Your New Supermoon in Pisces Moonscope March 10th 2024

new moon in pisces

Your New Supermoon in Pisces Moonscope March 10th 2024

Sweet, sweet surrender, live, live without care
Like a fish in the water, like a bird in the air

Sweet Surrender. John Denver

Just hours after the new Moon appears, it will meet Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Boosting our creativity, our psychic skills and awakening us to new depths of compassion, insight and empathy.

This is a supermoon of sweet surrender. Unquestionable knowing, and deep empathic trust. It asks us to let go, have a deep release and above all, trust. Especially ourselves.

This new supermoon asks all of us to engage in dreaming. To explore the outer limits of our imagination. You don’t have to have a plan (yet), to make your vision reality. Or take any action on it. That comes next month. For now, the dreaming is all that is required. And to pause and ask ourselves why we are dreaming this particular dream? What role does it play in our lives? What missing part of it does it fill for us? Why this dream in other words? The more we are willing to ask these kind of questions, the closer we can come to the dream. Or find what answers it.

With Pisces, there is no one right way to go about getting what we want. This new moon opens up our perception so we can find those alternatives. Especially if the way we have gone about things in the past hasn’t worked for us. Trust now you’ll find the right path.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Been there. Seen it. Done that. Got the T-shirt. Crush any evidence of cynicism and instead welcome imagination, dreaming and illumination back in with this gentle new supermoon. You are now deep into your preparation cycle. Where you shift your attention to new beginnings. However, this year delivers an extra-long dreaming cycle. When you get to take all the time you need to envision just what it is you want to experience, create or discover. One that will allow you to enhance or adjust that dream right up until the end of April if needed.

So, please don’t hurry the process. And don’t allow negative residue from your past to influence your imagination going forward. You may be spending more time than usual exploring the limitlessness of your own mind, so do make it a positive trip, Aries. This is a powerful new moon of manifestation. It may not be in one of your houses of attraction, but it is in your house of higher truths and what links you to the great all-that-is-and-can-be. Which is why surrendering cynicism caused by wounds of disappointment from your past is so important. This new moon heals and cleanses your soul. You emerge into wholeness again. It’s oh-so-important to renew yourself now. It’s the ultimate surrender. Your new cycle is just days away from beginning, Aries.


Knowing you are accepted for who you are, and that loving liberated feeling of being able to be yourself, is one of the greatest love experiences we can have. Which is why we should never view the love of friends or accepting group experiences as ‘second rate’. In fact, if romantic love is our goal, being accepted for who we are by friends, simply reinforces the truth that to be loved, we don’t need to be anyone but our authentic selves. That’s you from the point of this new supermoon on, Taurus.

Do look to your greater network of connectivity when it comes to those future visions as well. Accept your imagination and fantasy realm as the place where goals are formed. All new moons lend themselves to starting something new. Goal creation is your superpower under this new moon. Follow the visions of your imagination and hone one. Do understand you have your dreams for a reason. To answer a call within you. Your surrender moment is one of embracing that desire. And then setting manifesting it in motion under the gentle yet powerful energy of this new moon.

If you time this, you are likely to see it come to pass within the next 12 months. What’s more, what you want to bring into being is not only part of who you are, but who you know or will become connected to shortly, will have a role in bringing it into being. That dream team or support system lies within your reach, Taurus. And you don’t need to be anyone but yourself to access it.


Jupiter’s arrival in your sign is just over two months away. Ahead of this, awaken to your greatness and all that you are capable of achieving, Gemini. The time for underestimating yourself has passed as new ambitions stir your soul with fresh purpose!

Let go of what others think success looks like. Because what we are talking about here is achieving something that satisfies you on a soul level. That hands you the feeling that what you have attained matters. Yes, of course for some this will embrace the traditional definitions of success. But an achievement is an achievement. Don’t dismiss yours simply because it doesn’t conform to those usual definitions.

I could quote Derek Zoolander here: ‘A successful human being’. Ensure that whatever you want to reach for offers that feeling. All round success is often not just about money. This is your house of public image and how others see you. Is there any higher praise or accolade for being seen as exactly that? For this reason, what you set out to grasp under this new moon can be a deeply personal ambition. And that’s every bit as valid as wanting to go for a professional one. The exciting thing about it is that whatever it is or how you see yourself achieving this, somehow defines for you what a successful human being looks like. It’s your invitation to be all you can be. Embrace that image you have of yourself as this. Yes, it’s your magnum, Gemini!

july horoscopesCANCER

Something wants to take you further with the appearance of this adventurous new supermoon. Let’s not for one moment forget, that along with Sagittarius, your sign was associated with explorers, Cancer. This goes back thousands of years when discoveries as well as trade and commerce, relied on those who took to the oceans and the tides. Very fitting as this new moon is in Pisces – the sign of mysterious, unknown territory. Above and below us. Are you ready to set sail?

This new supermoon marks the starting point of a journey. It is set to expand your spiritual dimensions. This is Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart. And also Jupiter’s traditional ruling sign. Neptune – which also rules this sign, is in residence. And you are poised on the edge of an extremely important soul voyage cycle as in just two months, Jupiter will enter your 12th. This can be an actual but also metaphorical journey. But one that expands not only your horizons, but your possibilities as well.

If you are seeking solutions to something that has you stuck – know they are to hand. Follow that hunch or impulse. Because it will lead you to the answer even if the direction you’re taking doesn’t seem to be the obvious one. Take a chance now. Open yourself to discovering the answer that lies on the other side of ‘What if . . ?’.

You’re packing your bags, but at the same time ditching your baggage. Your surging optimism means you’re no longer willing to carry anything that hold you back, Cancer. Be ready to see the world with a fresh perspective. What you discover there – opportunity beyond those horizons!

monthly horoscope augustLEO

You’re filtered to the point of being opaque under this new supermoon. To say still waters run deep is probably an understatement. Paradoxically, the less you give away and the more mysterious your aura, the more people are drawn to you. This is your house of personal magnetism. Yes, you radiate that anyway, Leo. This is a deeper, more understated but powerful version of that.

Take it that there’s something you are not yet ready to reveal. And until you are, you’re keeping it on the down-low. And don’t second-guess your own desire to keep something in the vault either. You will reveal it when you’re ready. Your inner guide is who you need to defer to about this. So, don’t give into external pressure. Sit with it and in doing so, grow your power of intention.

Changes that occur in the next four weeks as designed to resolve something in a way that balances the books, Either in actual monetary terms or karmically. Serenity is going to be one of your most surprising take-outs from this new moon. Either through closure and/or the new beginnings that organically follow.

Reconnecting to your own power is another hidden aspect of this new moon. Restoring clarity if you have been plagued by uncertainty. You’ll know what you are going to do, and ditch any doubts about your ability to make it magically happen. Even if you’re going to wait for the big reveal.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

What’s your Love Language, Virgo? Each one of us has a unique dialogue in this area. Knowing what this is, is the key to unlocking not only happy relationships, but our own power. Also, when we understand that everyone’s language is different, we are therefore able to translate what others need from us. All of this adds up to that all-important feeling of intimacy, trust and alignment.

This new supermoon marks the peak point of your yearly partnership cycle. Which this year lasts right up until the end of April! And its proximity to Neptune in here means you can recover what’s been lost in translation between you and another. Or enter into something new with a fresh take on how to express love.

There’s a new depth to all your interactions. A desire for harmony, balance and emotional understanding. Hence you take more time than usual to ensure you are understood. And that you completely understand what others need in return. Yes, of course this favours seeking out that new ride or die, working dynamic or even pursuing that goal which fulfils you. Getting clear about what you want, how convey it, and decoding your love language, is the key to manifesting what you need.

This is one of your main houses of attraction. If you’ve not attracted quite what you’ve wanted in the past, could it be because of a garbled transmission? Think of this cycle as your very own love Da Vinci code. You play the role of Tom Hanks – picking up those clues and translating them. What you end up with is the answer. Now you can put it out there and expect what you manifest to match it. Like attracts like. Love for love.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Beautifully systematic and organised you has a plan and a grand design for living. Under the gentle guidance of this secret supermoon in your sixth, you’ll take that everyday stuff to boss level.

This is your house of being employed, employees and employers. It doesn’t matter if you are in paid work or not. Living IS your full-time occupation. And this new moon is about an upgrade in this area. Initiating a fresh plan to simply do being you, better.

This is happening ahead of your yearly partnership and attraction peak which begins on March 21. And of course. Jupiter’s incursion into its ruling 9th house in May. Chances are something is already calling you. And this is what spurs you forward to do whatever you can to clear the way for it. By taking care of you, those outstanding tasks, and working smarter, not harder.

Ditch that routine which traps you, the habits that may soothe but do you no good. And the mental and physical clutter that may be clogging your environment. Anything you toss opens up the space for something better. New options in how you run your day (or day job), are on offer. And between now and the end of April, any new and healthier habits you establish will tend to stick. If something has literally been ‘weighing’ on you – mentally, task wise or physically, solutions are to hand. By the time we reach June, you’re lighter and freer.


This new supermoon in your fabulizing 5th, casts you in the very best light. Camera-ready radiance emanates from you. And yes, whether we are talking selfies or someone else is capturing your glowing essence, be prepared to find yourself snapped, shared and the centre of attention.

You have an extra long pleasure and attraction cycle this year which extends to the end of April. Thanks to your co-ruler Mars. The new Moon offers the sweet starting point of something special however. Your creativity could be how you choose to express your passion. On-line and IRL. This is a time to begin something new. And to expect magical results in return.

Life shifts from shadows into light. You feel renewed by a surge of optimism and a need to unleash your fun and carefree side. Indulge yourself when it comes to playfulness. There’s also a sense of anticipation that accompanies this. You simply know deep within you that following and expressing your bliss, taking a chance and embracing the wide-eyed wonder of the child within you, will bring you a breathtaking and miraculous response.

This is your house of romance, babies, children, the generation younger than you, holidays and hobbies and yes, the VIP red carpet section and those who find themselves in that. Don’t be surprised if you are rubbing shoulders with the latter. Or that one or more of the above themes boosts your experience of joy. Jupiter is coming to the end of its time in your 7th. It may just have one magic trick up its sleeve for you before it exits. This new moon may just be your ‘Open, sesame’!

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Just where do you need to be to feel right at home, Sag? For a while now you’ve been looking at belonging. To a place, family, path. Is it time to move towards it? You may also have been dealing with an increased sense of dissatisfaction or feeling adrift when it comes to that home base or where you hang your hat. Depending on where your Sag factors are in your chart, many of you will have experienced Neptune in your 4th squaring them. Next, Saturn will do the same.

What once supported or sheltered you may no longer do the job. Or the realisation you are not where you need to be has crept up on you by degrees. This new supermoon in what is the Moon’s ruling house in your own chart, marks the point where you are seeing things as how they are. It also tells you that when the time is right – which it soon will be, you will be moving on. Even if the means to do so seems out-of-sight at this moment.

Ahead could just be a new way to live right where you are, a new place to be, even a place you don’t live full time but visit more frequently. And which acts as a haven of spiritual and emotional sustenance. It could be another town, area or even country. Look to what is restricting your growth now. As well as family ties, this is your house of path and purpose. Has the one you are on become too narrow in scope? Soon it will widen. Room to move? A clear and better choice is on its way.


Yes, of course you respect others’ right to share their truth. What you may have a hard time with is if they use a sledgehammer to deliver it. With the new supermoon in your 3rd of communication, your delivery style is tact and diplomacy. You take into consideration just how you may be coming across and your message received. But someone may simply opt for the brutal, unfiltered approach. Lucky for you, ruler Saturn also in your 3rd assists in keeping those boundaries in place. And in your also keeping your cool.

Once said, it can’t be taken back however. So, do be prepared for something someone says to change how you see or deal with them from this point onwards. That’s the only downside worth mentioning to this new moon. Ideas are infused with fresh inspiration. The muse makes itself felt. You weave irresistible dreams with what you say, share and send out. Such is your way with words a simple shopping list reads like a magic spell. That profile, application, pitch, manuscript, social media feed? It’s like a once-upon-a-time enchantment to anyone reading it. They have to keep reading. Or subscribing. Or liking. Or inviting you to tell them more.

It is time to pen yourself a fresh chapter, Capricorn. You have an extra long cycle of self-authorship and spell weaving this year thanks to so many planets moving through Pisces and this house in your chart. Ruler Saturn is associated with authority as well you know. Authority contains the word ‘author’. So, the true power of your 3rd, especially when Saturn is in here, is being able to author your story and decide exactly how it unfolds from here on in. Weave yourself a tale where you not only get to live it, but can craft your outcome to. Get writing!


You’ll direct your resources towards what you can gain on a soul level now, Aquarius. This is a ‘more than what money can buy you’ new supermoon. That is not to say that you may not be dealing with money and income issues. There’s a sense of being ready to tackle that bottom line, bills, your income and come up with a realistic life budget now. Or ‘spending plan’ if the word ‘budget’ as the same kind of effect on you as ‘diet’ as on so many of us.

It’s not about denial, deprivation, austerity. Or even the other extreme end of that scale which is debt and over-consumption. What this cycle is about is about having more – of what really matters to you. And whatever that is, has to add spiritual and emotional value.

Between now and the end of April, you will be not only taking control of the flow of resources into your life, and using what you have more effectively, but you will be determining what you are willing to trade or compromise. And stating very clearly ‘The buck stops here’. This is a soul worth supermoon and it will reset your values. You may decide that what once meant everything to you, now doesn’t matter. Time, health, relationships become priceless treasures you are no longer willing to trade or sell-out over. Do expect an inner stock re-evaluation.

As a result, you may quite literally ‘cash in’ something you have invested quite heavily in in the past, for something which offers so much more for your future. And yes, this is one of the best new moons under which to plant the seeds of that money tree for later. The energy is the Seven of Coins in the Tarot. Take some time to think about this card. What additional treasures does it reveal for you?

full moon in piscesPISCES

Adjust your vision. Your face, image, brand, appearance, look, style, title – IRL and online, it’s all about you and how others see you. As you have an extra long personal promotion cycle this year thanks to the Pisces stellium, you can adjust, evolve or makeover yourself as many times as you like. Perfect and refine. Relaunch and redefine.

You exude an ethereal, undefinable quality that fascinates others. The ancient term for this is of course ‘glamour’. Today we think of this in terms of fashion, make-up, celebrities. But the term ‘glamour’ actually refers to enchantment. A magic spell to create an illusion which is alluring. And irresistible.

And yes, the Insta equivalent of ‘glamour’ would be those filters! Not that you need them, Pisces. Here’s the thing about this up close and personal supermoon. While you may be crafting a different vision of yourself to show others, you are under no illusions about how you see yourself. And you love your realness no matter what this is. You are experimenting with ways to better showcase this rather than something which creates a facade or covers this up. Behind all the image adjustment, alternations and upgrades, you’ll simply seeking the best and boldest way to show who you really are. This may involve wardrobe or other changes. You’ll just make others understand that this is a whole new you. Beautifully.

knight waite tarot

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