take a ‘No more bulls***’ approach to changes to the direction you thought you were heading in. Pluto clears the way for towards real and lasting success and satisfaction, Taurus.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Magic, mystery, the edges of space – where science fact and fiction meet, the multiverse and galaxies far, far away. Pluto hands you a star drive to explore now, Gemini.

You are the physicist and the occultist combined. The star navigator and the sailor of uncharted waters. Pluto leads you into unknown territory and peak experiences in your 9th house. Dare you go there?

You see life as an adventure or series of journeys. Travel and journeys which change forever your worldview should feature. Via those you encounter you will never view things the same way again. This is your house of higher learning so this process may include a course of study involving a subject that grips your soul with a powerful compulsion to discover more.

You are the seer and the visionary too. Expect to be able to predict trends or upcoming events in the world at large. The first few times this occurs it may seem unsettling if you are not used to flexing those psychic muscles. But then this becomes yet another talent or resource you can use. You can see the big picture. But do try not to get too frustrated with those who are not yet ready to embrace this kind of thinking.

People overseas, businesses overseas, foreign travel, trade or study may be the rocket fuel which launches you. A trip may change you forever. If you find yourself drawn into a personal relationship with someone overseas you have not personally met, do however use all caution. The law, mass media, great outdoors, religion, sports and large animals (especially horses), are areas which could be catalytic for you. During this cycle, at some point you will be asked to take a chance and ‘put yourself out there’ in some way. It’s a big leap of faith – in all you have learned and above all, in yourself. That now or never moment. You’ll never know unless you go there, Gemini. Go big or go home.

july horoscopesCancer and Cancer Rising

Pluto rules the 8th house of your chart. You have access to true, permanent Pluto power. The kind of inner resources which allow you to reshape your life on a fundamental level. After Pluto’s changes to partnerships and relationships, you now see it all begins and ends with you.

This is your house of shared assets and money. Especially matrimonial ones like the house and the joint account. Obviously any shifts that have occurred during Pluto’s transit of your 7th – marriages, moving in together, divorce, separation – impact on this area. This is also your house of wills, legacies, benefits, your salary, investments, mortgages, maintenance payments and taxes. As well as our personal power, our fears, birth, death and rebirth, and our sense of being in control of our destiny.

Pluto in this house brings about a slow evolution as it moves through here. How you have changed during Pluto’s transit through your 7th, now becomes obvious to everyone else. Now you get to refine this and if you need to, redefine who you are and how others see you, via a process of rebirth.

As Pluto reaches this house in your chart, you may feel you are between selves. The person you were has gone. And the person you are becoming is taking a while to emerge like the butterfly from the chrysalis. Again, the good thing about this process is that Pluto won’t make you do this all at once. It is gentle with the birth pangs and gives you time to unfurl your new colours!

If anything has held you back, if you have identified themes of control or manipulation around you, if you have been blocked by a situation you may have felt powerless to change, part of this will see you effortlessly soaring away from whatever has held you prisoner. You did not change it. You changed yourself or your attitude to it. This is why it all begins and ends with who you are, Cancer. Time to embrace all that power and love it rather than be scared of it.

monthly horoscope augustLeo and Leo Rising

Love has always been the greatest elemental change in our lives. And no more so than when Pluto enters our 7th house. All Pluto transits are once-in-a-lifetime events. Pluto takes 248 years to complete an orbit of the sun. Therefore it can only visit part of our charts in a given lifetime. And these only once.

If you want to know what Pluto has in store for you as it lands in Aquarius and your house of dynamic and dramatic duos and duels or your Ride or Die,  prepare to let love or your experiences around it, turn you into a completely different person. In that how you respond to and what you want from relationships, will alter you on a soul and cellular level.

If you have had a ‘type’ up until this point – forget that. Everything shifts. Not just in what attracts you to a partner but what attracts you in terms of your wardrobe, interior design, music, art, ideas and in bed! Just who is this person? You will work this out via an existing or a new relationship. You will crave depth as well as openness. You need the real deal. You will not longer be prepared to waste your time on anyone who does not love you just the way you are becoming, Leo. You see that’s not real love. Neither is trying to control or manipulate someone. Or the worst kind of ‘togetherness’ we can experience – feeling you are alone in a relationship. If that has been your story up until now, be prepared to move in the direction of the real thing instead.

Do let go and let it be effortless. And above all, keep your love energy ‘clean’ at all costs. Unless you want to be dealing with long term fall-out. An example of this would be the married lover you can’t stop thinking about who lures you in with a sob story. Perhaps their relationship truly is an unhappy one. But that is up to them and their present partner to sort out. Keep Pluto energy clean by saying you are attracted to them but they are not in a position to enter into any kind of relationship. If you and they are meant to be together, they will return free to do so. Otherwise, expect the arrival of someone who is ready. Pluto can test us.

Expect one phase with you and a partner to come to an end. And a new one ahead. You may marry, move in together, buy a home, start a family, change homes, divorce or even embark on a joint vision or goal together. You enter your romantic and creative crucible now. Love or even what you love, will transform your life.

weekly horoscopesVirgo and Virgo Rising

X-ray vision is just one superpower Pluto in your 6th hands you, Virgo. Regarding what’s healthy and what’s not – it’s almost as if you can see those bacteria or what lurks underneath that packaging on the supermarket shelf! Then there’s those auras. The ones surrounding anything from people to places to what’s on your dinner plate. Do you really want to be consuming that energy? Either via putting yourself close to it or eating it? Pluto loves clean energy. And you won’t allow anything else to come near you, Virgo.

As well as your house of health and wellbeing, this is your house of day job, service and routine. It’s an area of your chart you are familiar with being the 6th sign of the zodiac. If you have wanted to make changes to what you do or how you go about doing it, Pluto makes this happen effortlessly. One day you are stuck in that rut. And just like that – out of it. You change that job. Alter those habits. Free yourself to be yourself. You go from existing to living again.

Let’s talk ideas. Do be ready as these can be ground-breaking and innovating. Carry a notebook and pen with you all the time. Jot them down as they come to you. If they keep repeating or start to be fleshed out – that’s your cue to act on them.

Do avoid all situations that create tension, anxiety and mental stress. If you are in one, hold on to what I said about Pluto, propelling you out of what has you stuck. This is your house of studies. If you have a test or exam, please don’t think you can ‘wing’ it. Do take time to revise properly; otherwise, you could find yourself with a blank page and a blanker memory when it comes to taking that test. Watch for anyone under this transit who seems to want to coerce you into thinking the same way as they do. True self-care begins with what we take on board in terms of our thoughts. Your x-ray vision hands you a diet of healthy thinking too.

weekly astrologyLibra and Libra Rising

Count nine months ahead from when Pluto enters this house, Libra. Yes, I am talking about the start of your fresh cycle in September when the Sun reaches your sign. Why? Your 5th house which Pluto enters on January 21 is your house of conception. Which is why it is linked to lovers and then babies and children. It is your house of creativity – hence the word ‘concept’. When we count forward nine months and nine houses in your astrology chart – including this house, we arrive at the 1st house. Now you get it. Time to conceive the inconceivable and be ready for the birth in nine months time.

This will especially apply if you have 0-1 degree factors in your chart in any house. Your 5th is where you stand out, attract and get to shine. It is the house of hobbies, pleasures and pastimes. Of holidays, activities you love, your bliss and what you lose yourself in. Some of you could begin a new love affair which culminates in a key stage in nine months. You bring a creative concept to fruition in nine months. You attract an opportunity which blooms fully in nine months. You turn a hobby into a vocation in nine months. The list goes on.

Know you are a powerful magnetic force now. What you think about you will attract. Nobody can edit their thinking so they remain positive and upbeat all the time. Anyone who tells you that is talking nonsense. But you can consciously choose to focus on what you want to create when you feel your thoughts drifting towards what’s derailed you in the past or what’s wrong with the present. Be open and declare you are ready to embrace something better. But don’t become obsessive about what this may look like. Allow the universe to enhance your own creative vision. That’s the fun part. Know if you can imagine it you can attract it, have it or live it in some form. ‘This or something better’ is your Pluto mantra now.

Expect that love to transform you. Be strong and powerful and only accept a new lover who does not try to change you. Creative ideas or hobbies you may have put aside from your childhood could burst out demanding expression. Go with them if this happens. The more you express yourself – the more irresistibly magnetic you become.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Pluto is your ruling planet so any Pluto shift is a very big deal for you. Expect to make room for a big transformation to occur around home, family, lifestyle, living arrangements or even your chosen path, Scorpio. Pluto is changing rooms with a grander design in mind for you as it enters your 4th.

Your Pluto in your 4th hack: Live or at least spend time near water if you seek answers. Yes, your 4th house is that of Aquarius – the water bearer. But the energy of this house is flowing and intuitive. Water engages with Pluto’s energetic call to change. And eases any anxiety you may feel when changes occur or hands you the answer if you are unsure what decision to make. Just walking by a river or lake or being near water facilitates this. Do keep this in mind.

Lunar cycles will take on a powerful, new influence. You may want to buy a moon calender or keep a close eye on your forecasts on this site. Women or those who identify as female will feature especially family connections. Moves, renovations and relocations will act as catalysts for emotional transformation for you. You may literally ‘move away’ from painful memories of your past.

Family life, your home and domestic affairs may be impacted by changes going on in the outside world. Property decisions and career especially. You may not make just a move of home but a career move too. Some of you may benefit from changes which bring property ownership or a better way of living within reach. Your role within your household or family could undergo changes. You are also unafraid to walk your own path – ‘come out’ as who you really are if you feel you have been forced to take on a career or role that wasn’t your choice. If your family situation could not and does not provide you with that sense of support and emotional belonging you crave, then your ruler will allow you to connect with those who can and with whom you can create your own definition of ‘family’.

Materially, emotionally and financially, Pluto will answer your needs by handing you the power to create the environment where you can flourish. Get ready for moving experiences.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Don’t be clickbait under Pluto in your house of the internet, Sag. The freedom to think our own thoughts, to express ourselves with integrity and in a non-biased way is all important under Pluto in your 3rd. Others may try to sway you. Before you buy in to whatever it is they are saying or selling, do your due diligence. Pluto tells you: knowledge is power.

How you get around and communicate will transform your thinking all on its own. Ideas are all powerful. How are you utilising yours? This is your house of siblings if you have them, your neighbourhood and locality and short journeys. All of these offer transformation.

This is your house of contracts and you should be ready to sign at least one game-changing one during this Pluto cycle. You sell that manuscript. Your screenplay is optioned. You sign for that sponsorship or collaboration deal. Your land that pivotal work contract or order. Whatever you can think of, you can create. There is no better transit under which to begin to write that book, start that podcast, apply for that new position or create that business or website. What you engage on or with should be by design. Put thought and planning into it. Get into the details. The angels are in them – not the devil that Pluto has been made out to be!

This is your house of what you see and deal with every day. Your environment. Yes, expect changes to your neighbourhood, your immediate neighbours, your relationship to your siblings and how you interact with what surrounds you on a daily basis. But Pluto asks you pay much closer attention to the inner environment in which you inhabit. And perhaps ignore. In other words – your mind. This dictates how you see, interact and react to what’s happening externally. You may become a channel for powerful ideas – Pluto tells you not to ignore these. Thoughts generate ideas and ideas generate our future. Hone that focus, Sag. And watch how those ideas become real.

moon capCapricorn and Capricorn Rising

Is that it? Pluto has one penultimate revisit planned for you and believe me, its a short one between September and November 2024. And then its gone for good, Capricorn. Pluto should be leaving you with a completely different attitude to love and relationships, as well as what is most important to you, than when it first entered your sign back in 2008.

Use this to define what you now want. And stay true to this and refuse to be influenced by others. This is your house of money and Pluto rules the vault. Your 2nd also rules your other ‘assets’ – your talents, skills, time and love. Have you been wasting these? Either by the false belief that your skills aren’t good enough, or undervaluing yourself in other ways such as allowing others to treat you badly. If so, get ready for an atomic revision of how you see yourself – and expect to be rewarded and treated as a result.

Pluto may test your ‘worthiness’ by sending more money your way. How you react to this says about how powerful and comfortable you feel having more. It’s the same with love. Do you accept it or end up wondering ‘Why me?’. Turn this on its head if your thoughts take you there and say ‘Why not me!’ instead. Pluto in this house can turn your blingy, big buck, rom-com fantasies into realness. And then it will sit back and watch what you do with it. Ready or not – here it comes, Cappy. But you should now be ready as you’ll ever be thanks to Pluto’s transformational work on your soul,

Any creative or business projects should flourish. Be prepared to go and attempt something you said you would never do. Again, that enhanced sense of self-worth sees you operating from a ‘Why not me?’ POV. If others can have it or do it, then why not? And why not now? This is your house of fortune. Go make yours, Capricorn.

aquariusAquarius and Aquarius Rising

Welcome to the Now Age of Aquarius. Make no mistake, Aquarius – this is the most important period of your entire life. As you move through it, you will become more and more aware that you are being altered and transformed on a fundamental level. And can never go back to being who you were.

This process may take place so gradually, you may not be aware of it for a while. It will also happen in stages. You undergo a period of intense personal change and growth. And then pause and plateau. And then the process gains momentum again. Do be willing to let go and allow this to happen. Above all, do not cling to who you were or the way things were. This will only cause unnecessary pain if you do.

You may have times where every atom of your being feels totally alive and you can take on the world. And others where you feel disillusioned and wonder if you are on the right path. If you hit the latter – and it will be a blip, just allow yourself to let go. Your life is being directed down a new path and if you relax, you will see the signposts showing you that you are on the right one!

Your relationships will shift or your relationship status will change. They have to evolve along with you. Any that cannot will be shed. Again, don’t try to control this or cling to anything that needs to fall away. Do read fully the overview of Pluto in Aquarius at the start of this forecast as this applies to you most of all. People power your future now. What you want or need can be accessed via who you know or meet. Do be open. And know whatever happens – this is not the end of the road. This is a redirection onto the path you now need to take.

full moon in piscesPisces and Pisces Rising

What the love?! Strange and charmed forces take over your life with Pluto in your 12th. Destiny is at work, karma comes calling. Past loves and past life connections reappear. Pluto is the planet of resurrection. Love lives again. Get ready to dance with the concept of forever, Pisces.

Big Pluto in your 12th rule – don’t try to escape it by turning to alcohol, substances or coping strategies. This may be a time when you feel what you hoped for is falling away or you are losing it. You’re not. This is a time of new beginnings and for you to give birth to a whole book of new dreams. But this may involve you being willing to allow others to fall away first.

If there is a still a chapter to be written between you and someone else, know under this transit they will come back of their own accord. You need not do anything. But if they don’t – you now have to accept that chapter is closed. Powerful past life connections and promises come into play. Someone could appear you feel you have known forever. If you are seeking proof that love and the soul exist independently of space and time – you will be given proof of that now.

Your psychic skills attain new depth perception. Your intuition is your most powerful tool. Don’t ignore it. One word of warning however – yes, there had to be one. Just because we have a strong past connection with someone does not mean we are destined to be with them or that things will necessarily go smoothly. Do watch for anyone with addiction problems who refuses to do anything about them. Who plays the pity card to manipulate you or who is operating on the wrong side of the law. These are red flags and your cue to leave.

You will be seeking spiritual truth under this transit and a greater understanding of the forces which compel your life and which drive the engines of the universe. In your search for this also be cautious of anyone who claims to have all the answers. Nobody does. We can only discover our part of the truth.

Pluto in your 12th asks you let go of other people’s ideas of who you should be. And instead be who you want to be. If you can allow yourself to embrace this, Pluto will deliver people and experiences you will never forget. You are beginning a path now which will take you all the way through to the rest of your life. Who comes with you has walked it with you before.

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