Your New Moon in Scorpio Moonscope 13 November 2023

new moon in scorpio

Your New Moon in Scorpio Moonscope 13 November 2023

Passionate. Powerful. Transformative. Surprising. Unpredictable. Just some of the adjectives which can be applied to one of the most intense new Moons of the year. It appears at 20o Scorpio in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. This is the change we don’t see coming. The inventive, awakening shift we need to take in our evolutionary journeys. The electric charge that defibrillates our lives if we have become stuck and afraid to move forward. It also plugs us into the power of our inner genius. As we call upon it in order to be reborn into a new cycle. 

Feel alive under this new Moon. It’s energy will provide the fuel for a powerful change to occur in a key area over the next month. Set your intentions. Know you can. The more ancient symbol of Scorpio is the phoenix. Which is why I often refer to Scorpios as this in forecasts. Like the fiery bird of mythology we rise glowing from the ashes of our past. In totally new and unexpected ways. 


full moon in aries

Spiritually naked and unafraid. Fully in your power. That’s you under this new Moon, Aries. 

You’ve no time for pretenses now. Uranus in the mix demands you live your truth when it comes to your values. That’s the naked part. The fierce, unafraid element is fuelled by the fire of desire and actively embracing a much-needed change. 

This new Moon draws to the surface all those times in the past when changes swept you up and took you in a fresh direction. Whether you initiated them or whether they rushed in like a tide of surprise. Look back at what the results were. You soared. You flew. You flexed your talents, your hidden abilities. You reconnected with the richness within and your alchemical self if you had lost that. That’s what’s happening now. Money and resources. Power and control are themes which may feature. An unexpected change that knocks you onto a new path filled with new discoveries. You transcend your present circumstances or fly free of something holding you back. That glow is restored. Feel powerful again, Aries. 


Knowing what you want is always the first step to actually getting it, Taurus. To really know what that is, you first have to get to know yourself. Really, really intimately well. Funny how we often skip this essential step in our quest for love and relating. As with anything worthwhile, there are no short cuts.

So, if love hasn’t been delivering on what you ordered, this new Moon opposition Uranus in your 1st, tells you its time for a radical approach. Instead of looking outward and finding others simply don’t fit the bill, you need to look inwards and discover exactly what that bill is. Getting to know the real you in other words. And what you really want.

It’s the key to better relationships all round. Whether you are single, seeking or settled. Because if you can’t answer this question, even if you have a partner, they can’t deliver on your real needs. No matter how hard they may try. This is the moment where true love begins with you. And also with ‘It’s not you, it’s me’. 

If you are single and seeking, taking time out with this refines your search and also changes up your energy. You stop projecting qualities onto people they simply don’t have. No more disappointments. Codependent relationships and attracting time wasters becomes a thing of the past. Settleds can communicate their needs so much more directly. And meet their partners needs in return. If that sounds like love to you, the real deal is now on offer. Love yourself enough to take the time to discover what you really want and need, Taurus.



What do they say, Gemini? That the devil is in the details. Overlook these in the next month and you’ll simply end up with chaos, confusion and one mess after another to clear up. The more organised you are, the more smoothly life will flow for you. Yes, it all sounds boring but schedules, systems, organising, timetables, knowing where you are supposed to be when, deadlines and decluttering are all your friends in the coming weeks. 

The new Moon in your 6th of work and wellness, opposes maverick Uranus in your 12th of soul truths and inspiration. You make a connection between two unrelated parts of your life which you could not see before. It changes your outlook. And also what you do from that moment on. Prepare to have the blinders removed around something integral to your path and purpose. Or simply around something which is having a bigger impact on your life than you previously imagined.

Now you see it – you can’t un-see it. But have to act in the insight given. Take radical steps as needed especially if your conclusion is that it is affecting you negatively. And potentially more seriously than you imagined. This is an excellent new moon under which to seek a new job, course of study, make permanent lifestyle changes or launch that project or idea. 

You need to be engaged in something which adds meaning to your life and contributes in some way to the world in general. It does not have to be paid employment. But the criteria it has to fill is that you feel you have contributed something to something or someone each day. You’ll experience first hand the effects of having this or not having this. The couch days are over, Gemini. Just do the work.


weekly astrology

The spark of conception ignites! Ideas take flight. Hearts are on fire. Goals and dreams feature with a new Moon in your 5th opposition Uranus in its ruling 11th. As will the people you know and meet now.

Looking for love? It actually is all around you. And could find you when and where you least expect it. This is your new moon under which to take a chance on something. That idea. That fresh approach. Putting yourself out there. Settlers could feel like honeymooners. No matter your age or relationship status, you rekindle your passion and youth under this new moon. 

This is your house of babies, children and young people. Ditch ideas around the generation gap. If you have children spend time with them really listening to their views, opinions and ideas. Take time out to participate with them with their hobbies. How far did the apple fall from the tree? Maybe not that far after all. 

A tantalising offer, proposition or opportunity should come in the next few weeks. Are you ready to accept it? Are there any areas in your life that you would describe as being ‘lackluster’? Or is this how you now feel about yourself and how you look? This is the perfect new Moon under which to indulge in a radical fabulization if so. That spark that ignites that idea could conceive of a glamorous new you. A little indulgence does you good, Cancer. And as this is your most powerful new moon of the year when it comes to attraction,  you have to feel your best to attract it in the first place. Get a green light for indulgence now.



The new Moon in the moon’s ruling 4th opposition Uranus in your 10th needs you to understand this is your life. So, own it Leo.

Back in the late ‘70’s, Billy Joel wrote what should be your anthem under this new moon – My Life. Yes this new Moon is in your house of home, family, roots, lifestyle and living arrangements. But because this house also rules your path in life, the new moon in here has a secret superpower it will bestow upon you. Especially with genius, maverick Uranus in the mix! Uranus rules our individuality. So, own that, own your path and the secret moon sauce sees the Wheel of Fortune turn in your favour in the upcoming month. Not many astrologers know this.

Any new moon always ignites a spark of intention in a key area of your life, Leo. That is because your ruler the Sun and Moon are conjunct. For you, the Sun always adds that extra fire to the emotional journey you are about to begin. That Wheel of Fortune spin, that path defining moment, means you are no longer to life your life on anyone else’s terms but your own. Of course, this doesn’t mean you ignore the needs of those you care about. But you stake your claim on your right to live your life your way. 

A new path or experience is opening up for you. Or will do, unexpectedly, between this new moon and the next. You can step onto it or ignore it. It’s up to you because it’s your choice. Look to those who surround you who support you no matter what that is. They support your growth and freedom. Don’t stick with what’s familiar out of fear, Leo. Live large instead.



When we change our minds, we change our world. That’s what’s on offer with the new Moon in your 3rd opposition Uranus in your 9th. Doors to infinite possibilities swing wide. But you need to be adaptable, flexible and yes, open-minded to make the most of them.

Ideas send you down rabbit holes of information. It’s a wonderland if you dare to explore it. Expect new, interesting and unusual individuals to cross your path in the coming month. Dwellers on thresholds of new possibilities for you. They show you just what else is ‘out there’ should you care to accept the invitation to go experience it for yourself.

Above all, you do need to act on your ideas. It’s no use talking a good game. You need to bring it. Or act on it. As well as news, invitations, messages, followers, you can expect to be on the move. Maybe not far in terms of distance. But eye opening nonetheless. Work, writing, communication, study, commerce, advertising, marketing, PR and the internet are all favoured under this new moon. As well as upgrading your technology or devices which Uranus rules. Get appy, Virgo. One innovation could make work or what you do easier. Or maybe you are the innovator.

Uranus brings blue sky thinking. The buzz. The ability to turn something on its head, shake it, reset it and make from it something even better. Give your inner entrepreneur or inventor permission to experiment. Above all, if you have something to say, submit or share, there’s no more keeping it to yourself, Virgo. That conversation you start – even an internal one, opens minds and opportunities this month.

venus in libra


Hello there, you up in the stars! Yes, I’m talking to you, Libra. You can keep your head in the stars but do ensure your feet are firmly planted on the ground when it comes to money, assets, your resources and those all-important values in the coming month.

The new moon in your 2nd wants you to get real when it comes to working with what you have at your disposal right now. Not what you wish you had. Or will have at some future date. Lucky for you, Uranus the innovator is in the mix. Showing you fresh ways to use what you have. Or simply make it go further.

This new moon is about to define your priorities. Because very often the bottom line boils down to not how much we earn or is available, but how we spend or direct it. You may decide that something that was once worth budgeting for, no longer is. Another area is more important. So, you direct your available resources there instead. 

All this requires you take a pragmatic, practical approach to managing your assets. You included. Your best asset. Time to own all you are. And also protect that. You don’t give yourself away to those who don’t appreciate you or treat you as valuable. This new moon has you projecting that so much more clearly and effectively. In fact, you’ll see any connections which aren’t aligned to your value system simply dissolve or fall away without drama. Possibly because you simply move off in a fresh direction.

Be real, be authentic and work what you have to your best advantage. Don’t make this about money per se. But between now and next month, be prepared to count the benefits in cash too.


You are at your most fierce, outgoing and confident under this new moon, Scorpio. But even as you showcase the latest, most daring version of you yet, as usual with you, you’re keeping something hidden. There’s an inner reflection still happening within which all that retina-scorching dazzle blinds only the most sensitive to. Of course, that one special someone close to you sees through it. And may ask you what else is going on. And yes, you will reveal it. But only to the most trusted members of your extreme inner circle.

There’s something about you that’s ahead of the curve now. And maybe its those ideas that you are keeping to yourself. Or cherry picking who you share them with. The new moons opposition to Uranus in your 7th points to changes. In your thinking. In what you want from partnerships. Even in where you live or the work that you do. Even as you outwardly radiate, inwardly you’re playing with ideas and innovations in the crucible of your mind. You realise you’re craving something different for your new cycle. And what you’re refining now is what and how to bring it about.

Be playful, don’t be afraid to experiment, be outrageously bold one moment and then don’t be afraid to downshift and withdraw the next. This is very much YOUR cycle, phoenix. And you set the pace. Be in the moment and squeeze every job of juice from it. Even as another part of your mind is off exploring future possibilities! It’s your birthday season after all. So – expect surprises.


This is the final new moon before your new cycle. Sag. So, do take time out to keep a diary of your thoughts. Where your emotions are flowing today. Yes, a Mood Diary. The very act of being more present and mindful of our emotions, means we begin to control our emotional state. We don’t deny our feels. Or tell ourselves we shouldn’t feel the way we do. Instead we allow them full expression. On the page and in real time! Let me tell you right now – your feelings are already thanking you. 

This exercise sounds really easy and simplistic. And yes, on the surface it is. But don’t for one minute think this is nothing but a daily diary dump. This exercise, should you choose to accept it, is going to uncover the reasons why you feel the way you do right now. And this can take you on a journey of discovery to the past. Make no mistake. There’s nothing self-indulgent or superficial about it. 

Very often we have no real idea why we are reacting to something happening in the present with the intensity that we are. And are unaware that the extreme emotions stirred up actually stem from another event in the past. The act of writing, pen to paper, not typing, opens up synapses and pathways, allowing our higher self to uncover those connections. Ahead of your fresh cycle next month, its important that you identify and release these once and for all. Uranus says yes, there’s work to be done, Sag. But you’ll about to discover the journey within leads to massive improvements in your outer world if you are simply willing to do it.



What has you ‘shut in’, Cappy? That work schedule? Responsibilities? Shyness? Or as with so many of us, post-lockdown social circle attrition – aka: loneliness? It can creep up on us unawares. It can affect anyone of any age, background, income, education level. It doesn’t discriminate. It transcends your relationship status too. You can be in a wonderful, loving, supportive relationship. But one person cannot fulfil all your needs for companionship. And it can put that relationship under immense strain if we look to that person to do that.

The new moon in your 11th ushers in a fresh phase in your social life as it opposes Uranus which rules this house in your chart. Time to make plenty of it for joining in, engaging in hobbies and activities you love that you can share with other people, finding your people and reconnecting to old friends. And yes, escaping whatever is keeping you from doing that.

What you need to know is that you have to make the effort. And also this is about friendship as opposed to romantic love. Channel your energy into that for now. Above all, be yourself. This is about authentic connections and acceptance. That’s what Uranus rules. So, don’t join in anything that isn’t a reflection of the real you and your interests. There’s a one-on-one friendship or small group caveat to this however. Just understand that sometimes its about you and that friend catching up and spending time together more than the actual place or experience you pick. 

This new moon will also bring up the important of one particular goal. You have to really, really want it. Or see you setting a new one. The more people you have to meet or connect with to make it happen – so much the better, Capricorn.


full moon in aquarius

The new Moon in your 10th opposes ruler Uranus in the moon’s ruling 4th. So, are you ready to bring it, Aquarius? To dare, to dazzle with your smarts and astound with your brilliance? To reveal yourself as diamond bright and faceted? This moon/Uranus opposition brings in a moment for you where you will be front of house or in the public eye in some way. When you can impress those in positions of power and prestige. It’s no time to be shy.

Go for gold. No half measures. Despite the power surge within you, do you feel blocked, restricted, held back in some way? Time to look unemotionally at what may be behind this. And once you identify what it is, to do something practical about it. Uranus hands you so many ways to demolish mountains into molehills.

This new moon is linked to your long term path. Some say karma or destiny. You will live with the implications of your actions (or inactions), for some time to come. It also asks you to let go of blaming others for your circumstances. But to own your past choices. And use that to make new ones in the present. No fate but the one you make under this new moon, Aquarius. Get creating.


full moon in pisces

If you feel you are taking a deep breath before a plunge under this new moon – that’s a perfect analogy, Pisces. You are in fact, poised on the brink of something big. You probably intuit this as a new moon in your 9th heightens your inner knowing and psychic abilities.

But you may not know what you’re about to enter yet. Breathtaking? Certainly! But the moon’s opposition to Uranus in your 3rd brings in a twist. An unexpected, unpredictable element. Think Bilbo Baggins and the unexpected journey. Sudden changes of plan. News which sweeps you along a different path. An opportunity or offer which looks very different to what you imagined it would. A change in direction or that route. Dragons and dwarfs notwithstanding. 

This moon can usher in a new cycle of expansion and exploration. A real or metaphorical journey. You could be traveling. Or embarking on a learning journey. That new position brings excitement and a steep learning curve, for instance. Luck appears out of the blue in the form of something that if you say yes to, will take you away from what’s familiar. Chances are you are already curious as to what’s waiting to be discovered, Pisces. If you want to go on another kind of journey, then take a chance and promote, share, show-off, exhibit, broadcast and brag about your talents, skills or even dreams. And dare to discover just what can happen if you do. This moon tells you: You’ll never know until you try.


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