New Moon In Sagittarius

The new Moon in Sagittarius gives us a chance to play and rediscover freedom. No matter what has been bothering you, you have the chance to change direction and let it go. Our focus is on play, adventure and freedom.

This New Moon is introducing us to the message of go with the flow. Allow yourself to be spontaneous and trust that if things change, then there might be a higher purpose.

The new Moon in Sagittarius shows us that our spirit and soul are expanding all the time, that we can embrace new things and travel down new roads. That life is just beginning and their are many treasures to come!

This is also a gift at the moment as there are quite a few interesting and some could say challenging planetary moments to come that seem to be set to shake us up. If you embrace the fact that there are endless possibilities you can handle this not only with grace but with the good luck of a Sagittarius and land on your feet!

It all kicks off when Mercury goes retrograde on December 10 which is very annoying as plans are changed and people could get the wrong end of the stick or misunderstand or even decide against commitments at the last minute.

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