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weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Get social

Set that sizzle to slow burn

Show those connections the love

All connections – that circle, group, band, entourage, club, association or network, may just require more work than usual this week. Under this week’s full supermoon in your 11th, you are feeling at your most sociable and wanting to connect. But friendships like any other relationship require TLC to function. Do show these the love. Make the effort.

But also – do keep the focus on those with whom you share that connection, resonance and with whom you feel your most authentic. There’s nothing worse than feeling you have to keep up some kind of pretence. In fact, that isn’t friendship but something else entirely. Same applies if a so-called friend starts throwing shade. You’ll know you’re in the right company if they make you feel accepted, energised and at your most social. Clicks and connects are in your Full Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope.

Instant karma could happen between you and someone new. Including that prospective lover. Ruler Mars in your 6th trines Jupiter in your 2nd (1st) initiating a rewarding work cycle of project. But this week also sees Mercury in its ruling sign/house begin retroshadow (4th). As well you know, Mercury backwards where it rules or even getting shady in there, merely increases its capacity for retro-mayhem. Starting now as it happens. Yes, that social life or budding romance entices and ignites your imagination with fresh possibilities. Your attention is captured and even enraptured. But don’t allow this to distract you from what needs doing, Aries. You can’t spread your wings and be a social butterfly if unfinished business is holding you back.

In a nutshell: This week’s supermoon shows you the importance of those connections, Aries. And how they shape and fuel your future. If there’s instant karma between you and someone else, do take it slow. Go for sizzle – not fizzle.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (11th)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (6th to 2nd)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (6th)

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Do it once and get it right first time

Reinvest in that vision

There’s no smoke without the fire of slow passion!

Long term work and career plans, family matters, your home and living arrangements and anything to do with your long term security will benefit from your focus this week, Taurus. There’s a need to balance emotional need with practicality. And to ensure the heart does not role the head under this week’s boss supermoon in your 10th.

There’s also that if you want it done properly, then you know you need to not just take care of it yourself, but give it your extreme focus. There’s also a shift happening around either your priorities or your resources. As in, you may shift one or the other (or both), and now invest them in something you may have previously considered impractical. But now under this Moon you see has real potential for the future. All it needs from you is repurposing and a fresh investment in terms of time and vision.

Others may not see your shift of attention for what it is however. Accusing you of being detached or not seeing the bigger picture. When actually the long term is your prime focus. You won’t be talked out of any decisions now. And that sexy strut and self-empowerment is your take-out as Mars in your 5th trines Jupiter. You strut like Jagger – but you get satisfaction too.

Yes, you have Mars in your house of sexy-and-you-know-it. Do keep in mind ruler Venus is now retrograde and this week Mercury also enters retroshade in your 5th. So, while those moves and decision making smarts show you’re smokin’ hot – go for the slow burn in love, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Strut like a rockstar in your professional sphere under the spotlight of this week’s full Supermoon. No time to be shy. Bring the heat. But when it comes to love do go for the slow burn.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (10th)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (5th to 1st)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (5th)


Declutter the past to free your future potential

Seek those who guide and inspire

Passion is a future-proof investment

Stuck in the past, Gemini? Feel like you’re going over old ground? Or are you so busy looking back at ‘the way we were’ that you’re not looking forward? By all means, use the upcoming Mercury retro and its shady parts which begin this week to review things. To tie up any loose ends on projects, place the past in perspective and also ditch anything or anyone that ties you to it in a negative way. Sure, it sounds ruthless – but if anything from painful memories, sentimentality or connections that drain you are keeping you from moving forward, it’s now time to break free. And this retro cycle has the capacity to see you claim the path which isn’t littered with this kind of clutter.

Yes, time to close a mental door and remind yourself that it’s okay to revisit the past on occasion, but you you simply don’t live there any more. Start the process with the full Supermoon in your 9th (1st). Which also sees Mars in your 4th trine Jupiter in your 12th. Under this Supermoon, focus on the new and only invest your energy in things that excite you. Explore future possibilities and put yourself ‘out there’ in some way.

See your life as a glorious quest – not limited to some path determined for you by others. Or have you allowed your own limiting thoughts to imprison you? This Moon breaks you free of all of that. Others who dare to do this, to live their potential, provide inspiration so do seek them out. Supersized dreams can be lived. More in your supermassive Full Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope.

In a nutshell: You’re on a quest to escape what is holding you back. And to explore all the potential that lies beyond that, Gemini. Those who dare – not just the dreamers of dreams, but the ones who live them for real, are your source of inspiration. Seek them out.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (9th)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (4th to 12th)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (4th)

july horoscopesCANCER

Stop the juggle and end the struggle

What you focus on changes

Act on what you hear or are told

This week’s full supermoon in your 8th highlights that feeling of juggling your resources and ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’. Part of this equation could also relate to the time you have at your disposal too. You may just feel there are not enough hours in the day to get your job done. And then there’s nothing – whether it is time or money, left for you at the end of it. What about what you love? What happened to passion? Did you have to sell out time to feel alive simply to maintain that precarious status quo? Where just treading water left you in deficit in areas that truly matter?

Reclaim the power and control. That shaky, crazy, juggling feeling of having too many balls in the air all at once, will begin to stabilise as the week progresses. Ideas especially flow. Seek them out or advice from within your circle. Or go wider. Something you hear or discover requires a response but if you follow up on it, the rewards will be worth it. Yes, you can claim back or control anything you need when it comes to your resources. Time to concentrate on achieving a better balance.

You still don’t have the big picture when it comes to your money however. It’s all too easy to say watch where it goes. The energy is like the Two of Pentacles in the Tarot. Ask yourself if the figure is juggling the coins contained within the infinity symbol or is is flow with it? The answer is how you see your situation. And you can change it. A new source of income could be on offer but will require nurturing and effort first. Focus on what you need to make your world feel more stable and secure. Everything flows from that.

In a nutshell: Use the insight in your Full Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope and apply it to any area where you no longer feel 100% in control or where passion is lacking, Cancer. Act on any opportunity to change the dynamic in your favour.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (8th)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (3rd to 11th)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (3rd)

monthly horoscope augustLEO

What says Many Happy Returns?

New beginnings spring from the past

Supersize that love

Second chances feature this week as something springs freshly reborn from the past. Usually your birthday season is all about new beginnings. And certainly there’s an element of that too. But this is no ordinary birthday cycle with Venus backwards in your sign. This is the returns part of the many happy. Mercury also enters retroshadow in your 2nd this week. While Mars (also in your 2nd), angles to Jupiter in your 10th marking a positive path to rewards or reclaiming that prize!

Something or someone comes closer under this week’s full Supermoon in your 7th. It’s still close to your heart in the form of a relationship, a goal, a dream. So, something may return or reappear now – that career opportunity, that lover, that goal, that you felt slipped through your fingers the first time around. Have a think about what this could be – and also what you would do differently today as opposed to back then, if you get a second chance. Then be open as to what does return. It could even return in a slightly different guise but feel very familiar. Love once put on hold burns brighter again. See you Full Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope for the skinny on returning lovestruck opportunities.

Doors that were closed could swing wide again. Remember – the universe issues invitations and it is always up to us whether we accept them or not. That’s the whole point of free will. But if you feel you missed out on something the first time, don’t have any second-time-around regrets. This time when the door opens, walk through. Reignite that dream and the love, Leo.

In a nutshell: Nothing says Many Happy Returns louder and with more sparkle than a Venus retro combined with a full Supermoon in your 7th this week, Leo! What returns or is repurposed shines with present day potential.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (7th)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (2nd to 10th)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (2nd)


Take a deep dive and deep clean your life

No more procrastination – just initiation

What you no longer need has no place where you’re going

This week brings a full Supermoon in your 6th (1st). And also has ruler Mercury begin its retroshadow phase in your 1st. Time for a pre-birthday de-clutter, Virgo. Deep clean your life. Don’t just delve into that closet – look around your entire living space. What don’t you use or even need any more? Sell it, donate it or bin it. But don’t stop there.

This happens against the backdrop of Venus retro in your 12th. So, what about those negative people? The psychic vampires or the ‘friends’ or even lovers who drain you or are happy to take but there’s no give? Then there’s that baggage you’re carrying. Negative thoughts, opinions and limitations you’ve taken on board. Bin those too.

Decluttering is probably the most powerful process we can kick-start a brand new cycle in our lives. And you of all signs knows that retro energy is the best energy for this. Combined with the action-initiating and freedom compelling trine between Mars in your sign and Jupiter in its ruling 9th in your chart (also on the 1st), you are prepared to get to grips with this once and for all. Out with the old to clear the way for the new. Which is what your birthday season is all about when it arrives later this month. You probably already know what has to go. But be prepared to get ruthless. Something or someone you thought was essential to you will show up in a very different light which leads you to realise you don’t need them either. Set yourself free, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Bin that baggage your carrying once and for all, Virgo. Anything from the items you no longer use, love or need. To those limiting thoughts or toxic connections. There’s a great soul clear out occurring this week. Ahead of a new cycle for you later this month.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (6th)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (1st to 9th)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (1st)

libra mainLIBRA

What’s old gets a reboot

No more close calls – grasp the prize!

Don’t dream it’s over

Old souls, old connections and old goals feature this week. Of course, there’s your ruler Venus retrograde in your 11th of friends and the future. This is about reclaiming elements of your past rather than starting out on something new now. Especially when it comes to love, Libra. Do resist the swipe right for now.

The angle between Mars in your 12th and Jupiter in your 8th (1st), points to a resurrection. Especially as this occurs on the day of the full Supermoon in your sector of lovers, children and sheer audacious creativity. Yes, something is being reclaimed or reborn. But this isn’t about sentimentality. The fact is you are poised on the cusp of an exciting period of resurrection when it comes to a past goal of yours. At some point in the next 18 months or so you will be given an opportunity to jump back in. And chances are whatever this was it was a big part of your life or even your being at one point.

Perhaps things didn’t quite work out the first time. Or you got discouraged along the way. There’s a feeling of ‘so near but so far’ around all of this. But this time around, you won’t just come close, you’ll grasp that prize. This week offers you a glimpse, a preview if you like, of what’s to come. It’s like you’re being invited back. People from your past who may have been pivotal to this back then may also still have a role to play. The Supermoon lets you know the dream is not over. In fact, it may be an entrée to an even better dream.

In a nutshell: The vibe of this week’s full supermoon has a Crowded House feel to it. Hey now, hey now, Libra. If you dreamed it was over the moon combined with Venus retro tells you what you thought was an ending, was a fresh opportunity in disguise!

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (5th)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (12th to 8th)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (12th)


It’s your path – define where it takes you

An arrival ushers in fresh possibilities

Make that definitive decision

Unlock doors to the future under this week’s full Supermoon in its ruling 4th. And do pursue closure and completion when it comes to work, contracts and agreements as Mercury begins its retroshadow in your 11th from the 4th.

You may move, be thinking of moving, or even people may move into your home – that family member, that lodger, that Airbnb guest and their arrival opens up access to new ideas and possibilities.

There’s also the Mars/Jupiter trine on the day of the full Moon. Stretching wide from your 11th to your 7th. Bringing your focus on to your status (professional and personal), career and long term finances. What elevates yet underpins your future. In fact, it’s time to give serious thought to all aspects of what you want that future to look like or be – from how you want to earn your money to your living arrangements – and who you share these with for that matter.

You could be faced with an important decision in the upcoming weeks. Contracts could be signed or you may need to commit and say ‘Yes’ to something which marks the beginning of an important new phase of your life. See this as an opportunity to lay the foundation for your future. For others, this may also involve the decision to let something go that you have come to realise has not worked for quite some time. No matter how much time, money or love you may have invested in it in the past, don’t be afraid to cash in if you have to. Sometimes making a commitment to our future involves the word ‘No’ as much as it does ‘Yes’. Or closing one door to walk through a new portal.

In a nutshell: Your Full Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope shares some important insights around home, your lifestyle and your ability to determine the path you walk, Scorpio. This week is all about what future creating decision you make. Which sets the direction of the path you take.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (4th)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (11th to 7th)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (11th)

sagittarius bannerSAGITTARIUS

The past is a country worth revisiting

How does that goal need to evolve?

If that dream isn’t coming true – big it up!

If excitement has been lacking in the present moment for you recently Sag, unlike a few other signs who need to let go of the past, for you heart-starting passion can be found in the past. Revisit those old dreams and goals now under this week’s full blown supersized, supermoon in your 3rd (1st). News or information could arrive related to this. It’s also your cue to share what your vision is. If you don’t let others know what you want to achieve, how do you expect them to help you?

This occurs the same day as ruler Jupiter in your 6th angles to Mars in your 10th. That plan you had for your future can be made to work for you now in the present. But you do need to update it and add a few revisions. After all, you’ve changed since then and the dream or the ambition, has to remain current. Fit for purpose. And ignite the desire to achieve it.

With Venus retrograde in your 9th, look to past activities you loved to do or dreamed of doing but never got round to. Or if planning on travelling, revisiting those places that hold a special place in your heart. What hasn’t changed is that you are craving more freedom and excitement and this reawakened dream represents that on some level for you. There’s a saying out there that if you dream is not coming true it is because you need a bigger dream. Expand your belief about what is possible and get ready to explore it once more, Sag.

In a nutshell: News could arrive under this week’s supermassive full Moon in your 3rd which shows you that something from your past deserves a second look. Or is very much alive and kicking. Maybe all that dream needs is a bigger injection of passion, Sag.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (3rd)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (10th to 6th)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (10th)


Only invest in what adds value

Stay cool even if others are shady

Explore alternatives

You’ll be counting the pennies or on something or someone under this week’s full Supermoon in your money zone. It’s all about your values as much as it is your bank account, Cappy. Do address any disparity here. And yes, rein in your spending if needed as Venus remains retrograde in your 8th.

In fact, the subtext to all this may see you feeling something is hard work, you are underappreciated or that whatever you do there simply is no pleasing some people. If so – stop trying. And if they continue to push your buttons, try not to react. If they give you no other option, please try to keep your response in proportion to what is happening in the present moment – as opposed to all the previous occasions they have been on your case. The last thing you need to to come across as the bad guy because they resort to playing the victim card. Thankfully, this won’t last.

Keep your cool if you can because the Mars/Jupiter trine also on the day of the full Moon, allows you to see things differently. Or offers a different option or solution. A release, opportunity or restoration of playful light-heartedness means you are no longer taking this seriously. Instantly defusing any tension. We are in big fat retro weather – or the front is building now Mercury enters retroshade in your 9th from the 4th. Alternatives beckon as well as release from tasks or situations that have come to seem like drudgery. Don’t for one moment fall into the trap of thinking you’re stuck, Cappy.

In a nutshell: Count the costs as well as the coins. This week’s supermoon in your 2nd is all about what’s worth it. And what no longer is. If it doesn’t align to your core values, then it’s not worth your continued investment. Of your time, money or most importantly – your love, Capricorn.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (2nd)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (9th to 5th)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (9th)


Beacons attract – how can you help it?!

Turn on, tune in, take time

It’s your summer of love revival!

You’re the beacon of the zodiac this week with the full Supermoon shining from your sign, Aquarius. Do keep in mind under it that Venus is retrograde in your 7th. Magnetic re-attractions and revivals between you and someone else – totally permitted. Just nothing new.

If you feel you need to take a break, now is the time. The build up to this full Moon may have felt pretty intense. But now you can stop and smell the roses. Focus on your existing relationships. Appreciate the love you already have in your life. Even that of family and friends if you don’t have a significant other. It’s all love and there is no ‘better’ variation of it.

Do listen to what your intuition is telling you. When we’re busy rushing around that still, small voice inside of us tends to get drowned out by whatever else is going on. But the fact is, it has something very important to tell you and this may relate to someone close to you. Or around something you and they share. So, that downtime serves a dual purpose – recharge and also tune-in. Above all, don’t rush things despite the call to action between Mars in your 8th and Jupiter in your 4th (1st). The past, especially when it comes to your roots, who you love, where you love, calls to you.

Think about whether you want to repeat it or write an entire new chapter. Make time for love – or at the very least, to think the future of it through, this week. You can enter a gentle crucible of change which allows you to transform the where, who and how as needed.

In a nutshell: That summer of love, 60’s feel, turn on, tune in, drop out for a bit vibe is something you need to follow this week, Aquarius. No effort required. Hot tip: If something has your name on it, it will return of its own accord. Check your Full Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope for more.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (1st)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (8th to 4th)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (8th)

full moon in piscesPISCES

Do the details

Follow intuition, inspiration and insight

It’s all small stuff

Saturn in your sign is calling to you to become properly organised. So, is it time for some inspired moves to revamp that routine, Pisces? Does it support you and make you more productive? Or is it doing the opposite and restricting you or just wasting your precious time, instead? Have you fallen into a rut instead of the freedom that comes from being aware and adaptive? Do you ignore what your intuition is telling you? Or tell yourself you’ll make changes ‘tomorrow’ – which of course, never arrives.

The full Supermoon in your 12th highlights something you have allowed to drift or continue for far too long. Deep down you rightly intuit it does you no good. If this concerns your work – paid or unpaid, the Moon invites you to experience excitement and variety. How? Simply by looking at your day and seeing how you can make different choices. Don’t do things in the same order. Choose a different route to work or for your morning jog. Visit a new coffee shop instead of your regular one. Revolutionise your everyday choices and the rest of your life will begin to change in totally unexpected ways.

Are you failing to tackle relationship issues? It’s not a good time to begin anything new now due to Venus retro in your 6th and Mercury heading into retroshadow in your 7th from the 4th. It is however, a wonderful week to get to grips with any outstanding love business between you and your boo. Or even an issue in any other kind of partnership dynamic. No more drift thanks to the angle between Mars also in your 7th and Jupiter in your communication sector. Talk takes on a dynamic and open quality. You say what needs to be said. And are equally open to hearing that reply. Say it differently if you can. And change the conversation.

In a nutshell: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Saturn in your sign tells you it’s all small stuff. But taking care of it, and no longer ignoring your intuition, means that small changes add up to a very big deal indeed. Your Full Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope shares the bigger picture.

1 Aug 2023 Full Supermoon in Aquarius (12th)

1 Aug 2023 Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (7th to 3rd)

4 Aug 2023 Mercury retroshadow begins in Virgo (7th)


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