The Venus/Jupiter Conjunction. Your Horoscope for Venus in Taurus

venus in taurus

The Venus/Jupiter Conjunction. Your Horoscope for Venus in Taurus

Hooray! Venus enters its ruling sign of Taurus on April 29, 2024. With the Sun, new Moon (8th), Jupiter, and Uranus all present, this hands us all a lush, sensual Taurus weather front. Think of this as a luxury emotional vacation—a five-star resort where only the best is served. Of course, due to Uranus in here, the weather can change suddenly—just when we get comfortable and think: Another day in paradise.

But thanks to Jupiter’s presence in Taurus, that’s probably what we’ll experience. A pleasure or paradise peak experience thanks to the meeting between Venus and Jupiter on May 23. There are abundant and soul-expanding ways to love, create abundance and security in a new way, or simply be in the world.

Whatever this Venus transit sends you – understand that it is to see how well you receive as well as how you attract. The universe may just want to see what you do when you are handed what you ordered. So, see this as an experience rather than just gaining something. Aside from the 23rd, dates to be ready to receive are:

May 13, 2024: Venus in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces

May 18, 2024: Venus and Uranus conjunct in Taurus

This Venus cycle like no other will hand us a real love experience. Prepare for worldly wonders.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Generous and over-flowing, there’s a feeling of being in the flow with this Venus transit in what is not only Venus’s ruling sign, but one of its ruling houses in your chart. The 13th could show you that you’re on the right track. While the 18th could offer up a sparkling alternative or exciting option, you may not have considered. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to dismiss it. As you look closer, it could dawn on you that while it may not look exactly how you thought it would, it is better than anything you could come up with.

If you’ve been told money doesn’t grow on trees – well, that’s true for everyone. But thanks to Jupiter’s final days of largesse in his house, you are luckier than usual in attracting more of it or in any kind of financial dealings. The obvious pay-outs of the Venus/Jupiter meeting on the 23rd are, of course, scoring abundance in your career. Seeing your side hustle or business boom and bloom.

If you are self-employed and haven’t raised your rates for a while – now would be the time to do that. Do, by all means, find what your competitors are charging. But what both planets want you to understand is that being the cheapest out there doesn’t necessarily translate into more business. It may mean you’re not valued.

Travel, this Venus transit could end up being profitable. Again, in ways you can’t yet imagine. And yes, about the love. It may look different too. Like I said in the introduction – the universe wants to see what you do with more. More abundance, more resources, more love. Buy yourself a bigger experience with whatever you are handed.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Jupiter is saving the best until last for you, Taurus. It’s been waiting for Venus to show its most open-handed generosity and shower you with parting gifts. I’ve talked a lot in other forecasts about ‘anaretic’ planets. Or to put it another way – In and Out astrology. When a planet is at the final degree (29) or start – 0 degree of a sign, that is when we feel its influence the most.

So, take it: Jupiter will not just be leaving you with a bang but with an entire parade, as ruler Venus ensures it delivers on its year-long promise for you when they fuse at 29 degrees of your sign on the 23rd.

This Venus transit will make you most optimistic, creative, and inspiring. And the more you allow yourself to stand out and inspire others, the more rewards this cycle will send you. Do put yourself out there. It truly is now: Go big or go home. Set an example. Venus and Jupiter in your 1st also promise more than a makeover, Taurus. If you need to improve your look, face, image, brand, profile, or inner self, it’s time for that final relaunch and unveiling.

This Venus transit triggers your most powerful cycle of attraction for ‘24. As I mentioned in the intro, your experience will depend on how open-minded and adventurous you are.

Are you willing to say ‘Yes’ to whatever turns up? All in the spirit of discovery and experimentation? Or will you continue to confine yourself to what you know or have done before? You may get a test to prove your openness when Venus and Uranus mingle on the 18th. If you get an invitation to explore something outside your usual circles, RSVP to the positive. The more you say yes, the more you’ll have to accept.


Incubation and preparation are your key words for the Venus transit through your 12th. You may be exploring your beliefs, your dreams and your deepest longings. As well as imagining just where the coming year may take you.

If spending time unplugged or simply engaged in tasks that feel almost like meditation for you, is what you feel the pull towards – don’t ignore this. Along with this comes that feeling that something big is coming. Even if you can’t quite yet put your finger on what this is. This is why this is a preparation cycle. Because Venus and then Jupiter are heading your way. Venus on May 23rd and Jupiter on the 25th.

Yes, you’re right about something big. And the big reveal could just happen on the 23rd which brings that Venus/Jupiter conjunction. Just hours before Venus arrives in your 1st. This is all about that big vision or dream you’ve been nurturing or working towards all year. The faith you’ve kept burning. The guiding light you’ve followed. The past acts as a teacher. And you will be aware of the lessons it has handed you. And also how to apply them now.

Infuse this Venus transit with magical focus and intent. And remember, to weave a dream or an effective spell, this often means we have to withdraw for a bit and focus within. If the 23rd sees something from your past reappear – do stop and ask yourself if it fits in with that greater, bigger vision you’re in the midst of creating. If so, include it. If not – leave enough space on the page for more magic to enter!

july horoscopesCANCER

Cast your mind back to May last year when Jupiter first arrived in your 11th. If you recall what I said in your forecast back then it was about making three wishes. And expecting at least one to come true. So, how did you do, Cancer?

If a wish remains just that by the time Venus arrives in this house at the end of April, imagine the planet of love as your Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Fairy Godmother. Feel free to cast whoever you want in this role in your imagination. The only criteria is glam queen. Venus is about to create exactly what you need to well – go to the ball out of what surrounds you now. Especially people, friends and connections. And yes, Jupiter does look like a pumpkin. And it rules travel. Take it you’re going places. And will be seen in all the right company.

The 18th when Venus meets Uranus, could see you mixing with new and exciting people. Influencers fall under the rulership of your 11th. As do entrepreneurs. Someone could just step into the role of Fairy Godperson for you. Those you meet or who cross your path will be connected to that goal or wish. And could be instrumental in you attaining it.

This is all about who you know – not what. Jupiter is a planet that loves to come in at the midnight hour. Last minute is its forte. So, just as you think Jupiter forgot you – it triples on its largesse and over-serves you. The meeting with Venus on the 23rd could just be the trigger. No goal is too big. If you’ve held fast to Jupiter’s blue sky optimism while it has been in here, Venus shows you the sky’s the limit now as dreams and stars, fall down to earth.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

There’s no thing quite like a sure thing, Leo. And that sure thing? Surely you knew I was referring to yours truly?!

The smart money would be on you this Venus cycle. Are you ready to claim your fame?! Seeking to be seen – IRL or on line, to make a name at your game or just waiting for your close up? This Venus cycle obliges.

Boldness sets you apart from the crowd. As does self-belief and certainty. Make an entrance as in this house Venus reminds you that dressing for success tells others you are here to slay. You are the sign most associated with shining certainty. Venus simply boosts this. While its meeting with Uranus on the 18th tells you: Glow your own way. And don’t imitate others. That doesn’t mean they won’t want to be you this Venus cycle however!

Destiny and destination – the force behind where we want to get to, are linked. When we aim at an outcome or destination, we turn the wheel of fortune in our favour. Especially when Jupiter is involved. When Venus meets the planet of opportunity and freedom (23rd), it is at its most giving. In this house, this could manifest with the appearance of someone who wants to help you, promote you or elevate you in some way. Your cred rises as does theirs. If travel is on offer, you may be upgraded or off to somewhere new where bigger opportunities awa, where if you’ve previouslya  been small fry, you are now a very bi,g fish indeed. The VIP section awaits you. Get ready to be notAndd. And be ready to accept what that brinn turn.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

There are no small loves—or love gestures—with Venus in your 9th, especially when this also coincides with Jupiter, which rules this house in your chart. So-so emotions and the mehs don’t stand a chance. You feel it—utterly, truly, completely. Or you will go in search of the love that delivers this.

This Venus cycle is an amazing opportunity for you. Both Venus and Jupiter are known as the ‘benefics’ in astrology—the planets that deliver good things. Getting them together in the same part of our charts at the same time is an event that only occurs approximately every three years and three months. And then it will be in a different sign each time.

Optimism and a sense of adventure send you off to pursue happiness. Don’t just confine yourself to thinking this is just about love. It’s anything that gives you that heart-starting sense of wonder and asks you to move into something bigger. Jupiter rules overseas travel, stuand dies, foreign, affairs including the business kind, the mass media and publishing, the law and sports, the great ou, outdoors and taking a chance. I often refer to it as Fat Cupid. And the meeting between Venus and Jupiter brings you the perfect match in terms of an opportunity, journey or a love for something which opens your eyes and heart and expands your soul. It starts on the 23rd. And this could turn into a first class ticket, Virgo.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

You’re almost at the end of a long karmic cycle involving partnerships. This Venus journey through your 8th marks the beginning of the end of it. You can use the date of the Venus/Jupiter (23rd) alignment as the point where things begin to change for you. As in getting so much better. And this will take you on into 2025, Libra.

For some Librans, this has been a long and winding road. But this karma is almost done. Your 8th contains karma and also boundaries: empowerment, who holds power (usually not who you think!), change and transformation, rebirth, shared assets and resources, death and taxes, and yes, sex—the ultimate alchemy in relationships.

Watch for huge beneficial shifts around these themes as your ruler is set on beautiful revolutions for you. These begin on the 18th when it meets Uranus in here. Something changes that you didn’t expect., it is So in the direction surpriseing enlightenment on this day.

Both Jupiter and Uranus are planets which are concerned with our freedom. Uranus rules revolutions – freedom of the collective. But it rules our individual freedom as it always wants us to keep on moving to quote the beautiful Bob Marley. As in evolve. Jupiter, ruler of freedom loving Sagittarius, won’t be restricted or fenced in. As your 8th is all about boundaries and barriers, freedom could come from the opportunity to break any which restrict you. Or you simply putting them in. All of this is part of the end of the karmic love cycle you’ve been living. Things get more loving when you get closure one way or another, Libra.


It doesn’t get more loved-up than a Venus/Jupiter meeting, Scorpio. And in your 7th this is all about those partnership options for you. This is literally your biggest love-in moment for 12 years. As this Venus transit begins, Jupiter is in its final weeks in this house. Plus you have Uranus in the mix adding that surprising element. Never say never could be one possible outcome of the Venus/Uranus meeting on the 18th. As we say in astrology: If we can predict it – it ain’t Uranus.

Love could appear where and when you least expect it. Existing unions head in a new direction. Your relationship status changes overnight. Surprise opportunities to enter into a tango – be it the loved up or collaborative kind, appear. The trick is to let go of what you think may happen. Or what it may look like if it did.

The day Venus and Jupiter meet (23rd), Venus is hours away from exiting this house and entering your 8th. Jupiter will follow just two days later. A full circle moment appears. You close one cycle or era of relating. And stand on the brink of the new. Who is going with you? Or who appears inviting you to join them? Perhaps this is the start of a search for a new partnership. And it could involve that working relationship, friendship or partner-in-crime just as it could that romantic union. If so, there’s no better day in ‘24 than this one to begin your search. The opportunity to be, experience and have more involves more than just you now. Be two. In whatever way takes you further.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

There’s a feeling of caring for any outstanding business under this Venus cycle. By the end of May, Venus and Jupiter will kick-start your biggest togetherness cycle of 12 years when they enter Gemini and your 7th. This particular Venus transit is all about doing the work that sets you up for this.

First of all – are you love fit, Sag? To get the most out of any partnership – no matter what form it takes, we need to be operating at our peak. What drags you or slows you down, needs to be eliminated now. Identifying this is part of the process. Get rid of anything unhealthy as you need to feel you best to get the most out of that love go-around that’s heading your way (in whatever form Jupiter decides to send it!).

Next step – all those loose ends! The unfinished tasks you procrastinate over. The changes to your routine you keep telling yourself you’ll make – but put off. You’re in a mood to tackle and crush these once and for all. That To Do list morphs into done lines through it. And by the time Venus reaches Uranus on the 18th – chances are you’re not only clear of those pesky should-do’s, but are establishing something better, more liberating and energising.

As this is your house of work (paid and unpaid) and studies, the meeting of Venus and Jupiter (23rd) could bring breakthroughs, offers and highlights for you. You could be looking at a completely redesigned work cycle that hands you the freedom and variety you need. Or even travel for work or studies for some Sagi’s. Instead of a TGIF mentality, work morphs into a joyous communion where you reap the benefits in terms of energy, satisfaction and yes, rewards. It’s a self-charging cycle. Do the work and set yourself free for what’s to come.


This is the final Venus transit through your 5th to occur in tandem with Jupiter’s presence in here. So, you’ll wait some time for the next one. Jupiter can be fashionably late. Something Venus also approves of as it too, loves to make an entrance. If this Jupiter cycle has seen you go from Great Expectations to Is That It? during the past 12 months, Venus and Jupiter’s fusion on the 23rd could finally see Fat Planet hand over the goodies. The opportunities, attention, rewards for creativity in your work or through your own passion projects, love, pleasure and children. The lucky break you figured wasn’t forthcoming turns up. The solution you’ve been searching for.

As far as this Venus transit goes – on its own it is one of sparkling, uncensored self-expression and attraction. Life becomes effortless. You fall headlong into sheer joy. Sure, the critics are still out there. But you don’t allow them any bandwidth.

A sudden, surprising and shockingly lucky break or twist could literally drop out of the blue as Venus meets Uranus in here on the 18th. Don’t forget – all this lush abandonment and heady pleasure is further boosted by the fact the Sun which rules this house in your chart is also in residence for most of this Venus transit. But it’s the Venus/Jupiter meeting on the 23rd that leaves you feeling the luckiest or loved-up of all the signs. This is a day to take a, cha,nce but ab,orealizeealise, that no matter what you may have thought, the unhasn’t hadn’t forgotten you after all!


At the start of this Venus transit through your 4th, you are weeks away from Jupiter’s arrival in your 5th. Put your house in order, Aquarius. Literally and figuratively, so you can dive headlong into the 12 month pleasure cycle that’s waiting for you! Don’t forget, as both Venus and Jupiter enter your 5th, they are going to trine Pluto in your sign, making this one of the most transformational and powerful cycles of attraction you’ve ever experienced.

That’s all still to come, however. First, Venus in your 4th tells you there’s no place like home. But ruler Uranus insists on a Grand Design that’s totally bespoke and built solely with you in mind: the environment you live in, where, and with whom, your sense of family, roots, and community, the corner of the world that smiles at you, the domestic situation that works for you, and above all, claiming your place in your family or your path in life.

If you’re one of the lucky souls born into the right group of souls, you will experience a redefined role within your family. Plus this Venus cycle promises help and support from family members. Others may find this within their self-created family of ‘friends’ or a strong community.

If you are stagnant, stuck without room to grow, a beneficial move or relocation could be at hand. If fate takes a hand around the 18th when Venus and ruler Uranus meet, and you are faced with having to move unexpectedly, this may simply be a sign of what you have now outgrown. You’ll transplant yourself into a better environment as a result. The Venus/Jupiter meeting on the 23rd opens a portal towards expansion. Move in to it. Pleasure is about to join you there.

full moon in piscesPISCES

You have a new confidence in saying what you need to say. Or getting those ideas across, Pisces. Venus in you,r 3rd especially when combined with your ancient ruler Jupiter (23rd), loves to deliver good newhear s or what you have been waiting to hear.

Venus rules the ‘L’ word. It also gives those ideas a boost when it comes to your brand or business. While Jupiter bigs that message up. You may be astounded how far what you share takes you or goes. Going viral or seeing that post boosted, could be just one benefit on offer. Uranus rules the collective and also technology. Jupiter rules the world wide web. So, we can say the internet, your social media feed, weand bsite, podcast could turn into an open sesame magical access to opportunity, so,lutions or treasure.

Go with the surprise invite or new direction around the 18th when Venus and Uranus meet. Do your due diligence going forward however. Whether this is a new job or romantic venture. This is one of the best self-confidence transits you can hitch a ride on. Magic works with intention. The fact you believe in what you say, means others believe you in turn. All of this brings you a golden opportunity when Venus and Jupiter have their final confab in this house on the 23rd. Someone is hanging off your every word. And you have all the right ones.

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