Your New Moon in Capricorn Moonscope January 11th 2024

New Moon in Capricorn

Your New Moon in Capricorn Moonscope January 11th 2024

Lovers keep on lovin’
Believers keep on believin’,
Sleepers just stop sleepin’
‘Cause it won’t be too long

Higher Ground, Stevie Wonder

The first new Moon of ‘24 appears at 20 degrees of Capricorn. Stirring our ambitions and seeing us aiming for higher ground. Whether this is on a professional or personal potential level. The lyrics to Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground (1973 – yes, way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and there was no internet), revolve around reincarnation and ‘trying again’. That’s pure Capricorn energy. Never giving up. Using what we have learned from our past and applying it for a better, higher result.

Along with Scorpio, Capricorn is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. The sea goat isn’t about unimaginative, dour and rigid thinking. Or about sacrificing everything in the name of ambition. Its ruler Saturn is the most beautiful planet in our solar system. If you have ever gazed at it through a telescope, you know those rings out-shine anything in Tiffany’s. Its about working within a boundary. Bringing out the beauty within so it acts as protection and a beacon for us.

When we think of Capricorn we need to use words like creatively tenacious, wise, responsible, consistent, determined, ownership and leader. Make no mistake, that cliched, besuited exterior conceals a sensual rockstar. But one who has ditched the drugs and is all rock and roll. And who keeps on trying, till they reach their highest ground.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Battle plan or simple business plan, Aries? The new Moon in your 10th triggers a desire to aim for something, conquer that challenge and then – yes, enjoy the spoils. You know how to achieve that fine balance between outer ambition and emotional satisfaction. One is an empty victory without the other.

This is also about utilising your inner resources. Experience + focus = success. If we don’t learn from our past, we will repeat it until we do. And if we scatter the resources we have, we don’t get the results we are after. So, focus on that uppermost goal in your mind. And then commit but directing everything you have into it. No wavering, no detours and no doubts. You are the boss now. Of your own path and destiny. Tap into the highest vibration you can. Look to the loftiest vision you have for yourself. Imagine what success looks like for you. Then hold that feeling it hands you. That’s both your focus and your fuel.

This new Moon is in your house of status and public image. So, that big ambition could be around your relationship status or on-line ambitions just as it could be around becoming CEO of your own dot com. I could say the skies the limit with what you begin now, Aries. Are you ready to discover what the view from the top looks like?


This new Moon favours the earth signs. And you are enjoying it with Jupiter in your own sign for the first time in 12 years. Do check for any Taurus factors at the 20 degree mark. The message here is: Go further. Whether you have the 20 degree factors or not.

What’s been limiting those ambitions, Taurus? Do you see those excuses, speed bumps, restrictions and limitations for what they are? It doesn’t matter if they are self-imposed or outer barriers. This new Moon hands you the ability to cut them down to size. Or dismiss them – once and for all. It asks: If not now, when? If you are still telling yourself the timing isn’t quite right, then look at how long you’ve been saying this. It may be the timing may never be perfect. But Jupiter having your back along with this new Moon tells you the time is NOW.

Take that first step towards a longer journey. Yes, this is a new Moon of voyages. This can be an actual trip as it is in your 9th of travel. Or it can be a metaphorical one as you initiate something which moves you out of that famous Taurean comfort zone. It begins with your thinking. And the willingness to embrace possibilities for yourself. Instead of getting stuck with worrying about what’s the worst that can happen, flip the dialogue and ask what’s the best?

Emotionally you belong with something soul expanding or more far-reaching, Taurus. Whether this is in business or in love. At home or overseas. Like all journeys you’ll never know unless you go there. Act without hesitation. The first step automatically shows you the next one on that path.


Embrace your strength, your determination, your inner resources and your ability to direct the cosmic power of change to bring about the results you want. Know you are more powerful and capable than you’ve previously given yourself credit for under this new Moon.

It appears in your house of transformation and rebirth. How you see yourself shifts. Giving birth to a brand new, stronger, more determined version of you. You have been forged in phoenix fire. And arise from those ashes glowing and unmissable. Don’t allow anyone try to put out that flame. Because when we fully embrace our own limitless potential, sadly it can act as a trigger for those who are not ready to do the same with theirs. That’s why the saying ‘Misery loves company’ exists.

We are all on our own journeys. Some are more ready to begin the work when the call comes than others. Do maintain your cool and a bigger perspective on this if you should encounter someone else’s fears or attempts to hold you back. It is time to let go of something under this new Moon. You relinquish this in order to lighten the load and make it easier for you to reach the top. What has clipped your wings in the past – lack of belief in yourself, thinking others are more capable or powerful than you, being fearful of the consequences, being willing to put up with what you know deep down no longer works, being afraid of the judgement of others – shed that. Don’t allow others to limit where you can go if you try. Time to soar.

july horoscopesCANCER

This is THE most important new Moon of the year when it comes to duets, double acts and dynamic duos of all kinds, Cancer. Do you have anything at 20 degrees of your sign? If so, then this is all about the glue that binds you to another. Or is about to.

Alone? Single as a Pringle? Do be very clear about the qualities you are seeking now. Don’t deviate from what you know to be the deal breakers. But you need to know what the deal makers are in order to attract the person who can offer them.

This is the kind of union which can be greater than the sum of the two parts. Either it already exists or is in the making now. You and another – ready to take on the world. This new Moon tells you that an important decision with you and another party is about to be made. Yes, perhaps around love. But it could equally involve you entering a fresh business, working or collaborative dynamic. Or that bestie or activity partner. Maybe its you making a hold-you-breath approach to someone several levels above you in terms of position, influence, power. And asking for a favour, entree, a job, application or request.

This Moon tells you that provided you are coming from a place of integrity or honest intention, you have your best possible chance of getting the answer you want. Love shouldn’t be taken lightly now. Either the love you have to give or the love you receive in return. Do ensure the other party is on the same wavelength. If they are – together you’re going places.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

No short cuts, Leo. And no half-hearted attempts either. Time to up your game with the new Moon in your work sector. To hone your craft and skills. Do the best possible job no matter how insignificant the task in front of you appears. And yes, to take care of the business of living. And treat this as a full time occupation.

If you have been treating your body as an amusement park over the holiday period, now is the time to deal with the reals when it comes to the support it needs. Those extra pounds, that sugar-rush diet, that binge-watching habit. Off the couch and hit the new year with better intentions. The secret of this new Moon is that if you initiate new habits under it – they are likely to stick. No more falling off the wagon.

Do look to your work now. You could be set to receive rewards and bring about the results you are aiming for. Especially with dedicated and applied focus. However, this Moon is likely to boost your awareness of the fact a job doesn’t actually suit your skillset. Or that you work somewhere where there is a lack of team spirit, the kind of leadership that inspires. Or that it simply doesn’t reward you in the way you hoped. If so, time to prepare to step off the treadmill, Leo. And not in a half-hearted way either.

Hone that CV until everything you can bring to the table is highlighted in an unmissable way. Find your unique selling point. Above all, lean in to applying for that position you may have thought out of reach. It may prove to be closer than you think.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

The first new Moon of 2024 is your most sensual and creative. It kick-starts the Law of Attraction. And hands you what can only be described as inspired daring and determined playfulness. Yes, fun can be serious business. Especially when you are totally committed to having what you want. Or to embracing pleasure.

This new Moon blesses the earth signs in particular. Do you have Virgo factors at 20 degrees? Then it serves you an extra helping of romance, indulgence, attention, recognition and ability to draw what you want to you. With sprinkles. It’s all about new beginnings. And what you can conceive of having, experiencing, creating, giving, receiving – the business of serious pleasure. And how this plays a role in your own success journey.

Don’t dismiss any of this. It’s what adds meaning and zest. It fuels us rather than sees us content to wallow in indulgence. Without the good times, we would not be inspired to go out to do more. Have you been neglecting to factor in this crucial ingredient into your vision for what success looks like? If so, take time to include it. Yes, Capricorn which is your 5th house is associated with long haul plans and commitments.

But the high climbing goat always stops to admire the view. And getting as serious about what we want from love, parenting, our hobbies, creative ventures and what makes us stand out and shine, allows us to attract what takes us towards us.

Just understand there’s a huge difference to being in for the long haul and something which has turned into nothing but hard work. Go the extra mile – but not with the extra effort.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Click the heels of those ruby trainers, Libra. You need footwear designed for the path not yet taken. The highest room in the tallest castle. The last homely house. The room at the top.

This is all about getting ‘up there’ – but on your terms, Libra. Not anyone else’s. This is your house of home, family, roots and security. And also if you are a regular visitor to your forecasts, you know it is about your path and purpose. The one you carve for yourself. Your place is the grand scheme of things. Your own definition of success, home and what underpins your life. Yes, something may work or be right for others. Even those closest to you. But it may not be your idea of what’s right for you in terms of what you do and where you live.

If you are a lucky Libran who is on the right path or showcased like a pearl by what encloses them, then this new Moon is all about enhancing that or solidifying it. The next step or reward roadside stop on that journey. For others, that path you’ve know all along you should explore, appears. Maybe you’ve been so focussed on one direction, place or outcome, you’ve been blinded to the alternative which may in fact, offer more promise. This new Moon widens your view.

Think of that mountain path. The higher you climb, the more perspective you gain. The wider the view becomes and you become aware of how limitless that horizon is. Compared to that earth-bound perspective. What appeared to be huge and insurmountable down on the ground, is cut down to size. Its a blip. Go for the mountain and ignore the molehill now, Libra. Look around you. Chart your own course. There are more ways to the top than you can possibly imagine. And more peaks than just one.


Potential swirls around you with the new Moon in your 3rd. But you have to harness it and commit to doing something with it. Think trade winds, Scorpio. The wind and the tide that ancient mariners waited for so they could sail their ships towards trade and commerce. Time and tide did not wait for them. So, they had to be ready for when it all turned in their favour. That’s you now, riding a wave of ideas, concepts, projects, new beginnings and yes, surfing online towards new horizons.

Catch the break with this moon. In earthy Capricorn and your 3rd your ideas are realistic and grounded. You’re prepared to do whatever it takes to see them through. And can expect results. There’s something about the ripple effect with this lunation. That you start something and it takes you further than you thought. That conversation opens doors. That application nets you that new position. That channel, social media post, podcast, your website gains momentum. All of which would not have occurred if you had not unfurled your sails in the first place.

Say it, send it, share it. Travel may feature for some of you. But right now all of you can sail the seas of confidence, optimism and expansion. Just know that you are going places. And what you hear, see, discover or are told, fills those sails. Whatever you do now, Scorpio, don’t just sit around talking that game. Now is the time to bring it and see how far it can take you. You may lose sight of the shore for a while. But the new one on the horizon holds so much more.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Work that worth. Be visible. Invest in you. Three ka-ka-ka-ching rules to make the most of the new Moon in your money zone. Especially if you have been waiting for financial improvement to come door-knocking for a while.

This is the change for you that is long overdue. It represents a new emotional dynamic between you, what you have, what you earn, your talents and resources. If you have been contemplating starting that business or side-hustle, this is your moment to take that definitive step. This is a new moon of investment. Not of spending, even if you find yourself the recipient of a raise or better paying gig.

It asks you look at what you have attracted or accepted so far. And whether or not this is in alignment with your values. Or if you need to raise your rates. Not just in business. But also in your personal life. How you expect to be treated or rewarded is the key here. Do you feel short-changed in any way? If so, look to those expectations and begin to raise them. Act like you’re worth it and project an image of someone who values themselves. You don’t need to go overboard to do this. The more you show you value yourself, the more the world reflects this.

Don’t be willing to accept the minimum any longer. Be this in wages or in the love you receive. If what’s on offer doesn’t reflect your true worth, then go in search of what does. The results over the longer term will be priceless, Sag. Don’t pay the price of accepting anything less.


No matter what date your birthday falls on, the new Moon in your 1st is the start of your freshly baked astrological cycle. Become the centre of your own universe now. This new moon appears at the same time Jupiter is in your stand-out 5th of love, attraction and pleasure. This has not happened for 12 years. And you will have to wait another 12 for the next one! Enter into your year ahead with the mindset that anything is possible now. If you just take a chance and attempt it.

Opportunity can come knocking now as part of new beginnings for you. You need to follow your bliss and go where your heart wants to take you. Live your truth – not anyone else’s. Above all, you need to showcase a new facet of yourself. I am sure you have spent a great deal of time perfecting your present version of you. But is there room for an upgrade you You 2.0? Refine and perfect now. It doesn’t have to take the form of an extreme make-over. But just be something that tells the world there is something new and different about you.

Growth is what you are seeking. Expansion and delight. You do need to be the catalyst for this. Instigate and initiate something. Because this new moon is yours, you have to be the one to set its energy in motion. Don’t wait for life to just ‘happen’. Or what you want to magically ‘come along’. It doesn’t work that way. Go after what you want. That new job, that love, that opportunity. You make it happen, Cappy. And the path ahead of you? Magically smooth if you dare to take it.


Your new cycle is waiting in the wings for you, Aquarius. Before you embrace it, there’s work to be done. This may ask you to spend some time alone in contemplation. Looking at what you want to take with you into your most soul-defining period this lifetime. And what needs now to be released.

This especially applies on a spiritual and emotional level with the new Moon in your 12th. You are about to re-frame the past. Or see something in the present as driven by it. Your tools for discovery are meditation, the Tarot, journaling, visualisation, therapy, psychic work, mediumship and time alone especially in nature. Someone may appear who acts as a healer, mentor or guide to the process for you.

No matter what form this takes, do be prepared to take a step back and unplug yourself from the constant white noise of everyday existence. And bathe in tranquillity and alone time. If only for an evening. This allows you to tune out what is interfering with your impartial and truth-telling, inner guide broadcasting loud and clear.

Chances are deep down, you already know what needs to be done. Or the area which requires deeper healing or investigation. Look to patterns that have recurred in your life. And gather your courage to go to the source. Where it all began. It may seen scary but honestly, once confronted it will no longer hold any power over you. You step free lighter and whole.

Others may find themselves working behind the scenes. Either remotely or on something where they may not be immediately acknowledged for their contribution. Don’t worry, Aquarius. Your efforts will pay off. You’ll be moving back into the spotlight again soon enough.

full moon in piscesPISCES

It’s all about the support system you have under this new Moon, Pisces. It’s telling you to get social in more ways than one. That group, cheer squad, network, club, association, gathering. Be they friends, followers or co-workers. People power matters.

This new moon sets the tone of your social scene for some time to come. So, if that circle has shrunk due to outer circumstances beyond your control, now is the time to make new connections. Do understand that friendships are governed by the same rules as other relationships. Despite these being ruled by two different areas in our chart. So, we can find ourselves in a position where we have to let some friendships go just as we may outgrow that lover or significant other.

If you have experienced friendship attrition, this is no reflection on you as a friend. It happens to all of us. Young, old, famous, rich or less so. When it does, we need to let go of the connection with gratitude – no matter how it ended. And then take steps to fill the vacuum. This may require effort and trying people or groups out for size. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

You don’t need an excuse or special occasion to get together. This new moon wants you to celebrate friendship in whatever way works for you and the other(s). So call or message that person you’ve not seen for a while. Suggest a coffee, glass of wine, walk, shopping trip or experience you know you’ll both enjoy. It’s not so much what you do as sharing it together. Just as its not what you know – but who, that fuels your future under this new Moon.

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