Your New Moon in Taurus Moonscope May 8th 2024

New Moon in Taurus

Your New Moon in Taurus Moonscope May 8th 2024

After all the intense eclipse energy of March and April, the Taurus new moon is a breath of new beginnings for all signs.

It appears at 18 degrees of Taurus on May 8. It’s a new Moon of planting and also when we see the first real signs of what we have already sown for ourselves appear. Winter is past us. All the signs of spring are there. We feel the optimism and light return. Enticing us towards all the pleasures the physical and material plane has to offer us. And we can begin to see these in the context of sacred, spiritual experiences. This new Moon tells us – It’s the season.

Taurus is the sign of earthly joy, sensuality and being ruled by the planet Venus – love in all its physical forms. This includes love for the earth itself and all it gives us. As well as abundance and all the good things of life. Lush, languid, laid back appreciation. Think of the image of a bull resting in a sunlit meadow. The flip side is the Wall Street bull. ‘Bull market’ is derived directly from the Taurus symbol as it rules the money markets. Either are valid Taurus images.

In the Tarot, this new Moon is linked to the card of The Empress. Venus in physical form. Venus sits on a throne representing the stability we associate with Taurus. Usually depicted as pregnant, this represents the fertility and creativity surrounding this new Moon. Something we can all choose to channel. The Empress is surrounded by a ripe harvest and lush, overflowing countryside. In other words, all the abundance of Taurus.

As if that wasn’t good news enough, the Moon’s conjunction with Venus and Jupiter is super special. This Moon is bringing great good fortune, change, and all things love and abundance. Venus is Taurus’s ruler and is blessing us all with up vibes. If you want to manifest ANYTHING, this is probably the best moon of the year. Cast out insecurity and embrace your soul’s core strength. OK. Uranus is poking about adding something surprising to the cosmic sauce. Be prepared to stretch yourself and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts..

What we plant or create under this superbly nurturing new Moon will be ours to enjoy later. And both it and the card of The Empress remind us to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures of the here and now. How will this play out for your sign? Discover your indulgence below!

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

The pleasure principle should come naturally to you under this new Moon. But it may flow from an unexpected area or source, Aries. One that asks you to explore soul-centered sensuality and self-worth. An experience that goes beyond ‘Because you’re worth it’ slogans. This is all about adding to the richness within.

What you value above all else—which may not be material but even more precious—will determine what’s on your rich list. For example, being able to spend time with those you love, giving back to others, and also those resources such as your talents could be re-prioritised as you focus on what it is, in fact, that creates that rich, satisfied feeling. Don’t forget—deciding to no longer undersell yourself falls under this! Re-evaluate as needed.

Hope doesn’t just float. It fuels now. There’s also that feeling with this new Moon that big things are just around the corner. This is the final new Moon in your money zone to occur while Jupiter remains in here. At the end of this month it will move into Gemini and your 3rd. So, do have a plan if your wish to gain more in the areas of money, possessions or what you can have and hold. Harness that optimism that beams through for the next two weeks. One final push or effort could be what sees you claiming that prize!

weekly astrologyTAURUS

The new Moon in your sign is the start of your new astrological cycle no matter when your birthday falls. If you have Taurus as your rising sign, if your ascendant is 18 degrees or over, this will also bring you an important turning point or opportunity to begin anew. Do check your Taurus factors.

The most important thing to remember if you want to make the most of this new Moon is to be completely present in the moment, to focus on the love and joy you can find right now, rather than the dissatisfaction you may be feeling with certain areas. I can’t emphasise this enough.

Of course, this is a wonderful point to set goals in motion. To visualise yourself in the position of The Empress in 12 months’ time. Looking out with satisfaction at what surrounds you. I chose the lyrics from The Bellamy Brothers song for this new Moon for a reason, Taurus. And one that is specific to you. ‘Let your love grow with the smallest of dreams’. Big or small, the dream is important. But don’t make the mistake of diluting your ability to make it happen by giving what’s not working your attention instead. Of course you should not deny or avoid issues. But don’t feed them under this new Moon. Find what you can be positive about in your life right now as you visualise something even better for yourself. This is what fertilises those dreams and turns them into real, tangible results.

The Empress card captures the essence of material satisfaction, pleasure, and attainment. So, use this to create an image of yourself as someone who already experiences all of that in their inner emotional world: contentment and gratitude, even for just one thing or area of your life. That’s the point from where the love flows for you.


In your 12th house, the Moon shows you its most compassionate, cosmic, and transcendent phase. This phase also super-boosts your intuitive and creative abilities. So, don’t ignore those inner whispers, Gemini.

You are in major countdown mode now—not just to the start of your birthday cycle later this month but for Jupiter’s arrival on the 25th. This kick-starts a year of fierce, bold, putting yourself ‘out there’ moves. So, if this new triggers the need to withdraw, spend time alone, and explore your inner landscape for now, see this as simply charging your engine for the road ahead.

Something buried may make itself felt. Drawn to the surface to either be healed and released, or to alert you to the fact you have an important want or dream that needs to be acknowledged. And could in fact, form part of Jupiter’s plan for you in the upcoming year. Often, that soul-centered wish is what adds not just passion but purpose to our lives. Your 12th rules your purpose. The reason you are here. All the more reason not to ignore that idea or recurrent goal that refuses to be dismissed, Gemini!

This Moon tells you: you can get there from here. No matter where you find yourself when it appears. Follow those insights as to which direction you should head in or where you should looke. They could just be heaven-sent now.

july horoscopesCANCER

As far as goals and your social life, this is always the most important new Moon of the year for you, Cancer. And this one even more so as it will be the final one to sent something in motion under Jupiter’s blessing.

Hopefully you now face forward into your future knowing that yes, you can attain anything you set out to have, do or experience. Jupiter’s tenure in this house usually grants us a dream come true. Provided we do our bit to make it happen. This is turn hands us an unshakable belief in our manifesting abilities. We’ve seen the results appear. So, under this new Moon it could be time for a new goal or to simply recommit to one still on your list. Give it everything you’ve got now, Cancer, Because the past 12 months should have shown you – you have everything it takes.

Friends bring blessings and benefits. This new Moon can often usher in new friendships or groups. It will at the very least offer up a few opportunities to connect to existing ones. Filled with social graces, it sets the tone for your social life for the next year. And also can powerfully change the direction of your future if you are willing. Make the next two weeks ones where you say yes to any invite, issue a few of your own, and explore new circles. This is your time to find your people, your community and to explore group support and connectivity. Be scene, Cancer!

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Love lifts you higher when it comes to what you do or what you are known for with a new Moon in your 10th. Being the sign that naturally shines and stands out, you don’t shy away from being the centre of attention. This Moon calls you to step up and into something bigger. And to be noticed by those who count.

Your ruler the Sun in here along with Jupiter, is all about worldly rewards and recognition. But this new Moon reminds you of the emotional elements of success. The invisible and lasting satisfaction that happens when we follow our own definitions of what achievement looks like. Yours and yours alone. Yes, some of you could be looking at that job offer or promotion which comes as a result of that effort you’ve put in. And nothing should diminish that. You’ve earned it. Equally, your success story could be gaining those followers, being recognised for the contribution you’ve made to your community or family, or reaching a personal milestone.

This new Moon reignites your intentions when it comes to scaling new heights. In fact, you’ll feel the call to reach towards it or else look for a different path to the top. It illuminates your true calling. Moving the goal posts can be your first step towards this. Especially if you now feel you’ve been playing by someone else’s rules when it comes to what you should be doing. The role you were always destined to be cast in calls you. And don’t forget – this can just as easily be one where you love successfully just as it can in a paid or public role. Just make emotional success your mission statement now, Leo.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Like the start of a mythic Hero’s Journey, this new Moon invites you to explore something new. Far away places may be calling now as it appears in your 9th of long distance travel, foreign affairs of all descriptions and horizons waiting for you to discover what lies beyond them.

Jupiter is the ruler of your 9th house. And this new Moon is the final one you will experience at the same time Jupiter is in here for 12 years. At the end of this month, Jupiter moves out into your 10th. So, see this new Moon as the starting point for a real or metaphorical journey.

Even if you are staying put for now, the world may seek you out somehow. Consciously engage with it. Also, understand that luck – which Jupiter also rules- forms part of the Law of Attraction. It’s on your side for the next two weeks and asks you take a chance on something. Perhaps just on yourself. We draw the flow of luck into our lives simply by moving out into the world and interacting with those we encounter. That’s why so many manifesting manifestos urge you to leave your comfort zone if you are serious about getting what you want. That’s because nothing much happens there. And it can turn out to be your blanket fort barrier that luck cannot penetrate!

Look closely now at why you would hesitate or hold yourself back from going somewhere or trying something. Chances are it has links to others’ limitations which you have inadvertently taken on board as your own gospel now. Did they tell you: Here be dragons? To preface further: Life is like a dragon. You can hide from it or become a BBQ snack. Or you can get on its back and ride it.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Jupiter is entering its final weeks in your 8th house. And this new Moon is the last one that coincides with its stay in here. This is a freedom setting new Moon. Its secret sauce is that along with Jupiter, it is set to give you that push to break free from something that restricts or confines you.

Freedom is on the other side, Libra. Keep this in mind, especially if changes or a shift, seem unsettling at first. Something has been blocking you or keeping you stuck. Maybe you have been trying your utmost to change things. And have been throwing up your hands in horror that nothing works. If so, this new Moon hands you a different approach or direction to avoid the road blocks. One that offers an alternative that unless you were made to change direction, you would not have considered.

Look forward to no more feeling stuck. You are now just weeks away from Jupiter entering its ruling 9th. A year where green lights and expansion rules. This new Moon will expose or simply remove, anything that still lingers that may prevent you from putting pedal to the metal later this month. Or hand you the resources you’ve lacked to make this happen. Sometimes the shift that occurs with the new Moon in your 8th is simply your own attitude towards something. And that is what releases you. Emotional and actual freedom is its promise. Ditch any fears that keep you stuck and move forward into it.


Jupiter in your 7th should have delivered your best double-up opportunities you’ve seen for years. The love carousel should have been turning in your favour despite a few surprises here and there, Scorpio. The new Moon in here is the final one to be boosted by Jupiter’s big love vibes. So, make the most of it as you won’t experience another love reboot like this one for 12 years.

Needless to say, if a partner of any kind is what you seek, now is the time to go look for them. Explore all the myriad ways you could meet. IRL and on-line. In the queue or on that app. Whether is this a past, present or potential partner, this new Moon asks you to dare to try something new. In how you relate to one another or even with your idea of what kind of person works for you. It brings in a more tolerant, open-hearted phase. Where you can fearlessly share your emotions with others. And also look back at what works and what doesn’t. And apply this now.

While this new Moon can act as a glue, cementing your bond, it can also be a truth telling one. Remember – you have two planets in this house whose agendas are all about growth and freedom – Jupiter and Uranus. The truth about your needs and whether or not something still works will be exposed with this new Moon. Across all kinds of dynamic duos, duets and double acts. If you’ve tried and it still doesn’t work, you now know. But you also know what will from this point on.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

The final new Moon which coincides with Dr. Feelgood Jupiter’s stay in your 6th tells you that self-love looks good on you. In fact, it’s your designer label du jour, Sag! You wear it well as your big cycle of wellbeing draws to a close.

Wearing it well includes all elements of your lifestyle, studies and work. This new Moon offers you the final chance to redesign one, some or all of the elements of your everyday life wardrobe. Do the work, Sag. Your biggest love and partnership cycle in 12 years begins this month. So, focus on the self-and-loving-what-you-do kind ahead of this. Because when you feel good in the moment, this extends into other areas too. As in the feel good connections.

Make those changes to your work load. Ditch habits or that routine which no longer serve you and establish new ones. Establish a new schedule. Apply for that job or course. Clear away the clutter.

Show the universe you are ready for change. In every way and through every day choices. They will stick.

Make a different choice when it comes to what you eat, your habits, your exercise regimen and even where you get your information or news from. Try a different outlet for instance. How does this change how you see things? Could that alternative site contain a vital wellbeing tip or article that’s totally on-point for you that you would never have found? Is it time to meditate for five minutes when you wake up in the morning instead of scrolling? Jog or walk a different route or even simply do your usual one in reverse? Go to a different coffee shop? Another supermarket? Take up a hobby instead of watching TV in the evening?

You are both a body of work and a work in progress, Sag. Keep a diary of the simple changes you make and what they bring you. Chart your energy levels. I can put good money on the fact that the next two weeks sees them on the up, Sag. Every day and every way – you’re better than the last. And it’s lasting.


The season of lush indulgences begins for you with the new Moon in your 5th. Fall in love with your own life first and foremost. Your sensuality, your creativity and the simple pleasures that surround you. From appreciation and gratitude – love flows.

Young at heart you yearns for self-expression. So, do allow yourself that. Your inner critic or serious self which tells you that you have no time for play, needs to be silenced. Dance like no one is watching. They actually are, but that’s another thing you need to cease worrying about. What matters is the joy you express. Guess what? That magnetises the law of attraction especially while Jupiter remains in here. You could be amazed at how effortlessly what you were hoping for finds you.

Babies, children – yours or another’s, and the young ones – as in those generations after your own, could form part of your happiness as well. This time has shown you with regards to your own children, what works and what doesn’t. And what has worked adds to that sense of joy. This is the final new Moon which gets Jupiter’s conception boost. Something’s cooking in your kitchen be this a child of your creative source, a new romance or quite literally, an upcoming birth. You’re pregnant with joyous possibilities, Capricorn.


Family, your household and living arrangements all fall under the rulership of your 4th house. You have your ruler Uranus as houseguest in here. Along with Jupiter which has been working to unlock something bigger for you when it comes to that home or lifestyle, Aquarius. This has been going on for a while now. Look back to what expanding moves have been made since Jupiter’s arrival in here last year. You have just a few more weeks of Jupiter’s Grand Design for you. So, this is the final home and security enhancing new Moon for this current Jupiter cycle.

This is the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. Chances are you want more say in where or how you live. Or even with your direction in life as this is the house which also rules your path. As well as that all-important place and feeling of belonging. You may be looking at changing who makes the decisions around this. Or even uprooting yourself and transplanting your life elsewhere.

If you love where you are, then look to all the ways you can make those home improvements. Sometimes all it needs is a rearrangement, a few new items or a lick of paint. Due to changes around your family or even sharers, you may even contemplate undertaking a larger project as in pimping that pad. It’s about moving into something bigger that allows for growth.

If you are faced with a sudden, unexpected shift – which cannot be ruled out due to Uranus’ ability to serve surprises, see this as a sign you have outgrown where you are. And an opportunity to discover just how free you can be when planted in fresh, new soil.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Round, round, get around, you get around! Ideas, news, messages, teaching, writing, social and traditional media, photography, design, siblings, neighbours, business and yes, getting around all come under your 3rd house. Jupiter in here has seen you or what you share, say or send out go further. Or news or an offer send you there.

The new Moon in here is your final launch portal boosted by Jupiter’s ability to see you say it louder than anyone else. So, no more spinning your wheels, Pisces. You have Saturn in your sign which means you take yourself and your ideas seriously. And have a plan to back this up. Put it out there in the next two weeks. That business idea, site, podcast, submission, pitch, application, vlog. Say it big. You won’t be lost for words now.

Travel may feature. For or in the course of your work. If you re-explore familiar places they feel new and exciting in some way. Looking for that new and exciting person? There’s your clue. It’s all about the mental turn on for you. Because if that’s not there – nothing else will happen. They had you at what followed after the Hello, Pisces.

This new Moon enhances what you say or your ideas with a lighter touch of allure, creativity and resonance. You also have the gift of knowing exactly how to craft your message so it resonates perfectly with your audience. Be that one or a following. Weave a story which begins: Once upon a time . . . And know you get to write how it unfolds from there.

knight waite tarot

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