A Tarot Reading for your week ahead

four card tarot reading with the knight-waite tarot

A Tarot Reading for your week ahead – Pick a tarot card.

Focus on the four Tarot Cards and feel which card has a message for you for the week ahead. Listen to your intuition rather than your mind! 

Know that you are an all-powerful being able to connect to the wisdom and prompts the cosmos provides.

When you’re ready, scroll down to your chosen Tarot card. Remember, don’t just listen to my explanation. Look closely at the card for clues and messages only you can see. Do any of the colours or symbols mean anything to you? What future is the card revealing? What does the card make you feel? 

Wishing you a joyful week

Love Michele

four card tarot reading with the knight-waite tarot

Tarot Card One – The Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

The earthy Ace brings new opportunities for wealth and abundance, both financially and materially. It can also symbolize the beginning of a new project or venture with the potential for success and stability. 

The focus now needs to be on building a solid foundation for your future, and being practical and resourceful in achieving your goals. Whatever peak experience you’re chasing, make sure you’re grounded and methodical. Be practical and what you desire can manifest (or even come to be this week!).

Tarot Card Two – The Lovers

The Lovers

When love becomes our goal as opposed to the love of one particular person or a specific type of love, we open a portal for the unlimited love of the universe to come flooding through and make all kinds of magical love connections we would never have thought possible. When we do this, our capacity for love expands, and what is more – more love just finds us – it’s the law of magnetic attraction!

All love begins with loving you. Often we can look for others to plug our gaps, but when we are whole and complete, we give ourselves the best chance to create loving and equal relationships. Falling in love with you is a vast spiritual step that will transform your entire life. Allow the love to flow through and to you this week.

Tarot Card Three – The 3 of Pentacles

3 of pentacles

Keep going! You are building a brilliant and fantastic creation. The 3 of Pentacles reveals that you are on the right track and that what you are producing or experiencing is real and worthwhile.

You might find the right collaborators to work with to get to the next step. Whether you are asking about a love affair, friendship, work, or a passion project, trusting yourself and taking it seriously makes progress!

Tarot Card Four – 6 of Pentacles

6 of pentacles

Your capacity to spread compassion and wisdom to those around you is a gift. Yes, like us all you might get frustrated and annoyed at times, but fundamentally you’re a giver.

The 6 of Pentacles opens up your ability to receive and feel safe and rewarded for all you give. A gift is coming your way, and an act of generosity is lighting your spirit. A touch of abundance is entering, and a moment of gratitude is soothing you. You deserve to experience and feel love and abundance. Open your arms to it!

knight waite tarot

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