Weekly Astrology April 22nd 2024 Forecast for All Signs

full moon in taurus

weekly horoscope aries seasonAries

Change propels you into a new era

Get ready for take off

Dare to dance with desire!

Opposites attract and expect the unexpected this week, Aries. It may be a good idea not to plan too far ahead – or get too attached to those plans for that matter. There’s a tendency for things to go awry. However, if that is what happens, fear not. Chances are there’s a purpose to this which you cannot yet see – most possibly designed to put you into the path of something (or someone) better.

When it comes to love, if you think you have a ‘type’ – prepare to throw those ideas out of the window. Someone could just swoop in who breaks every rule you thought you had when it comes to choosing a mate, and captures your heart anyway. Under this week’s full Moon in your magnetic and sexy 8th (23rd), you’re filled with sensuality which you’re yearning to express. And for singles this may lead to a daringly different choice.

The same goes for where you direct those resources. You suddenly awaken to the fact that it’s not how much or little you have – it’s how you utilise it. And with this shift comes the ability to create more. Not just the folding stuff although that can feature. But more passion and more life!

Others use this massive reservoir of passionate emotional power and channel it into a creative vision or ability to manifest the change they seek. And again, it could look very different from that past option. You adapt as your emotions evolve. And as Mercury shifts direct in your 1st, are willing to take a chance. Because standing still is no longer an option. It’s a week for flying by the seat of those designer pants and heading in whatever direction love or just fate, wants to take you.

In a nutshell: A resonant and emotionally compelling full Moon in your 8th draws to the surface your desires and a need for change. You awaken to your power and are ready to act. No more countdown – ready for take off, Aries!

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (6th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (8th)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (1st)

weekly astrologyTaurus

Past efforts pay off in the present

Watch for a revival

Do it for love (yes, but not that!)

This week’s full Moon in your 7th (23rd), marks the point where you make those bold, brave moves you’ve been hesitating over. But being you, it’s not simply about flexing those personal power muscles. You’re combining this with a touch of diplomacy and sprinkle of compromise. And that all-important pinch of love.

The closeness you crave is always a work in progress, Taurus. You have come to realise this. So, time to drill down deep with your significant other and explore where you want love to take you both next. Single? Nothing superficial cuts it. Hotness aside you are looking at what lies beneath. They need to offer depth or you’ll look elsewhere until you find the one who does.

High maintenance? Love is not meant to be hard work. This full Moon gets you thinking. Of the key difference between superficial needs and true wants. Of how you are always there to give someone the latter. And how the former is just draining. And it’s a two-way street, Taurus. Especially if you now feel someone’s demands mean you end up short-changed. Do redress the balance. One way or another. More in your Full Moon in Scorpio Moonscope.

You could be on the brink of quite literally cashing in on past efforts as something returns that was perhaps left hanging or you just thought was going nowhere. Thanks to Mercury direct again in your 12th, over the next two weeks you’re back in a position to move forward or close escrow. But while something may spring up from the past, it’s important to evolve, to innovate and reach for something new. Bring on the love growth!

In a nutshell: This week’s full Moon ignites the desire to take action in the name of love. But if you come to the conclusion your efforts are not reciprocated – you won’t do that any longer. Something you thought over and done with could revive now.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (5th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (7th)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (12th)


Look out ’cause here I come

And I’m marchin’ on to the beat I drum

I’m not scared to be seen

I make no apologies, this is me

Keala Settle. The Greatest Showman

Someone could show you that you won’t get anywhere this week – or any other time for that matter, by being anything other than yourself, Gemini. It’s time to be bold and a little daring – with no apologies and to have faith in those ideas – no matter how ‘out there’ they may appear to others. Whoever said being a visionary was easy?

Blame Pluto now in your 9th. As well as ruler Mercury re-kindling your authentic voice as it heads direct again in your 11th (25th). Understand that whether it is in business or in romance, very often people don’t know what they want until they see it. And they want you – just the way you are.

So, be authentic and don’t imitate others which is way too much like hard work in any case. Someone, somewhere whether it is your next boss, client or lover wants the real deal. Also, this week’s full Moon in your 6th highlights the fact that bending yourself out of shape in some way simply isn’t healthy.

Because this occurs in your house of work and also the internet, this could touch on what you do or what you share or put out there. Be an original. You’re going to be shown how not claiming your true self holds you back from what you’re seeking. While others who have been fearless when it comes to using their authentic voice not only feel energised, but are set to impress. No matter your feedback this week, whomever supplies this deserves your thanks.

In a nutshell: No filters. No apologies, Gemini. Getting anywhere from this point on involves you being none other than who you actually are. Ruler Mercury direct gives you the message – and the means to say it.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (4th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (6th)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (11th)

july horoscopesCancer

Make those No Fear love moves

What fizzled now gets fired up

Get cosmic circuit training for success!

No pain, no gain. Time for a love work-out under this week’s full Moon in your 5th. Bench press bigger feels this week, Cancer. Certainly, when it comes to love, you’ll know if something is working. But if it’s not – don’t ignore it now. You have a ‘no fear’ attitude whether you’re tackling that relationship issue, or door knocking (that app, that company).

Settles may simply need time to play. So, make that date-night effort. Single? Someone you encountered before could now swing back into your orbit and if so, expect fireworks even if last time was a fizzle. Transformations around relationships are occurring – not just partnerships of a romantic kind but working relationships, business partnerships, collaborations and friendships. But hey, it’s all love after all. And change literally hands you benefits.

People are going to show you their true colours this week and the question is: do you like what you see? Usually tolerant to a fault, you won’t suffer fools gladly. If someone expresses an opinion that runs against your core values or beliefs, you may think twice about continuing.

With Mercury now direct once more in your 10th, it’s a good time to be planning ahead and thinking about what you want to achieve ahead of your fresh cycle in June. From serious love workouts to crushing those career milestones, you’re fit, ripped and ready, Cancer!

In a nutshell: The full Moon in your pleasure zone highlights the importance of love. And being fit to give and receive pleasure in equal measure. It shouldn’t be a treadmill however. Workout for gain – and no pain involved, Cancer!

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (3rd)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (5th)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (10th)

monthly horoscope augustLeo

Take that unexpected option

Go for the path that evolves your soul

You’re ready to radiate once more

A bit like Bilbo Baggins you could be faced with an unexpected journey this week. Or a surprise pivot. Just roll with it. And if someone says you’re a burglar – or hands you a new job title that’s legal – say ‘That’s me! I can do that!’. Invisibility was never an option for you. One ring not withstanding.

Last minute travel – for business or pleasure could see you grabbing your passport and heading out of the door. Stay open as there are many opportunities that could cross your path and they may arrive in disguise. This also applies to potential partners. You know what I’m saying here, Leo. That dwarf that looks like Aiden Turner. When you thought you wanted an elf . . .

The key to success and forward progress is to remain adaptable – and unstoppable. Be unafraid to take a chance. And leave Bag End behind. At least for a short while. Especially if what you’ve been yearning for deep down is a change of routine or the status quo. Look to the full Moon in your 4th on the 23rd as to whether you are clinging to something just because it feels familiar.

Funny because the old could reappear. Just to see how ready you are to accept change. An old lover could possibly re-surface. Or money you are owed or a payout you have been waiting for. If it is the former, look at how taking up with them again enhances your life in all areas – or not as the case may be. As for that money should it appear – spend on widening your experience. Don’t opt for the usual. There’s so much more to be discovered down that road you’ve yet to take.

In a nutshell: Sometimes we have to leave behind what’s familiar – if only for a while. Or go off in search of our real lives. This week could just offer you that opportunity, Leo.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (2nd)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (4th)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (9th)

weekly horoscopesVirgo

Take the soft approach to success

You’re ready to step up

Getting serious doesn’t mean love has left the building!

Dreamy and romantic you just wants to love – and be loved in return. Partnerships could take on a ‘Back to the Future’ quality with Juno direct in your 1st. You and that boo recapture the feels for each other that saw you fall head-over-heart in the first place.

Is that potential lover out of this world? Just so long as you don’t feel they are out of your league, Virgo. Singles should be punching now. You have your va-va-voom back as ruler Mercury heads direct in your sexy and empowered 8th (25th).

But do ensure you do keep both practical Virgo feet on the ground if you don’t want to discover further down the line that new passion’s footsies are made of clay. Allow things to develop slowly with someone new. and if they seem just a little bit too keen to go all in too fast and too soon, this may be your cue to back off for a bit unless all you’re after is a fling right now. Saturn in your 7th says otherwise however.

Bosses may throw a curve-ball at you just when you thought you had that task under control this week. Especially under the full Moon in your 3rd. Or you may temporarily find yourself juggling multiple tasks or trying to be in three places at once. But you got this. Accepting a certain amount of change may be essential for your future progress. Be prepared to accept extra responsibility if it is offered. As well as having to re-work something you thought was done-and-dusted if necessary. Next month brings you the biggest cycle for advancement or even – living the soft life if that’s what you yearn for, you’ve experienced in a very long time. This is your prep week. Get ready for big things.

In a nutshell: That big step you want to make can be towards a softer life – or even love, Virgo. But do take it seriously. Setting boundaries shows how important something (or someone) is to you. Including yourself.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (1st)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (3rd)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (8th)

weekly astrologyLibra

Every step you’ve taken adds to your worth

Expect the arrival of something new

Don’t look back!

Mercury direct this week in your 7th, is about to totally dispel any remaining eclipse shadows. Yes, it may take until the middle of next month to regain total clarity when it comes to a key relationship. Or where you go from here. But you’ll begin to gain that sense of knowing where you stand/what you want.

You’ve also had just about enough with looking backwards and seeing just where you went wrong in the past. So, please don’t continue to dwell there once you have put things into perspective. There’s a reason for everything. And if you are focussed on lost opportunities or how you could have done things differently, then use this information so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. And then move on.

Sure, a certain amount of retrospection is necessary for growth. But take a look at the card of the 8 of Cups in the Tarot. Not only does it contain an eclipse image, but the figure in it isn’t looking back. Plus on a deeper level there’s the sense of heading into the future without the burden of those cups. Yes, they are upright unlike the 5 of Cups. What does this tell you? No regrets.

So, as you take a step forward as the future comes into focus, keep your mind on your successes and what worked rather than what didn’t. Yes, you have the knowledge of the latter to back you up. This week’s full Moon (eclipse free!), in your 2nd brings you to a feel-good place where you understand all your attempts no matter their results, have combined to add to your self-worth. The result is a new you flies free fierce and super-confident. We can’t rule out this may attract in a new relationships dynamic where someone – a potential lover, friend or workmate, reflects that rebooted vibe. The universe recognises all you’ve learned. Rewards are on their way. Don’t look back.

In a nutshell: No more focussing on those results you think of as failures, Libra. Dwelling on the past no longer serves as you don’t live there any more. Face forward into the future, with a fresh sense of your own worth.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (12th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (2nd)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (7th)


Take a deep dive

Is that longing healthy?

All in love needs to be equal

Anyone who knows anything about your sign understands that there’s always so much going on below the surface with a Scorpio. Superficial just does not cut it with you. At least not over the long term.

This week you may be running even deeper than usual with the full Moon in your sign (23rd). You will be extremely choosy when it comes to sharing those those innermost thoughts, wishes and dreams for instance. That is unless you truly believe someone is on the same, oh-so-deep and resonant, wavelength as you.

If you’re harbouring a secret passion or crush, you may be torn between revealing all to the object of your affections or else continuing to submerge yourself in all that longing. But do ask – is this healthy? Especially if you have a history of falling for someone who is unavailable? What the shift happening in the sky wants for you right now, is open, reciprocal love. Do take care with anything that doesn’t come under that.

Sure, you need to be cautious with who you do share your confidences with. But be equally discerning as to who also gets your love and devotion. Especially if you are in love all by yourself. Think that maybe your true soulmate is yourself and cultivate that connection instead.

Healthy choices abound as Mercury finally shifts direct in its ruling 6th in your chart (25th). Between now and the middle of May when it clears its retroshadow, refine your choices and continue to look to that routine. We can get to the point we don’t see the wood for the trees. Making the ‘safe’ choice because that’s the one we always gravitate towards. Change your default setting now, Scorpio. You’re more than willing to do the soul-searching and look realistically at what this gets you. And also to discover that better option – in love or any other area.

In a nutshell: A little (or a lot) of what does you good needs to be your focus this week. Is it time to ditch unhealthy and imbalanced choices? This week’s full Moon highlights what you need. Which can be very different to what you think you want.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (11th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (1st)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (6th)

mercury and venus in sagittariusSagittarius

If it returns from the past it has your name on it

Don’t ignore that whisper telling you to try

Get ready for a revival

The Second Chance Saloon welcomes you with ruler Jupiter as your friendly Cheers bar tender. And what you want is on the house. You’re exactly one month away from it changing signs. With a full Moon in your sector of inspiration and the past, harness this energy and use it to travel back to familiar places or catch up with old friends. Mercury now direct in your 5th (25th), is all about a love revival.

This includes reviving things you love to do – those hobbies, passions and pastimes. Re-exploring these could lead to unexpected opportunities, a chance to shine or even unlooked for romance. Your lifestyle, work, wellbeing and studies are also areas to receive a final Jupiter upgrade. And yes, it’s all inter-connected this week.

Whatever you do, don’t dismiss those inner prompts telling you to look closer or to explore another option. That ‘crazy’, ‘impulsive’, blue sky, out-of-bounds impulse could be the one you need to follow up on. Also, under this full Moon do watch for those you meet and connect with. There could be something bigger at work for you.

This is your full Moon which tells you that there’s no such thing as ‘chance’, random events or coincidences. Synchronicity and serendipity combine for powerful magic – and results. You engage simply by following through on those ideas around people and what you love. And you could find yourself in exactly the right place at the right time.

In a nutshell: Coincidence? Hardly. Follow the prompts of your higher self and watch how serendipity moves to place what you need in your path. And if something revives this week – take it that the timing is right.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (10th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (12th)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (5th)

moon capCapricorn

Focus close to home to set yourself up for freedom

You’ve more tools to call on than you think

No matter how unexpected – you got this!

This week’s full Moon could be testing your beliefs around how in control you are when it comes to home., family, lifestyle or even your cash. The Moon appears in your 11th house. It could bring a touch of the unforeseen or unexpected with it. Such as an expense for instance. Or someone close to you suddenly throwing a curve-ball your way. You may suddenly see that the only thing you are always in control of is your own responses. And this hands you the resources you need.

The full Moon is also in your sector of friends, connections and your goals. And in light of you appreciating your own coping skills, this also hands you a better sense of self-acceptance. And in doing so, you become more accepting of others in turn. This new open-mindedness acts as a powerful attraction magnet, bringing what you need – people, solutions, resources, into your orbit as if by magic.

Even if you do have to deal with something close to home as Mercury shunts forwards once more, there’s a growing sense of freedom building. You’re eager to either move towards something new. Or kick-start it. This week leaves you with a new sense of your skill set. No matter what it is you’re aiming for – you know you have what it takes to make it happen.

In a nutshell: Something last minute and unexpected could see you putting your plans on the back burner (again). Don’t worry if so. You have all you need to sort it. And once you have – you’ll find yourself released to go in any direction you want.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (9th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (11th)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (4th)


Redefine the term ‘Charm Offensive’

Don’t be afraid to ask a second time

Tie up loose ends and bring projects to completion

Get your charm on. And use it how you will. It’s not just flirtation but you launching an offensive that is designed to show you can serve serious and seductive both at the same time. Be this for that idea or pitch that none can resist. Or that personal allure.

This week’s full Moon brings an intense focus on something you want to attain or achieve. And there’s that old saying that you catch more with honey than you do with vinegar. You bring an incredible insight into what others may be seeking. And craft your approach accordingly. But behind all this is knowing the result you’re after. And your confidence in your own abilities to get it.

Mercury rocks on into direct motion in its ruling 3rd (25th), further enhancing your ability to get your message across. Yes, it will has to clear retro-shade but it clears the way for forward progress. If you have had a professional refusal in the past – either been knocked back for a job, lost a pitch or sale, try approaching again. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome this time around.

Do tie up any loose ends now. And do what you can to bring anything left incomplete to a conclusion. Next month is about to hand you a primal shift and a big new beginning. If you are not actively seeking anything new – at least on a conscious level, you can expect it to come looking for you. So make room now.

In a nutshell: You’re serving sweetness but wrapped up with some serious intention, Aquarius. You understand that the key to getting what you want is knowing exactly the result you’re after. Second time around could just be your charm.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (8th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (10th)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (3rd)

full moon in piscesPisces

Audacious you brings luck on side

Dance in the vortex of creation

Move effortlessly into flow

Get a little audacity happening this week. How about a side-order of mischief with that? A shot of light-hearted fun perhaps? And don’t forget a sprinkle of sass. The full Moon in your 9th wants you to lighten up and take a chance. Maybe just on yourself.

It’s message is that it’s only hard work if you think of it that way. Flow is both a state of being and a destination. And we could even argue, a belief in itself. One you can link to as Mercury heads direct in your 2nd (25th). That’s your house of self-worth and deservedness. So, are you buying into the belief that having what you desire requires sacrifice and struggle? Is flow your answer and an antidote? As well as the key to manifestation?

The only way you can stay outside the current is to not take action. Look closely at what practical steps need to be taken and even if it looks daunting, break it down into steps. Like a dance. Because flow means dancing with life. Travel, movement, solutions may feature. Especially between now and the middle of May. In fact, if you date stamp this, you’ll discover that by the end of the second week of next month, you’ve accomplished something or created an opportunity with effortless ease. Simple. Who knew? You did, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Let go of any residual ideas that life is supposed to be about struggle. Allowing for a more effortless approach could just bring you the result you’ve been straining for. The fact is – flow is a state of being. And a belief system.

22 Apr 2024 Juno direct in Virgo (7th)

23 Apr 2024 Full Moon in Scorpio (9th)

25 Apr 2024 Mercury stationary direct in Aries (2nd)

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