Oscars 2011

I stayed up quite late last night to catch the Oscars. Partly as a wonderful friend of mine George Hickenlooper a director died last year and many of his friends and the wonderful love of his life were probably all doing the same thing in his honour.

George was one of the most vibrant people I had ever met and he brought together some extraordinary women who I count as my closest friends. He had made a critically acclaimed film with Kevin Spacey last year and was due to attend the Oscars before tragically dying suddenly. When they showed him at the end in memorandum we all felt it.

Having spent time recently with my friends who all loved George and also meeting his true love, it was an especially poignant time. When someone dies we see the whole of them and take a gift from that person. George had an amazing ability to ‘cut to the chase’ and he did not suffer fools gladly but he also loved people regardless of who they were.

He seemed to feast on life and be constantly in creative flow. Although I did not know him for very long he brought many gifts into my life and I will never forget him especially as I now have someone I consider a life long friend who I met through him and there is no gift greater than that.

I see death as not an ending but a wake up call to life and also a new cycle for the soul involved. Death teaches us to truly live in the moment. To pay attention to those we love and really see them for who they are. To value time with people that interest us and to merge into the moment to experience the magic that is all around us.

Although I believe our soul is immortal our time in this life is limited. Each day and each moment is a gift and a miracle. We each have a choice in each moment how we experience it.

May your life be filled with blessing and love


My Oscar predictions for Sky’s 35mm filmed last month

Best Actor – Colin Firth

Best Supporting Actor – Christian Bale

Best Film – Kings Speech

Best Director – Tom hooper

Best Actress- ‘ Two women jump out at me Natalie Portman who has the best astrology of the night and Annette Benning but I think Annette may get it’ I should have stuck to the best astrology of the night as Natalie got it!

Best Supporting Actress – Helena Bonham Carter ( wrong as Melissa Leo won)

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