Weekly Horoscopes August 28th 2023 Full Moon in Pisces

full moon in pisces

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Look to your personal evolution

Explore your 100 Psychic Senses

A blue light creates reality from dreams

All the outer planets are retrograde. Meaning we need to go deep on a soul collective level right now. And look to our evolutionary tale as Uranus turns retroactive in Taurus and your money zone. Do keep in mind that Venus, which rules this house, is not direct until next week. So, do continue to keep an eye on your spending. And also ensure you have enough for unexpected expenses which can catch you unawares!

This week brings the second full Moon of August – so yes, this is a Blue Moon. It’s also a Supermoon. And the second super-sized full Moon this Moon. It appears in your 12th – where your 100 Psychic Senses reside. Enhancing your intuitive and creative gifts. But also offering healing insights into why you opt for the choices you make. And the emotions behind these. It’s the blue line between the dots that joins them in a way you may not have seen before.

There’s more in your Full Super Blue Moon in Pisces Moonscope. Uranus rules our future. And retro combined with this Blue Moon, tells us that if we imagine a different one for ourselves, and if we can capture the emotional experience of what that would be like, we can create it for ourselves. Give your imagination free rein and dive in, Aries. What you have not previously dared to imagine yourself becoming – become that now.

In a nutshell: What separates the world of dreams, fantasy and imagination from reality is simply our ability to emotionally connect to how living it would feel. This week’s rare Super Blue Full Moon shows you just how this can be done, Aries.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (2nd)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (12th)

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Consolidate that vision

Make a wish

There are no No Go areas now

Ruler Venus remains retroactive until next week, Taurus. And then do keep in mind that just like when Mercury heads direct again, it does need to clear its retroshadow before we can be certain we are free of those reversals. This week also sees Uranus stall and then move backwards in your 1st. At which point all the outer planets are retrograde. This peaks the retro weather front with six planets retrograde. If ever there was a phase which says: Hold Your Position in ‘23 – this is it.

Avoid anything new now. Especially if it involves love or your money. Hold fast to those values which Uranus wants you to refine. And if this all sounds frustrating and slightly grim – don’t see it that way. It’s about consolidation and ultimate satisfaction. Not just now. But for your future. Do get clear on what you want this future to deliver, Taurus. What it looks like. This week’s Super Blue Full Moon appears in your 11th house – which Uranus rules.

It tells you to let go of No Go Areas in your life. Of telling yourself something isn’t for you. Or pre-judging people, situations, opportunities and labelling them. The latter are No Go Areas that are self-created. And represent our biggest barriers to happiness and getting what we want. This Blue Moon serves clarity around issues such as these. And also enticing new connections, friendships and social groups which are linked to future potential. Saying: That’s not my scene keeps you stuck. Don’t forget, Jupiter in your sign has your back. But also it invites. It never compels. Pro tip: Make a wish under this Blue Moon. Jupiter is listening.

In a nutshell: A powerful Blue supermooon in your house of the future asks you remove barriers between yourself and where you want to get to. Telling yourself something is not for you being one of them. Access All Areas by embracing all that’s on offer, Taurus.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (1st)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (11th)


It’s all Need to Know and yes, you need to!

What’s on solid ground is built to last

The blue spotlight singles you out for attention

The retro weather storm increases in intensity this week as Uranus shifts into reverse in your 12th. This sees all the outer planets backwards along with ruler Mercury in your 4th and Venus in your 3rd. Venus will head direct as of next week. But being the Retro Boss, you know to stick to the rules, Gemini. With Uranus retro, everything is now on a Need to Know basis. Uranus rules revelations. Especially the kind linked to what is holding us back or keeping us from living our authentic truth. We’re electrified, shocked and illuminated by it all at the same time. There’s a clear link here with the card of The Tower in the Tarot. A bolt of lightning collapses it and shakes the figures from what they thought was solid. But this is a good thing. Uranus says you DO need to know.

This week’s Super Blue Full Moon – the second full Moon and the second full Supermoon of the month, appears in your house of foundation, career and structure on the 31st. If what you have build is rock solid – then it can’t fall down. In fact, you can take it higher now. Rewards and recognition could be on offer. And this is your house of public image. Many of you could receive a welcome professional or personal boost.

Anything on shaky ground? That could be rattled. Certainly the truth around your choices, the path you have chosen, the satisfaction you get from this, or even the trust you place in others, is what is picked out in this bold blue light. Now you’ve been it – you can’t un-see it, Gemini. You may also be cast in the best possible light as this Moon enhances that rep and that desirability as a candidate. Be this for a position in someone’s organisation – or someone’s heart. Do werk your truth for all you’re worth, Gemini. Others need to know about all you have to offer. More in your Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces Moonscope.

In a nutshell: It’s a week to banish self-doubts, Gemini. And also one where you don’t sell yourself short. Either professionally. Or personally for that matter. The Blue Supermoon highlights all you have to offer. Step up to boss level!

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (12th)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (10th)

july horoscopesCANCER

Old goals contain old gold

Step towards a fresh destination

Capture that North Star

Uranus turns retroactive in its ruling house (11th) from the 29th. This now sees all the outer planets retrograde from Saturn outwards. Next week, Venus will head direct in your 2nd – which it rules. But Jupiter will join Uranus. Plus you also have Mercury retrograde in its ruling 3rd.

The need to steer clear of new endeavours cannot be over-sold. These include love affairs, signing contracts, entering into fresh financial agreements, seeking a new job, buying large, expensive items or booking that trip. Once Jupiter joins the retro-action from Sept 4, you do have a green light to go mining lost opportunities. Or revive those old goals and dreams.

This week brings one of the most powerful full Moons of the year. It appears in your 9th house which Jupiter rules. Both by house and by sign as it is the ancient ruler of Pisces. This is the second full Moon of August. And also the second supermoon. So, it is a Super Blue Moon.

This is your house of long distance travel, foreign affairs of all kinds, mass media, big business, religion and philosophy, academia, the law and the outdoors. Something higher, bigger, eye-opening and breathtaking is making itself known, Cancer. You will be aware of something pulling you towards it. A destination, knowledge, a big dream. If you are travelling – whether short distances or far, far away, do keep the retro rules firmly in mind. But this Blue Moon could deliver an opportunity, a solution or an experience that is heaven-sent. And broadens your horizons as it does. This is your North Star moment. Head towards it. More on your direction in your Super Blue Moon in Pisces Moonscope.

In a nutshell: Hold off from the new for just a while longer, Cancer. It’s with the old the magic can still be found. This week’s Blue Supermoon reopens a lost path. Or a fresh direction towards reclaiming that old dream.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (11th)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (9th)

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Reawaken self-belief

Widen that focus

Claim your power!

Venus remains retrograde in your 1st until next week. Mercury is retro in your 2nd. Uranus retro in your 10th from the 29th sees all the outer planets from Saturn onwards, in full reverse. And Jupiter also in your 10th joins them next week.

Look at where progress is blocked now. Or where you are holding too tightly on to one definition of success. Some of the energy around this can be linked to the card of the Four of Pentacles in the Tarot. The figure clutches the coins so tightly they keep them safe. But at the same time, nothing is moving and they are so focussed on doing this they have blinded themselves to better alternatives depicted in the castle behind them. You can achieve so much from this retro weather if you tune into these themes and see where they may be operating in your life.

You’ll find shifting your perspective easier than you think under the Super Blue Full Moon in your 8th (31st). A blue moon occurs when there are two full Moons in a given month. It just so happens both full Moons have been supermoons. Supersizing their emotional pull on our souls. This one wants to remind you of your power, Leo. And this is always linked to what we want to achieve. When we attain a goal, we feel empowered. And this also in turn raises the bar on our self-worth. We then have a ‘Next!’ mindset because we know we got this. We have the tools, the talent and the track record to prove it. This Blue Moon along with the retro-weather, combine to show you that whatever you need or have to do, whatever you need to negotiate or change, you have the power to make it happen. The ‘Blues’ come from feeling we can’t change things. Now you know – you can. Plug into empowerment in your Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces Moonscope.

In a nutshell: You’re still wading through heavy retro weather. Especially when it comes to love, Leo. But this week’s Blue Supermoon reawakens you to your own immense potential. You’re a powerhouse of purpose. Use this to fuel those changes.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (10th)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (8th)

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Remove barriers to connection

Who’s your opposite number?

Love is ready to be awakened

What’s really blocking that forward motion is revealed to you once Uranus turns retrograde in your 9th. It joins ruler Mercury backwards in your sign, Venus in your 12th, and then all the outer planets from Saturn onwards. Venus will head direct again next week. But Jupiter will then join the retro party and reverse in its ruling 9th. This is the most intense retrograde weather front we have experienced for some time. And certainly the biggest for ‘23. It does have a purpose however and for you, it is to show you exactly what holds you back. This may come as a revelation as it may not be what you think. But once you see it, you can remove it.

This week also hands us a Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces and your 7th house. What’s between you and the love you seek, Virgo? A Blue Moon is the second of two full Moons in a given month. And both full Moons have been supermoons. Which is a very rare event. Look to who is standing in that bold, blue light for you. This could be your spouse, long term lover, work associate, Ride or Die, or even that rival or frenemy. Maybe what this Blue Moon exposes fits the lyrics of the classic song ‘You saw me standing alone’. If you are alone in terms of having that partner, this Moon can shine on new potential waiting to awaken next month. Don’t hurry. Remember – this is Venus’s ruling house. And Venus is backwards. However, a love from your past or a love revival? Feel the closeness again. Watch what comes through for you in September. It’s linked to who or what, this blue light shines on. More in your Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces Moonscope.

In a nutshell: The Blue Supermoon in your house of partnerships shines on one particular duo, duet or double act. Or that vacancy waiting to be filled. What’s between you and getting what you want? You can spot that too.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (9th)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (7th)

libra mainLIBRA

Reset those priorities

Carve out sacred ‘Me’ time

Your work/life balance shifts

Choices and changes appear this week. Triggered by both Uranus adding to the retro weather in your 8th. And a Super Blue Full Moon in your 6th. Ruler Venus remains retroactive in your 11th up until next week. And do keep in mind it will take time to clear that shady retro-patch. Mercury is retro in your 12th. And as Uranus moves backwards, this means all the outer planets from Saturn are backwards. Sept 4 and Jupiter reverses. But this can bring you the opportunity to grasp opportunities or reset your priorities. Lost your mojo lately? You can reclaim that too.

Moonwalking out of the financial blues is possible. As it simply stepping off that treadmill if that’s what life has started to feel like recently. You may have been feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Running, running, turning, turning, always in action but getting nowhere. This Blue Moon – the name given to the second of two full Moons in a month, is a rare event. Both the August full moons have been supermoons which is rarer still. This is a big pause button for you where you stop spinning. Or simply elect to no longer do things at the speed others dictate. By consciously doing this and setting limits, choices are revealed which you were previously blind to. Such as you can choose to do things differently. Not at all. Or elect a radically different choice. Across your work, your sexiness and your money. Big benefits are waiting. Stop spinning and start living again, Libra. More in your Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces Moonscope.

In a nutshell: The important of those priorities cannot be over-sold, Libra. It could be you need to put in some boundaries. See your time as a sacred thing. A precious resource. Don’t be afraid to use this week’s Blue Supermoon to show others – some things just aren’t negoitable.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (8th)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (6th)


Know what love expects from you

Explore magic, fantasy and imagination

Follow your heart

Both your love houses are impacted by this week’s major astral events. First we have Uranus slamming on the brakes in your 7th. This means that not only is the ruler of this sign/house -Venus, retrograde in your 10th, but also that all the outer planets from Saturn onwards are now retroactive. Including ruler Pluto back in your 3rd. Retro Saturn is also in your 5th along with retro Neptune.

Next week, Venus will head direct once more, but Jupiter in your 7th joins the retro movement. Stops and starts in dynamic and dramatic duos, duets and double acts feature. However, along with this comes a need to know. The need to know where you stand or where things are going from this point onwards.

A Super Blue Full Moon shines out from your 5th (31st), the other major astro event this week. A Blue moon occurs when we have two full Moons in a month. And both full Moons have been super moons which is super rare! Yes, it shines on lovers but do keep in mind that Venus retro. If you are dating you still need to exercise caution. DO find out what that prospective boo is seeking. And listen carefully to their answer. Do not think you can change their mind if this is not what you want. Yes, we know you are irresistible, phoenix. But take them at their word.

This is your moon for a moondance with your existing partner. To explore the magic of fantasy (in or out of the bedroom), your creative imagination, to play and to take an open hearted approach. Yes, do ask the questions that get you the answers you seek. Babies, children, those younger than you may feature. This Moon asks you to follow your heart. Wherever it wants to take you. The journey is outlined in your Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces Moonscope.

In a nutshell: It’s a blue moon. It’s a supermoon. It’s a Super Blue Moon! It brings a fantastic magical quality with it. Enhancing love, lovers and all and who you love. Take a journey with someone into the realm of imagination. It’s a fabulous night for a moondance.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (7th)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (5th)

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Say no – guilt free!

Reset your schedule

Enter your sacred space

Uranus continues its work and wellbeing revolution for you as it shifts to backwards motion in your 6th (29th). Ruler Jupiter is also in here and that too will turn back from next week onwards. During this cycle, you will experience a big shift in your work or daily priorities. Expect liberation, Sag!

Uranus’ shift brings the total number of planets retrograde now to six. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Venus will head direct in your 9th as of next week. But then Jupiter takes its place at the backwards facing table. This is one of the most intense retro cycles we have seen this year. But the retro weather serves a purpose. It slows us down so we can focus on the things we are usually too preoccupied or busy to see.

That shift in your priorities ripples across your entire work/life axis. What you need to place more value, emphasis or energy into. What needs to become sacred and not for sale. Or not intruded upon. The simple act of turning off your devices and insisting others do the same when eating together as a family for instance. Communicating to your boss in the most respective but firm way that you are now off the clock. Saying no to taking on more – and not feeling guilty about it.

The Super Blue Full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th heightens your sensitivity and insight. But now sees you applying these to you, what supports and sustains you. And yes, has you able to say no to those demands. Or simply unplug if needed. A Blue Moon is when we have two full Moons in a month. Both the August moons have been supermoons. Which is pretty rare. Prioritise what nurtures you, Sag. It’s the ultimate act of self-care and wellbeing.

In a nutshell: What does real self-care look like for you, Sag? It should be more than scented candles and bath bombs under the Full Blue Supermoon. It’s about sacred time. And sacred space. And not feeling guilty about saying no in order to keep them exactly that. Sacred.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (6th)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (4th)


Your choices – surprising

Your truth – revealing

Truth, freedom, beauty, love – the revolution intensifies!

Uranus is leading the love revolution in your 5th. Freedom, Truth, Beauty, Love. With of course added opulence and indulgence now Jupiter is also in here. This week sees Uranus retrograde in here. All the outer planets from ruler Saturn and now backwards. Mercury is retrograde in your 9th and Venus in your 8th. So, six planets in reverse and just Mars, Jupiter and Ceres direct.

Next week sees Venus direct again but Jupiter will reverse. So, we have six planets retrograde. Handing us the most intense retrograde weather of ‘23. You are about to make a new, surprising, radical or revolutionary choice in love, what you love, where you love or your creativity, Cappy. This may literally come ‘out of the blue’. Watch out!

The surprise news could arrive sooner than you think thanks to the Super Blue Full Moon in your 3rd (31st). Why so blue? That’s the shade of the second full Moon in a month! Also, both August full Moons have been supermoons. Which is super-rare in itself. The news is not about the blues, however. It could bring about a new direction, a journey, an opportunity, an invitation, a reunion or solution you’ve been seeking or hoping for. It is the bridge between your past and what your future holds. Someone says yes to you. You set a communication chain in motion which brings a sweet, surprising result. A meeting turns into so much more. A piece of information is hugely significant. No matter how it arrives or what it contains, the essence of it is love. Look closer and you’ll find the meaning hidden in there somewhere. Lost in translation? Check your Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces Moonscope.

In a nutshell: What you choose or say in the name of love may be the most surprising thing about this week, Capricorn. You can blame the Blue Supermoon in your house of Say It Anyway, for this. But that choice – radical but so freeing.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (5th)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (3rd)


Any moves are the right moves now

Explore the abundance/acceptance dynamic

Be open to receive

Ruler Uranus retrogrades this week in your home sector. This brings the total backwards planets to six. Next week Venus in its ruling 7th in your chart will finally head direct again. However, Jupiter also in your 4th joins the retro movement. This is the most intense retro weather we’ve experienced this year. Everything is either on hold, unpredictable or not turning out the way we’d hoped. Do keep in mind with your ruler – if something doesn’t happen the way you’d like or when, that’s because something better is on offer. You just have to wait for it to be revealed.

Property matters may stall, fluctuate or simply collapse. That buyer doesn’t have the finance after all. Your renovation is delayed due to your contractor being unable to get supplies. Your airbnb guest cancels. Your landlord serves you notice. All Uranus backwards in your 4th scenarios. Do keep in mind if faced with any variations on this theme – Jupiter’s got you covered and rules spectacular, last minute, Hail Mary passes.

The Super Blue Full Moon in your 2nd (31st), connects you to your true feelings around worth, being worthy, abundance and acceptance. Abundance and acceptance are the two sides of the same coin. Just as love and money are. In order to receive abundance we need to know we are worthy of it. And this enables us to accept it. If the circuit is broken, the current doesn’t flow. That’s why is called ‘currency’. A blue moon only occurs where we have two full moons in a month. That’s rare. What’s rarer still is both full moons being supermoons. So, look to your ability to receive. The flow of abundance into your life is the one thing that doesn’t have to be on hold. More in your Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces Moonscope.

In a nutshell: Ruler Uranus retro in your home sector could upend moving or property plans. Just see this as a delay that turns out to your benefit, Aquarius. This week’s Super Blue Moon is all about your ability to receive. How all-embracing and open are you truly?

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (4th)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (2nd)

full moon in piscesPISCES

True blue love shines out

A new direction springs from an old path

Your focus is right where it needs to be

Not just any full Moon in your 1st, Pisces. But a Blue Supermoon. A Blue moon is the second of two full Moons in a month. The chances of both full Moons being supermoons? Extremely rare. Ana opposite number – a past, present or potential partner, provides a revelation for you under it. This could be anyone from your spouse, a long term lover, a friend, a co-worker or even that rival or opponent. This is directly related to you and your needs. Or your future together. Or both.

Do keep in mind that you have heavy retro weather in your 1st. Ruler Neptune and also Saturn are backwards in here. Plus Venus which rules your love life is retro until next week in your 6th. While Mercury is retrograde in Venus’s ruling 7th. There is a sense of cooperation here even amongst the stickiness of potential reversals and delays. This combined with the Blue Moon could actually work in your favour. Bringing you a rare moment when you and another align and activate a shared potential together. More in your Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces Moonscope.

Uranus retrograde in your 3rd could open up a surprising way to achieve this. Go back over old messages, information, books, research. Even websites. Do keep in mind that this is your house of documents and contracts. I should not need to tell you that you should not be signing anything important with Mercury still retro. If you cannot avoid this – go back over it or get an expert to do this. It could be you missed something the first time around. Something that shouldn’t be ignored. Your attention is no longer diverted but where it needs to be now. On what is being said, what is left unsaid and all the subtext in between. As of next week – Jupiter translates.

In a nutshell: True blue love shines in its own right under this week’s Super Blue Full Moon in your sign. When it comes to projects or the information you need, a little backtracking or re-reading unearths a missing element. Intuition tells you what needs a second look.

29 Aug 2023 Uranus stationary retrograde in Taurus (3rd)

31 Aug 2023 Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces (1st)


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